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the myth of the scathing review

Discouragement. It comes to us all. Few things kill creativity like discouragement can, and it shows up like a pterodactyl to snap at your latest project and fly off with its entrails hanging from its beak. 1,025 more words

Leap of Faith

The path you want to take may be formidable

The journey may seem long and impossible to undertake

Others may have warned you not to follow that route… 107 more words


I'm Fresh Out

I wasn’t going to post today.  In fact, I had no intention of posting again.  Drastic, I know, but the monkey on my back called discouragement had finally worn me down. 601 more words


Dealing with a Slow Art Fair and Thoughts on What Sold

I had a fair this past weekend in our hometown. I’ve attended this fair before, and remember it being busy, so I was expecting lots of people. 627 more words


The Media Manipulation Miscalculation

With 16 days – and about 160 news cycles – remaining until the presidential election, if you look at the news and data coming out of establishment media outlets you get the sense that the election of Hillary Clinton is a foregone conclusion. 1,228 more words

Current Events

The Humbling

Have you ever come across an old journal or letter you wrote twenty years ago, only to find that although your life or even your belief system has changed, your voice is still the same? 1,233 more words