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“Me” time! Do you have “me” time?  From 5 to 7 in the morning is strictly my time – and Molly knows it.

After she has had her little run outside to do the necessary – and sometimes that includes exploring the same garden she has explored dozens of times before – she comes inside and waits patiently for me to pick her up and position her on my recliner. 389 more words

Christian Life

Ballistic missile alert - HAWAII

Poor Hawaii, no one had the story straight. They got lied to, that’s my guess. We all got lied to, again. Big surprise.

Turn your "but" around

“I should be, but…”
“I am sorry, but…”
“I am happy, but…”

Growing up, my mother used to tell me that when I used the word “but”, it negated everything that I just said. 193 more words


Siren Summer

Summer’s Siren Song

makes me long for warmth
dream of hot sunshine
on my bare arms and remember
the relief of leaf-cast shade
and lakewater teasing my ankles. 158 more words


Georgia’s Loss is Today’s Lesson

The seemingly unquenchable fiery sting of defeat is probably still stinging the hearts of Georgia Bulldog fans this morning, and probably will for a really long time. 724 more words


The political class still doesn’t understand the reasons for Brexit, and until it does, we Remain at risk

The background of the Government reshuffle today lends itself well to many different explanations. Depending on which publications you read, listen to or just review, you are bound to get at least a slightly different take on someone else’s interpretation of what will one way or another end up as doom and gloom. 692 more words

National Politics

Eclipsing Glory

Have you ever sung a song for years and, when you really stopped to think about it, not truly known or understood the meaning of the lyrics? 1,259 more words

Character Growth