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Building from discontent or delight?

In this season of vocational rest, while my daily physical busyness is slowed, the greater challenge is to still the busyness of my mind.

I’m discovering that the further I am entering this invitational space of rest, the more I am becoming reflective of my sense of vocational success & failure. 348 more words


In a land called Graves, there lived a farm owner, let us call him Anthropos. Under his command, he entrusted the management of his property to his assistant, a cruel Taskmaster name Epithumeo who won’t allow servants to rest. 627 more words


The Divorcee

I’m not happy with you, Madge
So please turn in your badge
Now you look like a tank
I’d rather have a wank
You’re not my other half… 46 more words


Here's the thing about Both/And

Beth Woolsey writes a lot about Both/And. She writes about how people can feel two seemingly contradictory feelings at the same time, how something can be both awesome and awful, and how all of that is totally okay. 620 more words

International Living

Be Like An Ostrich

I am a strong man who chooses to believe that God is in control of my life, in control of my family, and most of all, in control  of my future. 692 more words


Discontentment in Louisville, Hope in Jesus Christ

With life comes its share of discontentment.  At times, we are discontent with decisions we’ve made, the actions of others, our situation and circumstances, a whole host of things.  502 more words

Christian Living


Sinking at 50

That’s where I am

A milestone post is due.

But now at 50

I’m at a loss.

What am I supposed to do? 61 more words