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Passing Shot: Sun Valley, Nevada

Gumby and Pokey™ model for the first postcard ever created for the town of Sun Valley, Nevada. Sweeping views of the township located north of Reno as seen from the parking lot of a newly installed 27 hole disc golf course. 22 more words


Caught in the Wires - Photo of the Day Apr 25, 2015

There are so often random amazing spots in places you aren’t looking for it. One of the best parts about being in a new place every day is discovering these little spots and feeling somehow comforted by the ubiquitous beauty that exists everywhere if you can appreciate it. 44 more words

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Adventures in Activities – Disc Golf @ Kelley Park

via – Jonathan Cebula, Team AVAC®

Looking for an outdoor activity that is fun and family friendly? Then look no further than your local disc golf course! 226 more words


MVP Fission Volt: Scrumdidilyumptious

By Steve Hill – Noodle Arm Disc Golf staff

The seminal 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, starring the inimitable Gene Wilder, overflows with memorable scenes. 1,747 more words
Disc Golf

The Rules of Love

Recently, some friends and I decided to get into the zany, fun sport that is disc golf!  And, yes, contrary to popular belief, we make it look cool! 888 more words

Course Review -- Bryant Lake Disc Golf Course, Eden Prairie, Minn.

After a long week/month/year, people often seek refuge in beautiful places or locations that inspire, recharge, and re-invigorate the mind and soul. Some people jet off to the Bahamas or camp beneath towering sequoias, but me, well, I prefer places with clanging metal chains, white concrete pads, tight fairways, and swaying trees. 1,252 more words

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Honey Bear Hollow, one of the nation's oldest disc golf courses

When “Steady” Ed Headrick invented disc golf in the 1970s, nobody could have imagined it would evolve into a sport with hundreds of yearly tournaments and thousands of players sanctioned by a central governing body; and not even Headrick could have imagined that a course he designed and built all those years ago would still be active today. 262 more words

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