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Black Friday

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“Does anyone expect to pay full price anymore?”

So ran the provocative title to a Business of Fashion article  published last week on retailers in the fashion industry and their relationship to Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.   1,278 more words

Black Friday

The ancient Roman phrase for this panam at circensus, bread and circuses the art of plying citizens with pleasure to distract them from pain.

– Ellen Ruppel Shell…

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OP/ED Wednesday or Ranty McRanterson

I have been doing an excellent job of not ranting on this blog. I’ve come close a couple of times but I don’t think I’ve actually ranted. 805 more words


Discount Culture

In a post last Wednesday I hinted at the idea that I feel amateur teams aren’t deserving of free money, or maybe even the supposed exchange of business name on the jersey for a discount. 620 more words


The High Price of A Discount Culture

Wal-Mart has been in the news a lot recently. No, I don’t mean all those grand sales and bargains. Over Thanksgiving weekend, workers at one thousand stores were on strike, protesting deplorable conditions and wages so low, the company trains its personnel how to apply for Public Assistance. 500 more words

I’m now a Frugalista

I have long ago finished “Cheap: High Cost of Discount Culture.”  But my friend, Ellen Ruppel Shell convinced me to revisit my spending habits, particularly in a world filled with economic uncertainty.  156 more words

Ellen Ruppel Shell

The Gruen Effect

I went to the mall this weekend, like many others across the continent.  But this time it was different.  I knew about the Gruen Effect… 357 more words

Ellen Ruppel Shell