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When Men Go M.I.A.

Missing in action is what I’m talking about. Lately this is what keeps happening to me and I’m not entirely sure why. I’ll be conversing with a guy say over text and a few phone calls and then bam they disappear. 210 more words



Sometimes, I get insecure…jealous and a bit paranoid.

I’m only human.

I hate to feel vulnerable.

I can name more than 20 fears that I have. 77 more words



One day she just disappeared.
Left everyone and everything behind.
All the versions of herself.
The baggage that weighed her down-
The thoughts that drown her in tears- 48 more words



I want this wind to lift me up
and carry me away.
Leave behind all the broken smiles
and heavy issues.
I want it to take me to a place… 121 more words


Caroline's Kite by Julie Bantin

Caroline started her day just like any other. She woke up to the smell of bacon frying. Snuggled all warm in her bed she turned over and tried to go back to sleep. 421 more words

Halloween 2015

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 10/04/15- "Papa God's Words Are Faithful And True And Shall Endure Forever!" (Matthew 24:35)

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 10/04/15- “Papa God’s Words Are Faithful And True And Shall Endure Forever!” (Matthew 24:35)

Premise Question: What is it that shall not ever be diminished, fade away, pass away or disappear? 467 more words


Missing Johnny

My cat Johnny is missing and I am missing him.

I still have his brother Frankie, and that helps to comfort me somewhat. Frankie seems to be more loving now. 896 more words