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More Levi's 510's & the Fate of AA Disco Pants

After doing some research I came across the names of a few of the Levi’s 510 Super Skinny jeans I hope to once again add to my collection. 797 more words

Too Cold For Disco Pants & Skinny Jeans

It’s been so cold here lately that I have not even been wearing my skinny jeans, much less any disco pants. That being said, even though today was still frigid I decided to throw caution to the wind and wear my favourite pair–those Levi’s 510 I bought at a thrift store some time ago. 623 more words

A Little History of Jonden Disco Pants

In my never-ending pursuit of information regarding disco pants, I came across this regarding the Jonden brand of the vintage wear:

Linda Leal founded Jonden in 1981.

319 more words

Style: 7.2.15 Back To Basics

Jacket by KOOKAI, striped tee by Bec & Bridge, pants by American Apparel, shoes by Melissa x Vivenne Westwood and watch by Swatch.

This super simple, nautical inspired look is a winner whether at work or coffees with the girls. 112 more words


Super Smooth & Shiny Jonden Disco Pants

No new instances of seeing disco pants on TV lately but I do have some other news.

Recently I came into a pair of vintage Jonden disco pants in red. 331 more words

AA Disco Pants Really Great After All

So last evening I was wearing the AA disco pants for a bit. As tiny-looking and skintight as they appear, they sure are a super comfortable pair of pants. 474 more words

Disco Pants on "The Big Bang Theory" TV Show

Lately I have been on another frantic internet search for disco pants. Not necessarily to buy any but more along the lines of finding photos, tv programs and movies where they may have been worn. 358 more words