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What you expect…

I must admit that sometimes my mind flies higher than it should and creates over amplified sceneries of events.

It is true that we are experiencing life depending on our ideas, beliefs, points of view, etc.  575 more words


What To Do...

I’m so excited. I have come home from work today to see the house out the back have finally cut the 2 big fir trees that were left out of I think 4 or 5 when we first moved in. 280 more words

Disappointments & Laughter

 “Let the disappointments pass, let the laughter fill your glass.”

~ Jackson Browne, The Only Child

Heart Transplant

Lunch Blues

Whoever came up with Hot Pockets probably had no taste buds. I can’t seem to get the metallic aftertaste out of my mouth!



296 Days Left

The woman’s eyebrows arched and shifted towards the center, resulting in two wrinkles forming between them. Her hands moved in rhythm with her words, circling the area through which the sound waves travelled. 105 more words