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Rick and Morty - Ricksy business | S01E11

Beth and Jerry indulge in ‘disaster tourism’ by taking a trip on a ship, in an effort to relive the tragedy of Titanic. The movie is spoofed brilliantly. 279 more words

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My attraction to disaster tourism

While recently watching Munnabhai MBBS (a cult Hindi movie), a scene in the movie got me into serious thinking mode. Nope, not about medical ethics and Hippocrates’s Oath. 478 more words

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The Adani Coal mine: More than a complete disaster

Think: Mt Vesuvius, Alcatraz, the Titanic. You know, all those things with a dubious past that got turned into a  great tourist attraction. Okay, the Titanic isn’t strictly speaking a tourist attraction but then consider the books, the movie rights and the memorabilia. 606 more words