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Quote 729

A few things will come and go,

A few thoughts will form anew,

A few people will come closer,

A few people will disappear,

Cherish the few that last, 22 more words

Quality Quotes #7

I haven’t written any of these in a long while, so I thought I’d get on with one. This time, it’s a bit funnier than usual. 19 more words

The Monaco Yacht Club

There are those of us who are runners! We find it difficult to settle down, to consider one patch of land home. I know this because I am a runner and always been. 269 more words

You Think You Know Me?

You have no idea who I am. You have no idea what goes on inside my mind. None. I am everything you overlook. I am everything you wish didn’t exist. 179 more words

Random Writings

Relation of 2 ants

Ant 1 ‘why are we always together’

Ant 2 ‘because we need to be together’

Ant 1 ‘why?’

Ant 2 ‘god decided to make us be together always’ 49 more words

In to the gray....

You told me
I could never fade
into the gray.
Then your eyes
looked away
and i disappeared forever.

4/19/17 (disappear)

i wish they taught us in school
how to disappear
i wish Murakami would tell how
i wish the boy who disappeared around the block… 66 more words

Terrible Poems