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The whole point

I’m here, working on my desire to write against the actual writing, remembering how a lot of people mention that keeping on writing makes you more able to write. 553 more words


The Dreaded Mom Motto

Every mom experiences it: One minute she is living the high life as a cool, hip and happening, young mom, and the next minute, her own mother tumbles right out of her mouth. 715 more words


Studying the Word of God

If you are anything like me, then you feel the pressing need to dig deep into the word of God. God may be prodding you and nudging at your conscience, telling you you need to invest time in the study of His word. 552 more words

Make-It Monday - Are You Willing to Work?

I watched one of those 60-second documentaries on Facebook today during a writing break. It was about a 77-year-old ballet dancer named Mrs. Poole. She talked about how ballet isn’t easy, but has to look it. 649 more words


I Am The Law?

The children have started to show their asses.

During those first few years, a lot of the disciplinary issues we ran into were due more to a lack of understanding on our little angels’ parts than anything else.  1,294 more words


100 days challenge: week 4 and a marathon

today is the 29th day of my challenge. it is monday and hence the right time to describe main thoughts, ideas and events that happened during the week number four. 1,549 more words