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Today's Toddler Trauma:

Kidney beans look a bit like Jellybeans, but don’t even remotely taste like Jellybeans. Now the world is a sad and terrible place.

Short Stuff

#LE2016 and #PCC2016 election 2016… and I’m disappointed!

Disappointed? Why? Two very reasonable questions you might ask.

Well I have simple reasons:

We will start with the local elections! #LE2016

The Candidates

Only 1 of them actually lives in my ward!  343 more words

BOOK REVIEW: UNDIVIDED by Stephanie Erickson

Trilogies–in addition to any serial longer than that–are difficult to complete. There is so much any one reader is going to want or expect from the conclusion. 551 more words


How to deal with your disappointment

On this talk show:  How to deal with your disappointment…plus, how to put a marriage back together after an affair…plus, how to handle your worries about unsaved loved ones… 27 more words


Wear/Review/Thoughts: Kylie Lip Kit- Kourt K

(Sorry, for the bad photo of the second picture!)

Massive thumbs down!!!

So disappointed!!!

I loved the color so amazing! Since I loved Mary Jo K, I immediately wanted to buy more lip kits! 398 more words


Sorry, having a moan!

Well, disappointed or what! Added more items to my Etsy shop but still waiting for the first sale! It amazes me how people sell things they make! 60 more words

The Sweeney

Gill and I caught this movie last night on C4, rather wish we had not really, Ray not your finest :) I’m sure it was great fun to make, and I get the reference back to ‘Scum’ towards the end of the film…trouble is I remember John Thaw as Reagan and sadly you fell ….way short. 6 more words

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