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Roland Emmerich Announces Next Blockbuster Disaster Movie: "It's just gonna be a big window."

Roland Emmerich (‘Independence Day’, ‘2012’, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’) today announced his next big blockbuster project, titled ‘Now’. and due to release every year for the next fifty-to-one-hundred years. 531 more words

Crude Reviews

'Meg' measures up to sharks' giant film legacy

8/10 I was perfectly fine skipping The Meg. Every five years or so, some shark movie comes along to pick the cartilage of Jaws, and I didn’t think this one would be anything special. 802 more words


Film Review: Tunnel

Tunnel is a wonderfully tense movie that centres on three characters involved in a landslide that collapses a tunnel. Whilst one man fights to survive for days on end, his wife and rescue captain tackle not just the rescue but the pressure of local Government and the media in a thoughtful and emotionally driven film. 1,185 more words

Disaster Movie

Disaster Movie (2008) Review

The Gloves are coming off.

I sometimes feel like what a lot of people misconstrue about professional critics (not that I’m counting myself among their ilk) is that they go out of their way to say mean things about the people and projects they don’t enjoy.  719 more words


Avalanche (1978, dir. Corey Allen)

An exclusive new ski resort is threatened by the chance of avalanches. Tatty disaster movie from the end of the 70s cycle of the genre; much use of stock footage in the mayhem scenes. 12 more words

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What We Can Learn from 'Sharknado'

Every so often, an idea comes to Hollywood: an idea that changes the world of cinema forever, that revolutionizes the artform, that makes people look at life through a new perspective. 1,195 more words