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A Discourse

I am looking for some answers. I was hoping if you could help me.

Look within and around you, there are answers everywhere. Signs for everyone to understand. 1,578 more words


Random Theory

​ If we could, would we really want those we care about to care about the things we care about quite as much as we do, in the same ways we do? 49 more words

'As it's called in the Trade' - more generous help to the research project

Thanks again to the vast number of interested, and interesting, individuals who follow the Antique Dealer research project we continue to build an archive of the Cultural History of the Antique Trade.  823 more words


Usually the question “Are you talking to me?” is confrontational, but in asking it this morning I mean it. Like I have done the past several years, I am again reading the book of Proverbs during the month of January. 437 more words

Where We Go From Here

The world seems to weigh a lot more lately. Stuck with the gravity of the situation, the rock of history, and the hard place of the coming few years, I can’t help but feel greater responsibility and greater urgency both. 639 more words


What happened when I talked to a stranger about America

Last week, President Obama called upon everyday citizens to take a larger role in our democracy. As he so often did throughout his presidency, Obama again chose the long view. 830 more words

Common Wealth

Why Fight for Your Position?

How arguing for man-made climate change showed me the importance of discourse.

With the family away over Christmas and New Year’s, I took the time to engage in debate more fully than I usually would on social media. 823 more words

Climate Change