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Art Is Always Perfect

The sun is shining. It’s cloudy, but it’s not the kind of cloudy that blocks the sunlight. The sky is full of those big, fluffy, cumulus clouds. 1,330 more words


The Ups & Downs 💁

The Ups & Downs of Life

Well, there you have it
Detailed in that one sentence
We all encounter it
And even some cannot handle it… 298 more words

Being Here and Wanting There

It is Thursday and I am here in my studio, writing.  Through my windows I see pine and fir and aspen forest, all around me.  From my front door, I see rows of round hills moving into the distance.  366 more words



Satisfaction is fleeting. Every day has only so much time in it, and we’ve been trained in our societies to be happy. If we can’t be happy, to be satisfied. 346 more words




I picked this book partly because of the title but more for the haunting look in the eyes of the little girl on the paper back cover. 458 more words

Kemi Bonuola

Today's Thought: Unified Discontentment

The Blessing of Adversity: Lack of unity is the root of much discontentment

Daily Thoughts


Malachi 2:17, Hebrews 13:5

Luke 9:58

My NIV Bible sets the scene in an introduction before the book of Malachi.  It says, “The temple had been rebuilt, but times of prosperity had not come.”  In Malachi 2:17, Malachi said that the people’s words wearied God.   83 more words