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Veritable, Temporal and Eternal


I awoke this morning with this word rolling around in my head; however, I cannot recall the thought attached to it.

Real. Genuine.

Finding my voice in the veritable ugly days of a harsh season is like one of those dreams when you try to run but its like you’ve got lead feet. 360 more words


Channeled through John Armitage:

I will say to you, brothers and sisters, that even now sometimes I wonder, even now sometimes I wonder, am I empowering in the way that Mother-Father God desires?

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Yesterday was Katie’s and my annual 5K run for the hungry, and I really wanted to give Katie my full attention, so I didn’t take my phone, and thought about not needing it and didn’t take my purse. 753 more words

Change The World

Should you listen to those who say "lighten up" ?

Recently, I was with someone who was sharing with me about their pursuit of excellence in the area of personal health.  I was impressed with his focus on consistently exercising and his understanding of the need for a healthy diet. 474 more words


Putting the Giving into Our Thanks

This Thanksgiving season, we’ll be putting a lot of things in our stomachs. The table will be full one moment; our mouths will be full the next. 346 more words

Fuel For Faith

A Thanksgiving Day Praise

I praise God I had a bed to sleep on last night. I praise God I had a toilet to sit on this morning. I praise God I had toilet paper and didn’t have to use leaves. 349 more words


Don't fight battles that aren't meant for you

There is no discouragement quite like facing an impossible task, especially if you’re someone who’s used to getting things done. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make progress. 841 more words