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The Cursing Benjamite -- Dale Barger

It is quite interesting to consider the events which God preserved in His inspired Word. When you reflect on the many possible events throughout history, no doubt there are many happenings that have been lost to the annuals of time. 1,419 more words

Dale Barger

Does God's Anger Explain His Love?

Good & Angry is a book with a bright red cover, written by Professor and Biblical counselor David Powlison. In chapter 10, Powlison makes the startling statement: “You can’t understand God’s love if you don’t understand his anger.” God’s anger and his love are two different but complementary expressions of his goodness. 488 more words


When We Don't Measure Up

When We Don’t Measure Up

Have you ever felt that you just didn’t measure up? Perhaps you didn’t measure up to someone else’s expectations? You just weren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or strong enough. 850 more words


Know God in a Year #66 More than Enough

The sun is just beginning to make streaks across Galilee when Jesus walks down by the lake hoping for some time alone with God.  But already people are coming to him. 237 more words

Good And Evil

One o' Those

I’ve had one of those days or maybe not so much days, but weeks. One of those days when everything I throw at the trash can (think full coffee filter. 386 more words

Christian Reflections

There Will Come A Time

there will come a time
when the storm will pass
the clouds will break
and the sun will shine

but for a moment
sorrows last… 134 more words


When You're Standing All Alone

Life can get lonely. Friends move on, family members move away, and some relationships you once treasured lose their luster and become like driftwood a rip current has pulled out to sea.  709 more words