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The One Regret

I got to do some amazing and beautiful things in my four years of AmeriCorps. I had the opportunity to serve my community, to respond to disasters when they happened. 886 more words


Community Resilience Course

Community Resilience Course

Hosted by: AIA New Jersey

August 1, 2017

8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Join us for our Community Resilience course and learn about the meaningful actions that you and your community can take to enhance resilience to natural hazards and of the opportunities available to incorporate these actions into professional practice. 151 more words


Adopt These Tips to Make Sure Your Miami Home’s Mold Removal is Successful

Almost all molds that grow in a damp environment can produce toxic substances that are harmful to lung cells, such as triple helical glucan. If you live in an area where humidity is high, molds are something you should constantly keep an eye out for. 96 more words

Disaster Response

Heed These Tips to Successfully Deal with Residential Water Damage Restoration

Flooding is a relentless crisis that tops the natural disaster list in the United States. These events wreak havoc throughout the structure of your home. However, all is not lost. 125 more words

Disaster Response

Local volunteer works to reunite families

Every volunteer is drawn to an organization for a different reason. However it is the desire to help their fellow humans that binds Red Cross volunteers together around the world. 392 more words


Fire Restoration Tips You Need to Implement after a Severe Residential Fire

The aftermath of a fire may seem like a nightmare for homeowners, and it often is. It can happen for many reasons, but kitchen equipment is the leading cause of home structural fires and injury from home fires. 102 more words

Disaster Response

How to Deal with Water Damage Repair in a Stress-Free and Effective Manner

One of the most common worries of homeowners is property damage due to water problems. It causes an even bigger concern because it can happen without warning and often leads to costly repairs and replacements. 65 more words

Disaster Response