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I want to disappear

I want to disappear
between the seams
Of reality and dream
I’m like a tattered teddy bear
Who needs stitching up
But a lot of my wounds… 6 more words


The Enslaved Bohemian

Most of the people I encounter are at an in between place in life. Typically, they stand on a foundation of disappointment. Many have worked hard and created a life they once believed in, while other have been unable to achieve the life they desire. 364 more words

Feng Shui Fun On The Run

Mirrors create holes in solid walls, making them appear to disappear, cancelling their mass and replacing it with light.
REMEMBER: No FSFOTR till 10/25…hope you miss it!

Feng Shui


I don’t know what I’m more afraid of-

Seeing you again or never seeing you again.

My eyes kept looking for a silhouette of you… 58 more words


when you disappear

like lights

and all ghosts


and those of the sample

and loop on the mystique

and long on the shallow

and called on the flow… 45 more words


Like a Fairy-tale

By Milan Rakić

I want a night when the moon is slumbery,
Tearful and lean, with no colour, all still,
When earth and mead smell nostalgically… 144 more words

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