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We Can Build Inside!

No more worries about the weather while we have the use of a 10,000 square foot warehouse in a great location – just a 15-minute drive to the disaster area. 47 more words

Disaster Response

Florida Sand versus Washington Snow

Florida has open arms – seeking those who yearn to be free from the clutches of cold and despair.

Florida Governor Rick Scott dispatched a 15-truck convoy to Washington, D.C. 414 more words


On-Site Disaster Response for Collections

Recently we were called by a client and asked to respond to a large loss where our staff would have to work in a sterile and secure environment. 304 more words

Rowlett Under Construction

What follows an F4 tornado? Opportunities! Open doors! Rowlett, Texas was devastated by an F4 tornado on Boxing Day (December 26th), and an immediate curfew was put in place to protect against looting. 240 more words

Disaster Response

Mission Rahat Tamil Nadu by Reliance Foundation

Mission Rahat Tamil Nadu continues to reach out to the over 12,000 affected families in 6 districts of Tamil Nadu. RF realizing the gravity of the situation is helping in the rehabilitation of the people by providing ration kits to sustain for 15 days, shelter kits and utensils for the ones whose house is in dilapidated condition and education materials for school children who have lost their books and stationary in this flood. 101 more words

Reliance Foundation

Things to Consider When Hiring Disaster Response Okeechobee Professionals

Losing someone close to you in an accident or under extreme conditions can be very painful, but you need to act strong in many cases, especially if the accident or the incident happened in your home. 533 more words

Disaster Response

Six years after the Attabad disaster, adaptation is still name of the game!

The mountains of Gilgit Baltistan are like a petulant teenager still trying to find a place. They are still experiencing growing pains and rock and rattle all those around them like the teenager slamming doors. 1,455 more words