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There's Something Demonic Going On In A Town Called Clear Lake, And We're Going To Get To The Bottom Of It

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I told Mikey about my dream on our drive into Clear Lake that next morning and then proceeded to explain my theory of what Humbug Hill had to do with any of this and where it might be located. 5,227 more words

The Mysterious Montserrat Mountain of Spain

Montserrat is a mountain near Barcelona, Spain that’s long been regarded a sacred and magical place. In 880, it was said that a light floated down the mountains for six Saturdays in a row. 604 more words


The Case of Juan Pedro Martinez Gomez, Europe's Strangest Disappearance

Europe’s strangest disappearance, as Interpol once put it, all began with an innocent road trip. Andrés Martinez  was a truck driver who lived in the south of Spain in Fuente Alamo, Murcia. 1,105 more words


March 29, 2016

In an historic meeting in Havana last September, the President of Colombia and the head of the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) surprised the world when, after three years of peace talks, they announced they would sign an agreement to end half a century of violent conflict by March 23rd.   1,821 more words


Twinepathy (Part 39): Signature Purple Hair

Hullo, everyone! I hope you didn’t miss the big announcement this weekend… if you did, check it out here! And read part one if you’re new… 501 more words


Risk Compass: The Forensics of Insider Trading (Part 2)

We want to continue our discussion of insider trading risk by noting that the topic is one of increasing concern to those responsible for the governance of financial institutions and markets in Asia: 752 more words