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A Tribe Called Quest albums Ranked from (not best) Worst to Best

The first time I heard Q-Tip was on The Hunger Games: Mockingkay, Part 1 Soundtrack; you may find it hard to believe, but that’s one of the finest pop albums we’ve had lately. 630 more words


Frank Ocean albums Rated

The first time I heard Frank Ocean was during an SNL performance after he released Channel Orange. Back then, “Thinkin Bout You” was an important song that really didn’t get into mexican radio, but still I realized some hot girls in my class were singing it. 642 more words


Warpaint albums Rated

Some months ago I was checking as usual on a used records store. Suddenly, I lost my breath to a copy of Heads Up. Hiding my excitement, I asked for the price: 60 mexican pesos. 462 more words


Metallica albums Ranked from (not best) Worst to Best

I’ll begin by stating: I don’t think there is a bad Metallica album. Yeah, some of them departed from Trash Metal, but that doesn’t mean they have failed at achieving their main purpose. 974 more words


Wilco albums Ranked from (not best) Worst to Best

Enough said. Let’s begin. Only studio releases are considered, although I would like to make three special mentions.

10. Schmilco (2016)

Rating: 72/100

I hate to put it so low, specially because it was the album that made get interested about Wilco, but when we look at it from a wide perspective,  789 more words


PJ Harvey albums Ranked from (not best) Worst to Best

I’m not a fan of introductions, because I know how satisfying it’s to skip them, so let’s get this started. Both 4-Track Demos and The Peel Sessions… 871 more words