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Disco Pants Christmas?

I forgot to ask–did any of you receive disco pants for Christmas? Or did you give disco pants as a gift to someone? I didn’t receive any but I never really expect to. 614 more words

American Apparel To Close This Year

I had to preempt another post which I had ready to go today because of some disconcerting news. You may have heard by now that American Apparel has been sold for $88 million to a Canadian company. 1,156 more words

It's 2017 But Too Cold For Disco Pants

No surprise here–I did not wear disco pants that day I was considering it. It was just too ridiculously cold and still is. I know there will be more opportunities so no worries. 624 more words

First Wearing of the Year?

Tomorrow (Thursday) was shaping up to be a great opportunity to wear disco pants for the first time in 2017. But there is one huge factor working against it: the freaking cold weather Yes, it’s only going to be in the teens and as I have written before, that is very cold to wear disco pants. 254 more words

Disco Pants at the Mall!

Today I did wear my disco pants to a new place. A place where there were many people–people whom I neither know nor who know me. 940 more words

Purple & Caramel AA Disco Pants

Recently I placed an order at American Apparel. They were having some huge discounts AND I noticed that they actually had imperial purple and caramel disco pants for only $43! 463 more words

Invisible Disco Pants Blog

So I really screwed up. By changing my wordpress user name and transferring my blog to the new name I thought everything would be smooth sailing with no issues at all. 121 more words