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Different Types of Electrical Switches

We use electrical switches every single day in our lives. Whether they are used to turn on the light or if they are used indirectly while using computers and other appliances, switches are one of the most common… 523 more words

The Importance of Using Refurbished Electrical Components

Most of the industry experts these days are looking forward to being able to use refurbished electrical equipment and replacement components on their manufacturing lines. Although many people have misconceptions about… 544 more words

Safely Refurbishing Manufacturing Equipment after a Flood

Flooding can cause much devastation.  One of them being the ability to ruin the workability of electrical equipment. Manufacturing equipment is much like any other electrical equipment in the way it reacts to water flooding inside its circuits. 540 more words

Purchasing Reconditioned Electrical Components over New Surplus

Whether you are having your electrical devices fixed or giving them a whole new state-of-the-art facelift, knowing where to look and what to look out for can make all the difference because… 467 more words

Those Disconnects

When I woke up this morning, this theme of missing the point, losing the plot and otherwise getting the wrong end of the stick, was in my consciousness. 479 more words

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Purchasing Reconditioned Electrical Supplies

Making sure that proper electrical supplies are used in any kind of electrical repairs or upgrades around your home or business it is important to get the optimal result. 448 more words


In Webster’s online dictionary, paradox means “contradictory or opposed to common sense,” among other things.

Basically, paradoxical beliefs in religion are mysteries that cannot be explained and are accepted on faith.  714 more words