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A Man Who Has No Idea At All

Why hurt me, when you claimed that you love me?

Why be with me, when you longed to be free?

Why delude me, when in your eyes, every other woman is better than me? 23 more words

My Thoughts

Will It Ever Happen For Me?

Two weeks ago I quit my retail job in a high-end clothing store in London to move back North to my home town. I had high hopes for a job in a fashion head office;  I had a whole new life planned out – everything was cheaper, my weekends were free, and I didn’t have to stress anymore. 382 more words


My Bloody Valentine

My bloody Valentine ,

His love was more intoxicating than chardonnay and wine .

Sweeping me off my feet the day we met,

In a month’s time we had a wedding date set . 206 more words


VIII of Cups/8 of Water

The Eight of Cups is the ultimate walking away.  It’s finally achieving everything – all the goals you’ve created for yourself have been accomplished, you’ve made it to where you thought you wanted to be, and recognize that this isn’t what you wanted after all.  360 more words



Four Years of creating stories in our life’s book

The stories of friendship, frustration, joy

And the story of a colourful life

Has come to end… 85 more words


One Faithful Friend

I sat on the balcony overlooking the gardens, the humidity kissed air caressed my skin. I was soaking in the quietness and warmth of this tropical paradise, the chosen escape in celebration of my birthday when my solitude was interrupted. 327 more words

Remain Positive

I will never be the perfect picture you have painted me to be. I am me. I’m not at my worst or my best. But, I’m trying. 287 more words