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.@BarackObama: Find everyone you've Disappeared

Why was US citizen Sharif Mobley abandoned in Yemen? | Cori Crider | Comment is free | The Guardian

For a moment last year, it seemed as if a Yemeni judge might actually seek out the truth of all this. 117 more words

Parker Millsap - Old Time Religion

What an underrated artist Parker Millsap is. I hadn’t really listened to him until a couple of weeks ago! His songs are filled with soul and at times, this kind of old-inspired country music just makes me feel like this is what music really is. 66 more words

3 Hiding Spots at... Art Essentials!

For this post, I broke the streak of market hiding spots and looked for spots at art essentials. I┬ádefinitely didn’t walk past he market I was planning to go to and ended up at art essentials. 238 more words


3 Hiding Spots at... the Riviera Market! (and the outside of it)

In this and all posts in the future, I will no longer be in in the photos, for the most part. *pause for dramatic effect* This is due to multiple reasons, one being that my photographer, my brother, decided that he didn’t want to photograph anymore. 314 more words


3 Hiding Spots at... Kids World! (and nearby areas)

As I was too lazy to go somewhere far away, like the beach, I decided to go to my local park, here is what I found. 222 more words


How-To Lose a Roommate in 10 Days

I spent a good portion of the weekend watching How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days and it inspired me to make a How-To Tuesday post about horrible experiences with roommates. 212 more words


Without you
I cease to exist.

Life has now
been cleaved into two,
divided into before
and after you.

How could love
be so strangely fickle? 60 more words