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Canine Disc Training - Starting Out

I often see dogs who have trouble with two things when playing the sport of disc.

ONE: The dog can’t reliably catch the disc.

TWO: The dog can’t reliably return with the disc. 563 more words

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Introducing Lily

I grew up with poodles.  Our family has had one as a pet since before I was born.  Silver, apricot, silver beige, brown and black.  The versatility of poodles is endless.   304 more words


7 ways to keep a German shepherd busy

An important question for anyone with a dog to ask is, What is my dog’s genetic heritage? In other words, what was my dog bred to do?  1,339 more words


My Dog Doesn't Listen!

I want to tell Ari’s story today. Ari is my 4 year old German Shorthair Pointer who we affectionately call “Raptor Face” because he would go for your face as a puppy like a bird of prey (lovingly of course). 569 more words

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How to Throw A Disc For Your Dog

The Sport Of Canine Disc Is One-Half Human

For those of you who play canine disc or disc dog, there may be something that gets you annoyed more than anything else – … 617 more words

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The Collar Grab Is Important In Dog Sports And Life

Many dogs associate having their collar grabbed with getting corrected, or some other form of aggression from a human. It can also mean that the dog will be removed from a situation in which he wants to stay. 794 more words

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How do you train your dog to catch Frisbees?

When I was 13, I managed to convince my parents to get an Australian shepherd puppy, and the primary selling point for my father was that I told him that Aussies were famously excellent Frisbee dogs. 1,160 more words

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