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Good Intentions: The Eye of The Beholder

Many times, we start things with the best intentions. We want to help others. We want to provide for our families. We want to have a little fun. 695 more words

The Journey

The rules of IMPACT


If no one hears you speak, your speech has no impact

If no one listens to you speak, your speech has no impact.

If the teacher listens to you speak and nods and enjoys himself, your speech has no impact because your teacher has already studied the topic more closely than your classmates and your classmates weren’t listening when you spoke. 210 more words


Right to be wrong

Why aren’t we leaving space in modern discourse to be wrong?

It’s probably almost impossible to be social media user in 2018 and not come across heated exchanges on a fairly regular basis. 1,231 more words

How Thersites Makes The Beautiful Body and The Beautiful Mind

Iliad 2.211-224

“The rest of them were sitting, and they had taken their seats.
Only Thersites, a man of measureless speech, was still declaring–
A man who knew many disordered things in his thoughts and who… 1,072 more words


Would equality really work? Do human crowds act intelligently?

Wolfgang Teubert, Emeritus Professor in the English Language and Applied Linguistics department at the University of Birmingham, has kindly sent us part of his reflections on economic (in)equality in society. 66 more words

Economic Inequality


I looked up “impactful”. Turns out it’s a real word after all. I looked it up because I’m going to characterize class participation in terms of impact. 813 more words