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Kirk Douglas: Disaster Tourism for Fun & Profit

We humans are fascinated by disaster and tragedy.

Many tourist attractions (politely named “Interpretive Centres”) have been built on the sites of man-made and natural disasters. 659 more words


Disaster tourism

Today I’m remembering the old Palestinian man in Rafah who chewed me out in 2004.

I was standing at the site in the southern Gaza Strip where a bulldozer, operated by an Israeli soldier, had rolled over a young American woman, Rachel Corrie, not once but twice. 349 more words


Extinction Aesthetic Travelogue: Chernobyl - the original Zone of Alienation


 A few years later, another photo-reference tour was being cited for the gaming press, only this time it was not a cheery holiday in Europe, but a trip to the…

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Extinction Aesthetic Travelogue

Disaster Tourism And The Darker Side Of Travel.

Disaster tourism is essentially the act of travelling to a disaster area out of a matter of curiosity, or using a disaster to create profit in the form of organised tours and treks. 1,386 more words

Responsible Travel

Volunteering in Minamisanriku

One of my key goals for this trip was to do some volunteering in the tsunami-affected areas of Tohoku, and a few days ago I finally made that a reality. 2,463 more words

Postcards from Chernobyl

Just yesterday I saw a story online about the return of brown bears to the Chernobyl region after an absence of more than a century. The 1986 nuclear disaster may have been a catastrophe for people, but may ironically be a boon for wildlife. 20 more words


The Flip side of Ugandan Tourism.

We are carefully and diligently making Uganda the most preferred tourist destination by making use and benefiting from our resources. Today I would like to share with you some usually and seemingly unique tourism products that we all know or tend to disregard and now have turned into money making trails/ tours. 786 more words

Disaster Tourism