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Unnecessary catfight

She was madly inlove with him. She bragged about him to her friends. Everyday they were ready to hear what is it she had to say about him. 215 more words


How the "Great Disappointment" Gives Me Insight Into My Own

The past few years have been filled with multiple disappointments for me.  There was failing the bar exam multiple times.  The financial strain from the exams and getting licensed took its toll.  2,216 more words

Morning Ritual - SUBMISSION

Hi folks, this poem is brought to us as an anonymous submission. I am so thankful that they were able to share their truth with us. 73 more words


Bob Dylan killed my dreams

In principle I should never have endeavored

To care so much for vows are severed

Almost every day and the most enlightened

Are frightened by simple reactions… 26 more words


Love Came with Good News/ L'amour arrive avec nouvelles superbe

The gospel of Luke begins with two miraculous conceptions.  In the fullness of days, Gabriel appeared to Zachariah, Elizabeth’s husband, in the temple.  Gabriel joyfully announced the great news that they were to have a son, a special, set apart son,who would be filled with the Holy Spirit from the womb to turn Israel back to God, to prepare the way for the Messiah. 2,853 more words

Love Came Down

Withered Narcissus

For one moment her lungs filled with this clean sweet air

she glimpsed a vastness that was this beautifully round planet

she must have shot out of the earth for she blossomed with the daffodils… 172 more words

Musings By Marie

Luminos - Joey Kantor

Walk down here
forget about steps
a float down onto a cloud
you down here now
no there, no forward
come down here
and I will show you… 720 more words