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‘Potatoes’- A discourse after Roland Barthe’s Mythologies

Potatoes or ‘Aloo’ is the heart of the Bengali cuisine. Apart from the usual rice or ‘Bhaat’, aloo is taken as a staple food in Bengal and in the north eastern states of India where Bengalis usually reside. 489 more words

Bengali Culture

I Don't Recognize It...

Like many, my life changed significantly on November 8, 2016.  Also like many, I went to bed that night with a sinking feeling in my stomach – the aftereffect of an election result I never saw coming.  858 more words


What colleges and universities DON'T owe would-be speakers

I’m one of those weirdoes who thinks that, once invited by a Berkeley student group in good standing, Ann Coulter should have been allowed to speak at Berkeley, or at least given the same consideration and attempts at accommodation as anyone else so situated. 1,504 more words

I Want My Country Back.

Censorship in Art

Should art be censored? If so, who has the ultimate say in what is censored and what is not in art?


To Kill A Mockingbird

After having read To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, what does the mockingbird symbolize?

Throughout the book, different flower types are brought up, what do those symbolize?


Ethics Of Animal Testing

Discuss the ethics of animal testing.

What could humankind gain from animal testing? What is bad about animal testing? Is it right to subject animals to any kind of testing? 17 more words


What does math do?

How does math help us outside of a classroom setting? In what ways is it applied to the real world?

Have you ever needed to use math in the real world? 7 more words