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8 Biggest Chilling Unsolved Mysteries From Nevada US

Terrible things happen everywhere, even in Nevada. We can only hope that law enforcement will be able to bring the victims to justice. Unfortunately, in spite of the hard work of investigators, cases sometimes go cold, suspects go free and the community is left without answers. 20 more words

Best Mysteries

How To Disappear Hidden Objections | Mind Persuasion

It’s Tough To Overcome Their Objections If You Don’t Know What They Are

There are two ways to overcome their objections. Preframe or outframe them. Both techniques you require you know what their objections are. 23 more words

To My Love: Disappear with Me in January

Disappear with me in January,
When the snow melts and the birds start to open mornings with their songs.

Disappear with me in January,
A place where deers and rabbits can’t find us when they wake, 92 more words


How to Disappear

I like smoking cigarettes.

It didn’t become habit. Just when I get stressed, I want to smoke.

I like how I can breath in hot air into my lungs, and release those white clouds. 28 more words


Harlequin Snake Eel

Or Banded Snake Eel is a mimicry of the poisonous banded sea snake. As eels hide during the day and hunt by night the Banded Snake Eel… 104 more words

Tiếc nuối tại làng chiếu Cẩm Nê

Cách đây từ rất lâu tại ngôi làng Cẩm Nê, thuộc xã Hoà Tiến, huyện Hoà Vang, thành phố Đà Nẵng, là một ngôi làng nổi tiếng về nghề làm chiếu, với những sản phẩm kỳ công, bền, đẹp, tôi chưa được nằm chiếu Cẩm Nê bao giờ nhưng nghe nói vào mùa hè chiếu nằm mát và phảng phất hương cói còn vào mùa đông thì chiếu toả ra hơi ấm… 141 more words