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The Tangles, And You Still Have Me - 2/20/15

Wouldn’t you know, this too is about you.

A dream, a day, and hour doesn’t go by;

without your haunting.

And, what’s even worse than… 9 more words

Read. Write. Roam. - 2/19/15

Alliterative to others;

life’s breath unto you.

Inspired by words, yes,

but what else will you do.

Imprinted now, and may it

put you to shame. 10 more words

This Isn't For Me

This isn’t for me.  I’m not happy with the way things are.  I don’t want to live here anymore and I hate putting myself through this over and over again.  107 more words

My Life

Turk's Text of the Day (or every other day or so...) Feb 28 2015

 The French Heifer

Warning:  This blog post contains a middle finger (or two). I am sure my parents will be proud.

I sent my sister this picture the other morning to express my discontent about being at work. 188 more words


He is Enough!

I haven’t personally experienced the depression or blues that so many do during the wintertime months, but I have witnessed friends who have. There’s just something about being able to get outdoors, in the fresh air and warm sunshine that rejuvenates us. 681 more words


Came and Went

I went to the interview this afternoon.  When she asked me if I had any questions I should’ve sought my case.  I should’ve fought harder, but knowing me I didn’t.  141 more words

My Life

the wind is in from madagascar.

i was trying to hypnotize myself into being another person yesterday. or in that last entry. i have no prospects of anything grand and i am not sanguine about anything. 281 more words