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Discerning Drinking, Chapter Twenty-six.

Originally posted 22nd April 2012

Every now and then a week at work will come along which will totally finish us off. What transpires in those five days renders us so emotionally messed up that you leave on a Friday afternoon and almost weep on the pavement. 502 more words


Discerning Drinking, Chapter Twenty-five.

Originally posted 29th July 2013

Appearances can be deceptive. The Queen, for example, alluding to the fact that she has holiday this week in Scotland, must – by definition of a ‘holiday’ – actually do… 662 more words


Discerning Drinking, Chapter Twenty-three.

Originally posted 11th April 2013

I am never one to plug the unpluggable, or market the meaningless, but something needs to be said about Starbucks’ Guatemala Antigua coffee. 280 more words


Discerning Drinking, Chapter Twenty-one.

Originally posted 3rd March 2013

Please sir, can I have some more?

There I was, celebrating a peaceful Friday night in (for once), looking for something snazzy to set off my tea, a Tesco All-Day Breakfast sandwich, Kettle Chips and two strawberry and cream cupcakes (see… 582 more words

Discerning Drinking

Discerning Drinking, Chapter Nineteen.

Originally posted 12th February 2013

A ‘knock knock’ at a non-descript door to the left of the main entrance of the Grosvenor Square Marriott will afford you access to an old luggage room, now the ‘Luggage Room’ bar, a refreshingly different hotel watering hole that joins an ever-increasing and distinguished list of so-called ‘ 418 more words


Discerning Drinking, Chapter Seventeen.

Originally posted 29th September 2012

Henry David Thoreau was an American writer and philosopher, who once said;

Success usually comes to those that are too busy looking for it… 915 more words


Discerning Drinking, Chapter Sixteen.

Originally posted 18th September 2012

My Mum is experiencing a kind of personal Renaissance the rest of us can only dream of. In the last year or two she has taken up the trombone and has embarked on an odyssey of gigging in two three four five bands almost every night of every week. 550 more words