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The Lone Deserter

The lone deserter travels on, through tapestry of green, paying no attention to the land he’s never seen.

Passion pocketed for later use, the milestones tucked away, with treasures from another life he once felt sure would stay. 91 more words


How to get over Past Mistakes

Here is 7 things to get over past mistakes:

  1. Remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes, does things wrongs, and has moments of regret. There are no perfect people out there.
  2. 221 more words
Life Quotes

So this has been quite the wild ride. As you could tell the other post was very delayed. I indeed left home to return to my studies but because me and my friend where touring around I didn’t have nor mind nor decent wifi to post anything. 375 more words



Just ended my Maths paper an  hour ago and I found out that I’ve made at least 3 mistakes upon 10 not long after. After many hours of dedication into completing the various past years papers, it seems like I am just back to being mediocre. 117 more words


One slightest chance i never get

Satu kilas kesempatan, yang Tuhan tidak pernah berikan kepadaku.

Well. Bukan seperti itu tepatnya. Ada beberapa masa ketika aku berdoa dalam hati: “Tuhan, jika, jika saja, jika jalan kami satu, berikan aku kesempatan untuk bertemu dengannya hari ini”. 718 more words

Love Story


​Week 8
To have disappontment roll off people in waves! Man! People are way too disappointing for life! Imagine agreeing about something super important with people, and them being all hyper agreeable, and then when the actual time reaches, they don’t show or they change their minds. 19 more words


Neverending Supply of Anxiety

I constantly feel like I’m going to throw up. I’m nervous, but not for any good reason. Butterflies fill my stomach, but it’s not happy butterflies of anticipation of a positive event.   111 more words