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Disaster Management in India

The republic day celebration on 26th January 2001 in India came to a standstill when a massive earthquake left thousands of people homeless and helpless. The air became heavy with heart wrenching cries of desolation, blood stained lifeless limp human forms were seen all around and tears mixed with drool streamed down the soiled faces of motherless toddlers, whose eyes were looking for their mothers. 651 more words

Chapter 2.2.3 Complex Landslides or Actual Cause of Disaster

Multi-tier / Multi-rotational landslides

When more than one main scars appears in a landslide site and slope mass has more than one slip surface along which movement takes place. 244 more words

Disaster Management

Chapter 2.2.2 Mitigation Measures for Disaster

Mitigation Measures for Fighting against Landslides

Drainage Related Measures

Infiltration is measures factors which governs the mass sliding  due to complex mechanism due to overburden of wader during heavy rain and consequent increase in pore pressure which responsible for land mass movement on slopes.Hence the natural way of preventing this situation is by reducing infiltration and allowing excess water to move down without hindrance. 375 more words

Disaster Management

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Disaster Management

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Disaster Management

US$560 Million to Support Mekong Delta Urban Development and Climate Resilience

The World Bank and the State Bank of Vietnam on July 11 signed agreements for loans and credit worth US$560 million for two projects to support urban development, climate resilience and sustainable livelihoods in the Mekong Delta. 257 more words

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