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Bayer's Acquisition Offer Could Literally Make Monsanto Disappear

From AntiMedia, by Claire Bernish

It’s likely that if the acquisition is successful, Bayer would drop the Monsanto name from its products to get away from the company’s stigma. 595 more words

Big Pharma


I’m struggling with my depression lately. I thought I was getting better but apparently not. I just want to go home and curl into a ball. 165 more words


remove yourself from reality
become sea soaked air
b r e a t h e





“What if I disappear?”
She asks,
Her voice a deteriorating whisper.

“I’ll come find you,”
I say easily,
Expecting a flippant laugh or a snort or even kisses sweet. 109 more words


I want to Disappear

My life is a piece of shit, I have nothing, can I please disappear.  Just vanish and not be anymore.  I was so happy before, but now I am empty, I am just dead inside.   100 more words


I am scrolling my life up and down

Trying to figure things out

I was so stupid to think you would care

Our friendship got evaporated into thin air  !!!



You’ll dissolve on me
Like sweet sugar disappearing in tea
Like sandcastles washed by the sea
Like leaves slowly leaving their tree
I hold you close but you always flee… 53 more words