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The stale silence drowned out the noise.
One solitary tear drained
Me of the unnecessary emotions
Till only a blue sky remained.

He took my hand… 58 more words



I felt my stomach turn towards you
And your misunderstanding of all
you ever knew
Everything you turned away without notice
but your ego.
Impossibility struck… 49 more words


it is here

the motion drifts in

like a mist in the night

it creeps through the heart

and fills it with fright

it means not what you think… 84 more words


The Tenth Letter: You Are Not My Whole Life

Dear Daughters,

Part of me wants to be—someday—one of those older moms in my church who is able to say that being a mom was the most rewarding, amazing, hardest, joyful thing I’ve ever done… 789 more words

companies fighting their critics in the courts

Australia’s largest bank funds a defamation action by its public relations manager against a ‘whistleblower’ critic of the company; actions that would be very intimidating to other potential critics.


Dove 'Choose Beautiful' campaign

A new campaign that is attracting a lot of attention and provoking some debate. Women are filmed facing a choice of two doors to enter a building, one labelled ‘normal’ and one ‘beautiful’. 46 more words



She turns it up louder,
the beat feels so loud beneath her feet.
She finds it easier when you don’t look at her.
She smiles- she knows all your secrets. 33 more words