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Facing Disaster

The years have blurred the fragments of my memory. Some, I recall with vibrant detail. The rest, the things forgotten such as the names I need prompted to recall, the faces that seem familiar, but have no spark of recognition beyond that, frighten me with this revelation. 425 more words

Daily Life And Thoughts

Urban sprawls and frayed ecosystems

As urban population continues to grow, peri-urban areas become the logical choice for additional housing, infrastructure and associated activities. Most  of the times this space is regarded as a ‘ 678 more words

Climate Change

Disaster Preparedness Training - May 27

Last spring several members of our church had homes severely damaged by tornados.  This year a tornado damaged the home of another member.   What can we, as a church do to prepare for natural disasters when they affect our church facilities, our members homes, or our community? 183 more words



I woke up from a dream, a very bad dream. It is about the BIG ONE. I don’t know but I never woke up before my alarm clock and today my eyes automatically opens and I believe I was woken up by the Lord to pray. 771 more words



Under the feathered incantation.

Waiting again,

For the bodies in the road,

For the dog to smash its head,

For you to choke on nothing. 30 more words


Busted by the paparazzi

I’m in a girl band in England and I was dating a pretty well known male model on and off for about six years.

Our relationship was pretty public. 258 more words


"He took only his white suit and his radio": How the people who escaped Chernobyl first reacted to news of nuclear disaster

Andrey Lomakin was 12 years old when he, his family, and all his neighbors were forced to leave home. Some left in a hurry, their dinners cooling on the table, while others took days, or even weeks to grasp their new reality. 794 more words