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Mind mapping my thoughts

Image courtesy of Celine Paul 6 Feb 2014

Mind maps came up this week in my blogging group. I love using mind maps and go to this tool whenever I need inspiration or get writer’s block. 738 more words


this old road

Sometimes I say that my wife is a fan of clean starts. By that I mean that she likes the feeling of freshness that comes with a conceptual new chapter. 1,513 more words


A few random thoughts as our Ugandan trip neared its end

June 17, 2015: As we near the end of our Ugandan discernment and adventure, a few random thoughts come to mind.
Because of time and cost issues, parts of our planned itinerary had to be dropped or adjusted. 458 more words

Missionary Work


Before she came to Providence Home, Justine had a long history of bone infections.

At ten, her left leg developed a swollen blister that eventually burst, wherein she was taken to a local traditional healer for application of local herbs. 384 more words

Helping Those In Need

July 4th, 2015

Let us pause to celebrate the birthday of this great nation.

And now, for today’s worship and scripture:

Isaiah 45: 5 “I am the LORD, and there is no other; 2,830 more words


Use Away

Been thinking about the idea of abuse. Surprisingly common in our behavior are acts of abuse without people consciously aware of what’s happening. Whether it is something that we do to ourselves or to another, perhaps more usually against another.   274 more words


Returning to Trusting the Lord 101....

I’ve done it again!  The last time, I wasn’t trusting that the Lord would remember that I desire to be married and have a family if I don’t remind him every few minutes.   428 more words

Just Life