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Accessible Conversations: Part I

“where do we draw the line between accessibility + necessary usage of specialized terms in order to converse about concepts and ideas that are abstract?” 455 more words


My Brother and Me

It is an angry time and anger is my signature vice, according to the enneagram, and, maybe everyone, so I’m kind of in Anger TAG. Nbd. 1,355 more words


A beginner's guide: How to customize your new Discourse forum with CSS (Part 2)

Here’s a link to our forums if you would like to see or experience the live version.

Items in Common -> CSS: 389 more words



Two weeks back

I saw an animal

His fragments lay scattered

On the empty road on my way to work

I imagined his passing a thousand times, 222 more words

Random Theory

Is The Purge an example of the Bakhtinian carnivalesque?

Sorta Academic Stuff

Trigger Warning

Political discourse in the age of social media has descended into, essentially, being mostly name-calling. One particular favourite, often used to describe the young and the Left, is “snowflake”. 397 more words