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i wasn't enough for you then and i never will be.

i am not enough for you.

there, i said it so you don’t have to. no, i don’t apologize. don’t feel bad, i didn’t say it to make you feel bad.

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i don't want Sundays to be the only days you spend the night.

i think we really did it this time. we finally hit this hard enough to break it. and most days

i miss you

but everyday, i wake up knowing walking away was the right decision.

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Drowning in this Distance

the distance is an ocean and we’re near drowning, trying to reach each other. our lips are purple and we’re gasping for air, searching for love in the spaces between each one of our staggered breaths. 136 more words

Because of you...

Because of you, I am an independent person and I am confident.  

Because of you, I am kind, thoughtful, and respectful to others. 

Because of you, I am intelligent and work hard at everything I do.  280 more words


On Days Like Today

on days like today, i am afraid of the hurt i carry. it weighs on my back like a flesh wound, blood traveling like the river down a canyon. 195 more words


you talk like God but fuck like the Devil and ill never quite understand how this love thing works because i was 12 and i went to church every sunday but now i can’t wait to get on my hands and knees and pray you will let me into the gates of Hell. 44 more words

Don't Blink

you touch me like you are the sun and i am the moon and we just got so perfectly together. you lodge your elbows into my mattress like you are the smoke rings and i am the matches. 149 more words