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Some pics of Katrina trailers deteriorating on the roadside

My friend and humanitarian design colleague Garrett recently returned to his stomping grounds in New Orleans for leisure – a trip that took him as far as Lafayette, LA. 82 more words

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Luck Is For Leprechauns—Is Your Business Prepared for Future Security Threats?

If your business hasn’t been the target of malicious intruders or cybercriminals, consider yourself lucky. Hackers are a relentless bunch and they want your gold: information and access they can use to exploit loopholes in your business’s Internet security. 284 more words

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Comparison Matrix of StoneFly Backup Appliances

StoneFly, Inc., offers a range of backup and disaster recovery appliances in its product catalog. This company which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers the following appliances meant for backup and disaster recovery… 283 more words

Disaster Recovery

The #1 Type of Employment Claim Filed with the EEOC is Again Retaliation

By: Robert M. Shea

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) has just released its statistics for fiscal year 2014 and for the fifth straight year charges alleging unlawful… 98 more words

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An analysis of data released by FEMA shows that retaliation against employees who file disability discrimination compliants is also a significant problem at the agency. (http://fixingfema.com/2014/12/11/femas-own-data-shows-no-improvement-in-no-fear-act-disability-complaints-since-2008/)

Disability Discrimination: Key Considerations

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) generally prohibits employers from discharging or otherwise discriminating against employees based on the employee’s disability. Despite the seemingly straightforward intent of that edict, significant disputes have arisen since the ADA’s enactment concerning a number of key features of the statute. 348 more words


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FEMA's interpretation of "equal access" is that those with disabilities must be provided with identical programs and services. But in fact, the standard and regulatory requirement is that those with disabilities must be provided with identical ACCESS to programs and services. To paraphrase something I once saw a judge write in a reprimand of disability discrimination... It's not enough to provide the same door - you must also provide a ramp to get to the door if the individual needs that. This is a fundamental lesson that FEMA and the coordinating disaster recovery agencies are currently ignoring.

A Disabled Employee Must Identify the Reasonable Accommodation Being Requested and Ought to Provide Alternative Suggestions

By:  Santiago J. Padilla, Esq, Partner, Fowler Rodriguez LLP

The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, which covers Florida, Georgia and Alabama, announced in 2009 that a disabled worker must be able to identify and specifically articulate the reasonable accommodation that he or she is seeking. 451 more words

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Some discussion of how reasonable accommodation requests work. For the record, FEMA and the various agencies involved in federally funded disaster recovery do not, as a general rule, provide reasonable accommodations. While this is despite publicly distributed policies to the contrary (and, of course, is a violation of federal law), it remains an unfortunate fact that nobody is yet seriously discussing. Workin' on it...

Tweet about unavailability of FEMA accessible trailers in Hurricane Sandy

@SandbergSteve Disabled Mom on Long Island asked for same, was instead booted from DHAP housing by FEMA/HUD/HTFC… http://t.co/waPriB7MfZ

— Fixing FEMA (@fixingfema) March 5, 2015

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