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Good Luck

I’ll tell myself there’s nothing wrong

every other second of the day,

because I know that my luck is better than this:

this gone for two days, 268 more words


Knowing Noone is Listening

Tonight I feel as though I am completely alone, I feel as though no one can hear my thoughts.

Is it normal to think I’m not supposed to be here? 61 more words


White Privilege Not Real? Why did police torture the kind-hearted woman I know?

I can’t even feel anger. I just feel flat and empty thinking about what they did to her. I knew human beings came that cruel but that doesn’t mean I “knew it knew it” though with all I’ve seen and been through its not the first time had it reproved to me. 1,597 more words

3 Hiding Spots... Finale

Hello and welcome to, most likely, the last installment of Hiding spots in SB. To end it all off, I have picked my three favorite spots from all of my posts. 156 more words



No one loves me and I guess that’s okay, I hate the world.
I just want to float away like a silent fog.
Don’t try and reach out to me, like vapor I will only swirl away. 52 more words


3 Hiding Spots... SHRUB EDITION

Hello, and welcome to another addition of Hiding Spots in SB! Today is special, because every spot is a shrub! I hope you enjoy all the shrubbiness. 464 more words


Helping you Helps me

Mental Disorders is hard.But one thing o i have learned is that you have to learn to speak to others. share in their problems and even try to help them out. 32 more words

Severe Depression