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Deep Desire

My thoughts: 🤢😫. ugh! No thanks. Rape and/or dubious consent is a no go for me. Also, does a centuries old vampire really to stop to put on a condom, especially when he rapes his victim? 172 more words


Tuesday 24 April 2018 - Handover

Handover Inspection – 23 April

We had our Handover Inspection with our SS yesterday.  We went through the PCI Report from Darbecca and also Bentley’s list and checked everything off.  758 more words

New House Build


My thoughts: I give it ⊗. I should have known better! I’ve read two of this author’s works and didn’t like either one of them even though I powered through and finished them.  190 more words


Pillow Talk

My thoughts: I give it ⊗. I could not get any further than 35%. The only character I liked was a secondary character who seems very sweet. 235 more words


Wilde Fire

My thoughts: I give it ❤️❤️. Why? Seth cut off Otto with no explanation for a decade and broke Otto’s heart yet barely apologized. They had like one conversation about it. 324 more words


A Hard Call

I give it ❤️❤️❤️. This was basically about two guys hooking up with the mystery falling to the side. They couldn’t be in the same room or talk with one another without the other popping a boner. 320 more words



I read James’ Vance’s work before I met the man. He was a playwright who had discovered comics and wrote a graphic novel called KINGS IN A national leader in student research and graduate career success, Lafayette offers university-sized resources at a student-centered liberal arts college The title • Private: usually recounts inner thoughts or personal events • May also be public (travel journal) • Outdated, holds sentimental value. 437 more words