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Socialism's coming

Socialism’s coming

‘. . . those who possessed something, united in a common terror.’
-Alexis DeTocqueville

Socialism’s coming
but it won’t be what we thought. 376 more words

Why do I write?

I suppose existential crisis is a little far-fetched, but…actually…nope. That sounds about right, spot on in fact. Last year was a shit year. I started the year with a miscarriage, which resulted in a confusing mix of grief and relief and triggered some visceral, physiological baby urge that has been hard to shake and hard to understand. 605 more words



I haven’t been anywhere forever, not even to Hartsville, where I am supposed to clean Mother and Daddy’s estate once a month. My husband has been on a plane and flown to California and to Colorado. 1,007 more words

Five Minute Friday : Worth

There is something deep inside our souls, intentionally placed there.  It’s a desire to be connected to something bigger than we are, a longing for the feeling of home, or something we can’t quite put our finger on. 140 more words


Defeating the Murmur Monster

Life is difficult and how we respond to that difficulty demonstrates our measure of trust and delight in God. Many times we are too self-centered or self-focused that we miss all the God is doing and working in us and in others. 286 more words



You could never get enough of that ugly feeling.

That giddiness as you stand in a cliff built out of such anger.

That high of which you are drunk off dissatisfaction, driven mad by that single imperfection you can’t seem to find, that blazing passionate anger of all there is around you. 107 more words