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Disco Pants Workout & Disco Pants Hate

All around the web I read girls/women that say see other girls/women go to the gym in disco pants. Either that or they say that they themselves will wear disco pants to the gym. 959 more words

Chinese Disco Pants Size XL

My 2 Chinese disco pants finally came in yesterday and I was glad for it. My first pair of black ones has those overstretched lines that develop on the crotch seam and are getting longer each time I put the pants on. 502 more words

5 perguntas (definitivas) sobre as disco pants

As disco pants surgiram nos anos 50. São leggings com corte de jeans super justo e cintura bem alta, feitas com tecido brilhoso. Ficaram famosas no fim dos anos 70 com o filme Grease, e pegaram mesmo nos anos 80, principalmente na cena noturna. 461 more words


Disco Pants to a Wedding?

I may have a wedding to attend sometime in the near future. It will not not be one of those typical church wedding & reception celebration type deals. 775 more words

Grey Disco Pant Dupes from China

Yesterday I received my 2 new pairs of Chinese disco pants dupes. You may remember that I was so pleased with the first pair that I went ahead and ordered 2 more from the same seller. 538 more words

Green & Burgundy Disco Pants

There is currently an ebay auction for 2 pairs of Bojeangles disco pants–one green, one burgundy. How I would love to add those 2 to my collection! 228 more words

Update on Chinese Disco Pants

I just wore the Chinese disco pants again for a little bit in order to do a photo shoot. Did I mention that they are very photogenic? 541 more words