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David Copperfield Made My Dad Disappear

Do you guys know this guy?

If you said Ty Burrell from Modern Family… you’re wrong.

Here’s a hint… He was pretty big in the eighties. 362 more words


Watch Me Fade

No smoke and mirrors
No hocus pocus
Just me simply
Fading into the background
Overlooked again
Until I disappear from your memory
And am forgotten forever… 8 more words

Daily Prompts

Time and Tide

D oncha got a clue who I am, occifer?
I were this big ‘fore you was grass-high to a knee-hopper
S o howzabout a little respect where it’s due, huh? 61 more words


The Carbs are Gone but the Pounds Have Yet to Disappear

I have been living the low carb lifestyle for at least five days now. Despite this extensive commitment that I have displayed, I have yet to lose dozens of pounds. 784 more words

Positive Energy


In this race of life
To fit in and avoid
Conflict and pain
As much as possible
Because I can only
Take so much
Slowly, slowly… 66 more words


Disappearing Act

Disappearing Act

by Gavin Biddlecombe

“You really are the worst.” she yelled as she stormed in after Michael.

“I don’t want to hear it again,” replied Michael, setting his top hat and wand on the dressing room table as he collapsed into the chair by the mirror. 318 more words