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I like tomatoes in theory. I order them with sandwiches or a salad even if they don’t come with it. Lettuce, tomato, it’s normal—it’s routine. 430 more words


Poem: the party

Getting dressed up,
making the drive,
walking to the door,
with a smile,
and then being told,
your invitation,
was sent,
by mistake.


Inspirational Note – 04/26/18

God can give you strength to stand in this season, even when it seems like opportunity has passed you by.
– TaVon Morrison


No Turning Back

After a lengthy season of engaging in travailing prayer for a specific heartbreaking situation, weariness can set in. Especially, if what you have been praying for seems to be going way south. 1,368 more words

You me

You told me that you couldn’t imagine how am I as a girlfriend… Then why do you keep denying me? Don’t you want to find it out with me?


Latin-Inspired Pork Tacos with Avocado Salad

It’s been a few weeks since I made this dish, and honestly, it’s very forgettable. In the mean time, I’ve been hitting the kitchen with my Plated kits. 305 more words


Bad Customer Service

Yesterday, Indigo Rent a Car sent me a whatsapp message “Your balance is outstanding, you need to pay”. I stared at the message, utterly confused. Why are they contacting me one and half years later for an outstanding payment and to top it off, the customer service representative is contacting me on whatsapp. 271 more words