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Autobahn - Immaterial Man + debut album announcement

So finally after what seems like an eternity, Autobahn have finally announced their debut LP Disassemble, with new single Immaterial Man taking charge as the lead single. 296 more words


Lesser of two evilsĀ 

Not sure which door to use, each has an issue. I took the door off the GMC and stripped all the parts off. Welded the holes and was admiring my work, when caressing the bottom curve of the door I felt two pretty good dents. 134 more words


The strength it Takes to Disassemble a Basketball Goal

I’ve been trying to earn some money lately and we just got a new basketball goal. We couldn’t get our old one in my dad’s friend’s truck, so I’ve been disassembling it. 113 more words


Undressing the Demountable (No.2)

It is hard not to be curious about the demountable typewriter. These beasts of the early 20th century is an excellent example of theĀ ambition and ingenuity that the early typewriter designers had during this era. 231 more words


You Know What I Just Remembered About "Short Circuit?" The Racism.

I posted an exchange between my wife and myself the other night where she was talking about buying some chairs for the new house. She mentioned that we could just put them in our storage unit because they came disassembled and I immediately screamed: “No disassemble, Stephanie!” I got a lot of likes on that post, because almost everyone I know remembers… 109 more words

Build Log 5: Dirty Drill

This is my drill. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It has a burning rubber smell and a dark teal complexion, both of which because of bath it managed to survive. 562 more words

Thick Headed Introspectives

Video shows its difficult to disassemble the Samsung Galaxy S6

We ve learned that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is difficult to take apart, thanks to images taken from teardowns. However, we really haven t seen videos showing how to disassemble the said smartphone, until now. 131 more words