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The Outlander

“In this aspect suicides present themselves as those who are overtaken by the sense of guilt inherent in individuals, those souls that find the aim of life not in the perfecting and molding of the self, but in liberating themselves by going back to the mother, back to God, back to the all. 732 more words



I make friends easily.

But no one ever stays.

I’ve always thought that I was quite a popular person. But recently, I’ve realised that as I move from country to country, the number of people I consider “friends” gradually decreases.  135 more words



People assume that my family is perfect. My father is an extraordinarily smart businessman and my mother owns her own accounting practise. My brother tops his class every academic year, and I’m studying at a respectable university in England. 128 more words


Falling for the Hype

There’s plenty of hype surrounding becoming a parent, and I fell for most of it (but that’s a whole different post). Parents among us will know exactly what I’m talking about. 488 more words

Single Parent

maybe that's a sign it's untrue

I try hard to please,get right the words
that will put a smile

upon your face–God,

I am tired in this belief

disappointment marks

your brow. 56 more words


Last night I found out about a man who cheated on his wife and had another child with the side chick.
The wife didn’t leave him and they were married until he passed and they had sixteen kids. 1,242 more words

Life Is What You Make It♥

Rough Week!

Man this week has been a bit of a tough one! I have been staying late at work and not feeling too well. Although I am thankful for my job, it sure does take up a lot of my time sometimes, and can make it difficult to have the energy to do much else! 311 more words