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Cissy's Confession: Nescient Discourse

09 February 2016

#CissysConfession: I want to confess that on many days, some more than others, I miss the times of old; when there was no readily available, at the end of your finger tip, right this second, mediums for ignorant members of the human race to voice their opinions in a hundred flavors of stupid; the pre-social media days. 52 more words

The white man's burden - or: the delusions of antifeminism!

Yes, the title of this post is almost certainly controversial! It should be.

I will explain the reason I chose the title towards the end of the post – and respect to you if you can guess it earlier. 2,213 more words


The Internet, Outrage and the Future of Discourse in American Society

I am one to admit that I, like millions of others, go online for my updates on social and political commentary.  Social media, the internet and the larger culture and society the past few years has thrived and grown based on a particular cycle of event-reaction-reconciliation. 830 more words


Day 14: "I feel like I've grown so much today."

Part 2 of the first force problem discussions happened today. The third and final part will happen on Monday.

As always, the second problem was much easier after the first one. 196 more words


Foreign Policy - Refugees Don't Need Your Pity

“Pity is condescension; it reeks of neocolonial paternalism. It denigrates, leaves no room for sympathy. It does not allow you to see that Ibrahima from Gambia has an endearing stutter. 61 more words


How people speak about phenomena reflects how they view the world, how they think realities are shaped, and how (power)relations influence what happens.  Take a word like “respect”, or “no”? 568 more words


Day 13: First Round of Force Problem Discussions

I wrote about this day last trimester, too.

Today’s class was also great. They stayed in the circle for the entire time, and we got through the first two sections of the first problem. 249 more words