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Green & Burgundy Disco Pants

There is currently an ebay auction for 2 pairs of Bojeangles disco pants–one green, one burgundy. How I would love to add those 2 to my collection! 228 more words

Update on Chinese Disco Pants

I just wore the Chinese disco pants again for a little bit in order to do a photo shoot. Did I mention that they are very photogenic? 541 more words

Chinese Disco Pant Dupes

Yesterday I received the cheap Chinese disco pants I bought on ebay. It took 12 days to arrive. I opened the package and examined the article. 1,159 more words

A Couple More Years Left For Disco Pants?

So are American Apparel disco pants going by the wayside? Many colors are no longer available in any size while some are available in select sizes. 245 more words

Disco Pants Night

Summer equals rooftop activities! That is where I wore this outfit to! I love the whole vibe of rooftop parties. I decided to go casual cute because that’s what any rooftop event screams (in my head). 217 more words