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The RIGHT To Vote?

Unlike the Rights of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of freedom of religion and speech, and the right to assemble and redress grievances, the Constitution does not specifically define the… 635 more words



Don’t blame me, for things I have not done.

Don’t accuse me, for the races that I haven’t won.

Don’t criticize me, for the decisions I have taken. 153 more words


Do Not Try To Disapprove God's Existance

The conversation wether or not God exists is one which many of us have had, but rather not get involved in since it is easy to offend someone if you say something wrong. 399 more words


Week 3

Hey everyone!

Unfortunately this previous week was super busy for me and I ended up unable to do anything with my prototype. I literally have like three sprites created. 58 more words

New trending GIF tagged wwe angry no upset...

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Writing Dare: The Cleaver

The cleaver
an ideal choice for a butcher,
bladed edge glistens as an arm raises
hammers down
gliding through even the thorniest of bones like… 93 more words