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Averting pervasive insurgency

By Abubakar Jimoh

With the complexity of global security threats and the intensity of intra-state conflicts in the West African region, it has become imperative for the regional governments to devise holistic approach to security management. 810 more words

Disaster Management

Disaster and Challenges in Indonesia

Observing Indonesia disaster data in February 2017, the incidence of disasters has increased 23% compared to the previous month. In February 2017, the incident amounted 748 more words

Disaster Management

Bencana dan Tantangan di Indonesia

Menilik data bencana pada Februari 2017, kejadian bencana mengalami kenaikan 23% dibandingkan pada bulan sebelumnya. Pada Februari 2017 kejadian berjumlah 379, 633 more words

Disaster Management

Milk, Bread and Snowstorms

Engaging in social media also means engaging with the weather, most notably, inclement weather. Perhaps the most notable are those videos, memes and news stories that detail coming snowstorms and the supermarket freak-outs where everyone is trying to buy milk and bread. 327 more words

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What is a disaster?

A disaster is a physical event, phenomenon or human activity that leads to sudden disruption of normal life, causing severe damage to life and property to an extent that available social and economic protection mechanisms are inadequate to cope. 2,304 more words


Dear Mass Media, let’s do DRR Campaign

Indonesia which its territory composed of cluster of islands has huge risks and hazards potential. This condition is motivated by geographical and topographical as well as demographics factors. 2,328 more words

Disaster Management

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

We cannot stop natural disasters, but we can arm ourselves with knowledge: so many lives would’nt have to be lost if there was enough disaster preparedness. 27 more words

Disaster Management