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the great escape

my black cat
just up and disappeared one day
never came back
i loved him
you know
that kind of love
that is willing to let go?

10 Incredible Unsolved Paintings That Show Mysterious UFOs

Many ancient wall paintings are said to show flying objects and visitors from outer space. But these images also appear in classic, commissioned pieces of art—particularly those that depict divine events. 33 more words

Nightmare Mysteries

Egypt and Edom will become a desolation (Joel 3:19-3:19)


Shall become

A desolation.


Shall become

A desolate wilderness.

They have done violence

To the people of Judah.

They have shed

Innocent blood… 34 more words

Discarded Sea Creatures

“Words today are like the shells

and rope of seaweed

which a child brings home

glistening from the beach

and which in an hour

have lost their luster.” … 9 more words


Poem: One of the Blue Days

At times you feel that your world is crushing down
What mattered the most is slowing closing down
Your body breaks, your mind breaks
Nothing seems to make sense anymore… 39 more words


A love trick

“Enough, Mary ! So we can’t go on anymore ! We’ve already known each other for a month and still haven’t had sex. You have to give it to me !” 37 more words


Once More, a Polemic Related to Public Transport.

Like many people in Sydney, I feel disgruntled about the idea that some of the transport services are going to be operating semi-privatised.

Well, like some people in Sydney, as most people don’t seem to care anymore. 358 more words