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A Set Of Rules pt. 2 of 3

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Tara walked the Halls of her high school, refusing to give in to the fog that she had made her home in since Daniel’s disappearance. 688 more words


Following the Threads to Mexico

By Danielle House

“It felt quotidian, in a way it was ordinary – there was no performance – and it was just incorporated into the landscape of the plaza.” This was how… 715 more words

The Abducted In North Korea -- Japanese Refuse to Give Up Hope -- Want Their Loved Ones Returned

It has been more than 30 years since the identical twin sister of Japanese teacher Misa Morimoto vanished, believed to have been abducted by North Korea. 512 more words

Survival Help

“I saw many ‘smart’ kids come and go. They disappeared into obscurity because they believed they already knew things and wouldn’t ask for help. I learned how to say ‘I don’t know’ for survival.” -Turney Duff

Thought For The Day

Desktop Icons Disappeared

This is a weird issue I encountered where even though I had tried restarting explore.exe and disabled and enabled desktop icons, they still weren’t showing. Even weirder was the fact that only some of them were showing whilst others weren’t. 90 more words


National Missing Children's Day and Trudy Appleby

May 25th was National Missing Children’s Day.  Trudy Appleby was an 11 year old girl that disappeared August 21st, 1996 from her home in Moline, Illinois.  233 more words

On A More Serious Note

Another Murder Mystery at UCL

It didn’t seem that long ago that my intrepid team of investigators were dispatched to UCL Museums to solve a fiendish murder mystery. Now our help was needed again. 151 more words

Treasure Hunt