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Purifying water in a pinch

Whether you are preparing to go hiking, camping, or wanting to be ready for the hurricane/tornado/whatever – knowing how to purify drinking water is a good ace in your sleeve. 36 more words


Disaster Planning for Dummies

A personal story of Cyclone Yasi. This presentation by Dr Sean McManus outlines an exhausting 96 hours. The post Disaster Planning for Dummies appeared first on Intensive Care Network.



The Challenger Disaster - Proving that all Astronauts are Heroes

On January 28, 1986, one of the biggest tragedies for NASA and for the United States of America happened. The space shuttle Challenger had just launched with 7 amazing well-trained astronauts. 312 more words


Time management that will save your life (seriously—this really works!)

I decided to do a time management study on myself, partly because I was curious, and partly because one of my classes requires me to do one. 536 more words


No Escape

Escape from

Considering the plot, characterisation and cinematography this film contains, it is not difficult to imagine it being made in the 1980’s (with Harrison Ford replacing Owen Wilson as the lead hero) or even the 1950’s (starring Jimmy Stewart). 564 more words

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