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Why I Stopped Engaging the Comboxes on My Miscarriage Pieces

I survived my first major secular publication, and I mean, literally survived. I knew sharing my miscarriage experiences and framing it within the abortion war raging in our culture would unleash fury. 1,258 more words

Critique of the Social Justice Discourse

Funny that the only sustainable critique of “social justice discourse” comes from the but more radical social justice champions. I see two reasons: first, they are infinitely better educated than their opponents, and the second, that’s how things work, apparently. 24 more words


Always Listening

I started this blog in 2012, not entirely sure what purpose it would serve or from where I’d draw inspiration, amid such a broad spectrum of ideologies, methodologies, experiences, observations, and inner dialogue. 665 more words


The boys club, or: How women have been, and still are, kept out of history

As I am writing this, I have just finished my first day at a seminar abroad, and I must say, the seminar started off on a frustrating and infuriating note for me. 821 more words


Where are the Western Religions West of?

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – the typical subjects of “western” world religions courses – originate geographically in south-western Asia, more or less. That’s considerably “east” of, say, Louisville, Kentucky if one were to, for instance, “travel to the Holy Land.” Where are they west of that makes them “western”? 36 more words


Always the good guy

There is a video making its way through the technosphere and, after two months of relative stagnation, its views have recently skyrocketed to 82 million. Many of you know of that which I speak: a brunette, black-clad woman with bangs sitting in a chair, talking about her experience as a covert officer in the CIA. 424 more words