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Finding the Humanity in Disaster

Growing up in Florida, I remember the violent winds and torrential downpours of the 2004 hurricane season. As a child, I thought that nothing worse than Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne could ever happen, but then, nine-year-olds don’t have a great understanding of the extent of catastrophes. 497 more words

Public Anthropology

1st Quarterly NSED 2018, Isinagawa Sa Procopio Mailig Memorial Elementary School

February 15, 2018 | Kharen E. Tejada

Isinagawa ang unang quarter ng National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill taong 2018 sa Procopio Mailig Memorial Elementary School kung saan humugit kumulang 120 na magaaral at pitong guro ang nakilahok pati na ang mga barangay officials at functionaries sa pangunguna ni Kap. 271 more words

Mayor Danny Toreja

What can tree rings can tell about forest fires?

At school, I’m sure every child was once fascinated by the knowledge that the rings on a tree trunk can tell it’s age. The very fact that the age of a tree can be recorded this way used to be unreal, and to actually count the rings of a cut tree and figuring out the age of a tree in front of us was an inexplicable discovery. 708 more words


Mega risks and disasters - a resilient company will get back on track faster

Businesses are increasingly expected to prepare for, and manage the effects of major disasters and they play an integral role in disaster risk mitigation and recovery. 37 more words


La Niña is on its way out. What does that mean for California?

The race to predict hurricanes

Since climate change has been linked to more extreme weather events, predicting future weather is extremely important. Climate change means that extreme weather events, such as hurricanes Harvey and Maria, are more likely to clobber the world every year. 257 more words

Flood Management Infrastructure in a Changing Climate

Flood Management Infrastructure in a Changing Climate. Atlantic Council. Salem Afeworki et al. December 21, 2017 

 As climate change increases the vulnerability of communities to major natural disasters, cities are taking on leadership roles in climate adaptation planning and implementation. 48 more words