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Community Action 2017

Participatory Community Walk

From the Jog Falls to Shivamogga (156 km), 5th-10th June 2017.

A community action will be organised by SARA Centre in the form of a participatory walk from The Jog Falls to Shivamogga. 1,340 more words


Nothing More Than Feelings

Lately, I’ve heard a couple of people say regarding politics and the news that we live in a post-fact world where feelings are what matters. As a musician, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, reading about, and generally paying attention to emotion. 1,223 more words

Blog Post #2: The Inevitability and Wonders of Change and Progress

       The Roman Empire was arguably one of the most successful empires in existence. Not only did the Romans conquer large masses of land not with staggering amount of soldiers, but rather extreme discipline and capability of the soldiers themselves, but those lands stayed conquered due to the open-mindedness/tolerance of the conquered peoples’ religion and culture and inclusion into Roman society. 1,111 more words

harmony isn't peace

Humans who devote their lives to achieving universal harmony are often misconceived in the process of actually getting there. Their intentions are motivated by purist principles and it can be easy to assume that others are as capable as you when speaking of reaching the levels required to instil good will. 579 more words


Actions follow....ideas!

I began this blog by writing ‘actions follow desires’ because this tenet represents the key to understanding the importance of placing a cultural context around an analysis of any topic – including running. 2,735 more words

Training Ideas

Foucault's Influence on New Historicism

The anti-establishment ethos of New Historicism wasprofoundly influenced by Foucault‘s theories of Power/Knowledge and Discourse. Foucault observed that the discourse of an era brings into being concepts, oppositions and hierarchies, which are products and propagators of power, and these determine what is “knowledge”, “truth” and “normal” at a given time. 168 more words

Literary Theory

Exploring Digital Culture


Affect and Embodiment

Discourse Became Dominant

  • something we have control over


“Objectivity and Representations”

***Feminism… 332 more words

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