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Sensitivity. Känslighet

Sensitivity is a gift

If you drink coffee that your spoon stands up in, you’ll lose your taste in the taste buds.

It’s a gift to be sensitive, to distinguish, discover and to see the state of things. 144 more words

Jesus Kristus

He shows the way. Han visar vägen.

The wind brings the boat

Set yourself up
In the boat
listen to
What the Spirit says

Hear the birds quit
Experience the wind’s touch… 392 more words



“God told me to.”

Have you ever heard those four words offered in response to the question, “Why did you do that?”

If you have heard someone say that before, tell me honestly: what were the first thoughts that popped into your head? 665 more words

How to discern if you're on the right track

Get insights that help the Christian man discern if he’s making the right decision and on the right track


To download podcast, right click… 22 more words


Concealed versus Revealed

Q. How do you reconcile Deut 29:29 with Prov 25:2?

A. First, let’s examine what each verse says.
Deut 29:29 The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the… 415 more words



  1. Faith
  2. Re-connection
  3. Fearlessness

We are constantly having to take risks in order to improve WHO we are (WHAT we are helps us discern which risks are worth taking). 106 more words