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A Consecrated Virgin?

Never heard of a consecrated virgin living in the world? Most people haven’t. I hadn’t, either, until my junior year of college, when I came to a “dead end” in my discernment and met a priest who unlocked the mystery of this little-known vocation. 91 more words


Stupid Devil Mind Tricks

All Star Wars fans are familiar with the Jedi mind trick used to target those of weak mind in the galaxy. Obi-Wan Kenobi used the trick on the storm troopers who were looking for C-3PO and R2-D2. 1,026 more words

Christian Living

February 13th-This reminds us that we should always be seeking God’s guidance, daily, hour by hour, and, even moment by moment.

Numbers 9: 16So it was continuously; the cloud would cover it by day, and the appearance of fire by night. 17Whenever the cloud was lifted from over the tent, afterward the sons of Israel would then set out; and in the place where the cloud settled down, there the sons of Israel would camp. 3,679 more words

Following God

LENT 3 ~ Shadow in the Watchtower

          Today, someone made me relive an old sorrow, wanting to know of every valley and crevasse traversed, moving from dark to light. There was a strange uneasiness in me over the request. 309 more words

Leaving office on time

Quite often there are Christians who work long hours at office. And this is not about earning that extra income to payoff a loan or anything urgent. 560 more words

Practical Living

Not Another Beth Moore Post!

According to my stats, people gravitate to my posts that expose the various problems with Beth Moore. That’s good. She has led far too many women (and perhaps men) into a self-centered imitation of Christianity, convincing them that God gives her extra-biblical revelation. 507 more words


Sent with habits!

We all know what habits are because most of us have them, and I don’t mean wimples! Habits are those things that we just do, often, and often without thinking. 1,758 more words