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Who among you can bear
to peer
into the Eternal Not;
to disappear
into the Nowhere,
the irretrievably
and absolutely

Gnomonic Verses

I Thought We Were Done

I’ve disappeared a little.  At least I feel that I have.  Sinking into the floor.  Sinking into my work.  Sinking into a life that I’m barely living.  225 more words

Life Stories

The Right to be Left Alone

How do you disappear in a virtual age where there are infinite places that you can be contacted on? How do you disappear when part of your career is having public social media accounts and having your contact information readily available? 348 more words

Art Practice

Would anyone miss me if I were to disappear?
Or would I at least kiss their thoughts and memories,
Like a ghost I’m bound to be. 76 more words


Back Yard Haiku Number 279

When they realize

what you’ve promised will not come,

your cause disappears.

© 2018 John Christian Hager

Image from Pixabay


told to disappear

never to speak

and wonder

as the hours

and whom

as the shadow

and escape

and manner

as its own telling

and force

as its own skeptic… 45 more words



He took copious notes
until he knew
without doubt
of the proper progression.
He double checked
to insure
he missed nothing.
When he was certain… 8 more words