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Invisible Disco Pants Blog

So I really screwed up. By changing my wordpress user name and transferring my blog to the new name I thought everything would be smooth sailing with no issues at all. 121 more words

First SDJ Wearing for 2016

So those brand new black Le Gambi shiny disco jeans that I recently got—I wore them a few days ago! Yes, I did. And it was very fun to do so. 739 more words

A Love Letter To Disco Pants

To My Disco Pants,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. To this day, you are the only pant in my closet that is the whole package. 174 more words

Beauty & Style

Wore Another Thrift Store Find

Well, no more disco pant finds at thrift stores since my very first one a couple of weeks ago. I’m just wondering if that was a needle-in-a-haystack type deal. 999 more words

Thrift Store Disco Pants!

I am very pleased to announce that for the first time in 5 years of searching, I have joined the ranks of those other bloggers who have found disco pants in thrift stores. 824 more words

Halloween & Disco Pants

Around these parts a day called ‘Halloween’ is quickly approaching. And for many fans of disco pants, this is the one day of the year you might feel secure enough in publicly wearing a pair of the skintight, shiny pants. 559 more words

4 Year Anniversary

It must have slipped my mind that just less than 2 weeks ago the 4 year anniversary of my first public wearing of spandex disco pants came and went. 760 more words