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Faith-Family-Football-Food...as means of discernment?

This week as we anticipate and celebrate Thanksgiving, we reflect upon the many blessings bestowed upon us with hearts full of gratitude and joy. 

By: Office of Vocations… 581 more words


Probity of Witness

It is my experience that people listen to their Pals and their Chums, at least those who pretend to be and especially if they have a certain pedigree, to a larger extent than is actually warranted. 141 more words


Caveat Emptor

If people are goal oriented, attracted to whatever is “the shiny” for them, they tend to forget the advice in the header. The lust, and there is no other accurate word for it, takes over and the ability to discern goes flying out the window. 248 more words


To the girl who...hasn't heard from God.

Soooo…this is what’s happening. You are praying, reading, listening, singing, worshiping, getting alone with God, trying to be the best young, bright Christian girl you can be…right? 1,201 more words


The Burden of Compassion

Compassion comes with a burden.

We don’t always feel the burden. Sometimes our enthusiasm and joy with serving and showing compassion overrides the feelings of burden. 166 more words

My Life With God

That Spell Unbinding

If you insist

then I suppose

you must

to each, his tunnel

With open hand

I set you free of me

I cast the spell… 47 more words


True and False. Oil and Vinegar.

God’s truth cannot be mixed with falsehood.

It’s a bold claim. And I’ve experienced the opposite many times.

God’s truth can be mixed with falsehood.

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