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The Importance of Discourse

Moral principles require reasoning and discourse to discover the certainty of their truths; they lie not open as natural characters engraved on the mind.

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Research? I'm just a blogger.

It’s been a busy few weeks for me with work stuff, so it’s taken me longer to write this post than I’d hoped.

In recent weeks, the ResearchED conferences have come under some scrutiny, with critiques and accusations ranging from the reasonable to the bizarre. 1,416 more words


The Three Rings Of Power

The First Ring Of Power (Separativeness)

  • Goddess Jezebel / Himiko. Black Magic. Domination. Power-Over. Beast Instinct. Malice & Cruelty. Fission. Lust. Carnality. Control. Seduction. Manipulation. Chaos.
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Fight Fair: 5 Principles to Better Arguments

It’s no surprise to anyone who ingests any form of media that society is becoming more polarized and less civil. Social media provides a voice for many who previously were limited by time and space to broadcast their ideas nationally and internationally. 1,059 more words


“So, Just How Screwed Are We?” Part 2: Stop Talking About the Weather

It’s not often that an acquaintance of mine appears on national television—on a political talk show, no less. So, like everyone else at UChicago, I tuned in last quarter when one of our own, fourth-year Jake Bittle, was invited to appear on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to debate a column he wrote for the school newspaper titled “Shut Down the Institute of Politics.” 1,618 more words

Civil Society


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Strong leaders are key figures of any organisation. Regardless of holding actual power, or merely projecting it, the head of a company, a religious organisation, or a country embodies the entity´s vision of itself and of its future. 841 more words

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