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Happy Birthday To Two Guitar Giants ... Rory Gallagher & Larry Carlton

Happy Birthday Rory Gallagher And Larry Carlton

    Today March 2 is the birthdate of two of the greatest guitarists to ever live : Rory Gallagher who , had he lived would have been celebrating his 67th birthday today and Larry Carlton who turns 67 . 1,208 more words


Son House Discography

78rpm releases and session information

Eddie James “Son” House was known for his moody material, slide guitar and emotional interpretation, and became one of the ‘original’ blues artists who were “rediscovered” in the 1960’s blues revival – he then started recording and performing for audiences after a long absence and did it up until the 1970’s before officially retiring for the final time. 244 more words


The Playlist • "In Harlem's Araby," Three Ways (1924–1930)

Three very different performances of “In Harlem’s Araby,” the first by Leroy Smith’s Orchestra (a Harlem band that made disappointingly few recordings), and the others by apparent pick-up groups — the first white, the second black — of questionable personnel. 279 more words

78 And Other Disc Records

Correct Personnel for the California Ramblers' Late 1927—Early 1928 Cameo Sessions (from Ed Kirkeby's Files)

Some more corrections to American Dance Bands on Records and Film California Ramblers personnel listings, this time for the December 1927 and February 1928 Varsity Eight sessions for Cameo. 273 more words

78 And Other Disc Records

Skip James Discography

78rpm releases

Nehemiah Curtis “Skip” James had only nine 78’s released (18 songs in total) in the early 1930’s. His original output seems very modest compared to many of his peers and he was practically unheard of until he was “rediscovered” in the 1960’s blues revival, which is remarkable considering his quite different style in blues. 209 more words


Robert Johnson Discography

78rpm releases and session information

Despite his untimely death in 1938 at the age of only 27, Robert Johnson recorded an impressive catalog of music that continues to inspire musicians even today. 363 more words


"Lloyd Dayton & his Music" Finally Identified (from the Ed Kirkeby Files)

Thanks to our recent research of Ed Kirkeby’s files in conjunction with the ongoing Pathé-Perfect and American Record Corporation projects, we’ve finally unearthed the true identity of the band ARC credited as “Lloyd Dayton & his Music” (which, to further confuse matters, was logged by ARC as “Fred MacDougall & his Orchestra”). 257 more words

78 And Other Disc Records