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Who's Afraid of Lady Gaga? (A Rant)

I’m not trying to be an apologist for Taylor Swift, but the next person who informs me that she has no talent might get conked with my copy of Twilight. 251 more words


An Open Internet [Queries]

How do we maintain an open Internet? Is this possible? Moreover, are we doomed to the corporate monopolization of the Internet? What will a truly open Internet cost? 96 more words


How to embrace the unknown and challenge the known

I picked up my car this morning. The garage fixed it for two-thirds their estimate. Great. I came in my son’s car which had a misfire. 2,365 more words


Simon & Mary: an invitation, the coal-stoked factory, and a friendship newly-pressed

After my aloof review about Simon and Mary, a cold criticism based solely on one bad experience, I was invited by Dean Pozniak (the young blood brand manager – a courteous gentleman indeed) to take a tour of the family-owned hat factory in Heriotdale, Johannesburg. 530 more words

An Active Youth

'Metadiscursive Regimentation'

(A haiku.)

All to all, speaking
Class, power, blood, gold, science, and

Prompted by our professor, who said we could answer this way if we wanted to.

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Writing discussion questions for your own book is a unique experiment in thoughtfulness and creativity. You have to think of your book in a wider light.

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Smashing the Gates of Academic Discourse: Part 1

Can you just show them the databases?  This is a phrase I’ve heard a lot as an instruction librarian.

I’ve thought about it, and the answer is no.   2,779 more words