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Taylor Swift has Disappeared from the Internet, which can only mean one thing

Taylor Swift has deleted her existence on all of social media

After the sexual assault case on August 14, 2017, it was said that Taylor Swift has wiped her internet appearance on all social media accounts. 403 more words


there’s a monster growing in our heads
raised up on the wicked things we’ve said
a great divide between us now
something we should know… 70 more words

Spy Tales

her flight

she disappeared into

a dark and  infinite night

a star in flight


(Philosophy/Poem) The Human Life

The Human Life

Our life is but a vapor that moves quickly

Enjoy the beauty of life while you are still here

For like a whisper in the wind, we all quickly disappear

Personal Thoughts/Beliefs

An Unsung Hero: What Happened to Mbuyisa Makhubu?

When we celebrate Youth Day on 16 June, the first image that comes to our minds is the iconic photo of a dying Hector Peterson. His sister runs at his side, terror spread across her face. 610 more words

A Plume

You said you’d be right back
You say that often
A phone call from your brother
One cigarette after another
Maybe it will become bothersome as time goes on… 270 more words


10 Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Involving Strange Cults

Most people can’t understand the decision to join a cult. It’s hard to fathom the motivation behind someone who abandons everything for a group with controversial and unorthodox beliefs and practices. 7 more words

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