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This Is The Disturbing Story Of What Happened After Jessica Disappeared (Part Two)

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I stared down at my Pad Thai as I finessed my chopsticks through the noodles.

“Ok, I’m not fucking kidding,” I said. 919 more words


U.N. sees signs of Mexican official involvement in wave of disappearances

The U.N. human rights office has “strong indications” that Mexican federal security forces are behind a wave of disappearances in and around the city of Nuevo Laredo, a statement from the U.N. 346 more words

This Is The Disturbing Story Of What Happened After Jessica Disappeared (Part One)

My best friend, Jessica vanished one day. Without a trace. And I really do mean, without a single trace. Even as I sit in this room writing this, the soft lamp on the table next to me, the comfortable couch I’m sunken down into, the small window with a view of the parking lot and the flowers, none of this feels real. 1,203 more words


Amnesty calls for immediate release of Haitham Mohamadein

Fears were mounting for Egyptian trade union lawyer and activist Haitham Mohamadein following his arrest from him home in the early hours of Friday 18 May. 230 more words


World failing to take action against Rohingya genocide, human rights group says

The world is failing to take real steps to fight the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, said the head of the British-based Myanmar Human Rights Network on Monday. 353 more words

A Wobbling Stool: Stabilizing the UN's Human Rights Obligations, Dr. Robert Zuber

The purpose of torture is not getting information. It’s spreading fear. Eduardo Galeano

Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must — at that moment — become the center of the universe. 1,272 more words

Little Boy in the Cave & His Robot Grandma [Missing 411]

For centuries people have been disappearing from National Parks and forests under incredibly chilling circumstances. Author David Paulides, a former Los Angeles police officer, has painstakingly investigated this bizarre phenomenon for over nine years. 1,027 more words