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Hear these words

It sucks to feel like you aren’t enough. It sucks to feel that someone’s expectations of you feel unreachable, but I think the worse thing is when someone has expectations of you that are entirely too low. 389 more words


How to deal with disappointment

On this talk show:  How to deal with disappointment…plus, how to repair a marriage after an affair…plus, how to trust God regarding unsaved loved ones… 27 more words



Sometimes I feel stuck.

Even though I know I’ve come quite far personally, I feel like I am unable to move beyond the starting line, watching as so many of my peers go above and beyond this invisible standard I have in my head called “ 901 more words


The Walking Weary

I’ll admit it. I’m really sick of the ups and downs I have been experiencing for over three years now. I’m tired. Not afraid. Not depressed. 602 more words


Stuck in the Routine

Have you ever been discouraged by the routines of life? Everyday seems to be the same. Go to work, come home, eat, sleep, etc. Some people find it hard to keep going when nothing new seems to be happening. 618 more words


This Desert Holds a Song

When you’re in a desert, you most likely don’t think about singing.

You think about how hot it is. You think about how thirsty you are. 316 more words