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Day 79: Fire and Water

Today began inauspiciously; I set my hair on fire. It’s nothing particularly dreadful, I’m just a bit crispy around the edges and embarrassed that my attempt to sweet talk the hostel receptionist into a discount was cut short by an unpleasant burning smell and my subsequent shriek of horror and leap away from the gas heater. 197 more words

One Photo Every Day

Day 80: The Very Good and The Very Bad

Today was a day of great highs and great lows, interspersed with lots of Italian food and a certain grape based beverage. We went riding in the desert that surrounds Mendoza (when I say ‘riding’ I mean ‘sat on a horse and stared openmouthed at the Gauchos as they pranced around in front of us’). 132 more words

One Photo Every Day

Dire Dates...

Surely I can’t be the only person in the whole wide world that has the worst luck with men, are my high hopes the only thing that comes crashing down within an instant of realising that this guy who could just be the one is not, most definitely not. 165 more words


Hey It's For Charity!

We can’t all be John Lennon and have sex for peace. But we can all masturbate for charity. Last year’s Spooge-a-Thon raised over $120,000 and 5000 gallons. 187 more words


Science of Anime: Destroying the Moon

Another one from Dragon Ball. Goku’s transformation into a Great Ape is triggered by the light of the full moon, so “Jackie Chun’s” method of changing him back is to use his Kamehameha to blow up the moon. 490 more words


House Full of Zebras

My dream house kind of looks like that beauty up there. Look at those balconies. There’s a turret. The big windows, the wide front porch…and even solar panels! 1,662 more words

Texas flood crisis

Thousands of people in Texas and Oklahoma have been forced to flee their homes due to the devastation of flooding. So far three people have been reported killed… 13 more words