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Kind of disappointed because all my hard work did not pay off.. I did all the design for posters, banners and buntings but in the end, none of them is chosen. 29 more words


I'm sorry

I’m sorry that my fingers don’t fit between your fingers perfectly. I’m sorry that my ribs stick out. I’m sorry if my hair are too curly for you. 106 more words

Oh my god...what is wrong with Intelligent Systems

Ever since the snes/computer era, a little game called Fire Emblem was created. I have played 3 out of the 7 titles, and I am not looking forward to the recent one. 658 more words

The Black Sheep

Yesterday, I saw my aunt while walking down the street…she turned her nose up and continued walking without speaking to me. That really, really hurt. I haven’t had any/much contact with my father’s side of the family since September 2008. 222 more words

Blog #22 - No Go


Last night everything got sorted out. And I also learned that my family in the Philippines won’t be coming over here in December.

I’m pretty disappointed.

Picking Pickles

I’m getting really fucking sick of people telling me I need to start writing again. So I did the only logical thing and bought a laptop that I can’t afford because physically writing things down is way too archaic and I’m pathetically lazy. 436 more words