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Fickle friends and faithless lovers
Scoundrels all, no band of brothers
Fair weather companions promising all
Cloudy day comes, not even a call

Would be winners, they pridefully boast… 51 more words


Life and It's Emptiness

I was thinking today of the emptiness that we have all witnessed in our lives. You can have everything you need and everyone you have ever loved, in your life, even right by your side and yet sometimes feel so alone and empty. 626 more words

Cannot Be Translated Directly: "Nakakawalang-gana".

A word I cannot directly render to the common tongue, but can fully explain. ‘Tis a feeling of losing interest, discouraged to continue and starting to be indifferent. 264 more words


Stuck at the cross

(This guest post is my sweet daughter Linnea’s senior legacy paper)

When thinking about how to sum up what I’ve learned in high school, I struggle to find the words.   716 more words


Meant to Live.

“I’m just sick of moping. I don’t want to be sad. And I don’t want to see people sad. But I can’t help but be sad because everyone around me is either sad or broken or fucked up. 75 more words

Non Fiction

“Everything you see depends on how you look at it.”

-Andrea Reiser-


daily #4 - dealing with disappointment; when the church disappoints.

NB: I’m going through a bit of a silly season today, and it’ll reflect in my writing (don’t worry, it’s still me). Also, this is part one of a mini-series on ‘dealing with disappointment.’ 704 more words