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(Don't) Forget It

For me, the most basic things are often the hardest to remember.

For instance, when I was in fifth grade, we were making our annual Thanksgiving trek to visit my mom’s side of the family in St. 1,084 more words

When you feel like giving up...

We’ve been hoping to start our family. And looking at our circumstances, you would probably call us crazy.
But we’ve been hoping to start our family–that I would get pregnant–that we would have children to call our own. 656 more words


Personal Jesus

In this post I want to deal with the ambiguous yet important issue of your life’s purpose in the context of knowing Jesus personally. When you understand your purpose in life you will have the FUEL in your tank to go where you are supposed to go. 1,865 more words


Speaking Into the Silence

Lately, I have been a bit discouraged. Yes, even me…the motivator, the one who encourages others, the one who always has positive things to say and pushes others out of their low moments, yes me…and it has been one of those times when only those who are closest to me, or those who cared to really pay attention, have known just how discouraged I have been. 562 more words

It's so hard- you have to do it!

I may have talked about this concept in a blog before but I feel it is extremely important to know and employ in everyone’s lives. … 338 more words

Shavuos and Surrender

Imagine you’re sinking below the surface of a deep, dark pool of cool water.  At first, you fight to stay afloat.  You don’t want to drown.   1,075 more words


Finding the Holiness...Right Where You Are.

I’m listening to a fantastic shiur, the kind of deep learning that makes my mind ache a little, like a muscle that’s been well-used.  I know when I’m learning something that feeds me when it changes how I look at the world around me. 709 more words