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Assertion on Colloquial Terms for Vagina

*I must warn this article is raunchy but nevertheless of the utmost importance.

Today, a friend and I were having a conversation that seemed to whirl around and down to the Duchess of Cambridge, for lack of a better term. 389 more words

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Day 9: Rules for the Direction of the Unbalanced Force

The set of problems today asked students to draw multiple representations based on given velocity-time graphs, but also to say whether the forces were balanced, unbalanced in the positive direction, or unbalanced in the negative direction. 276 more words


Day 7: Volume in mL and cubic cm

One of my Chem 9 sections needed to finish whiteboarding the final bit of the Mass & Change, so this morning started with the 9th grade’s best whiteboarding session so far. 434 more words


Participate In Emergence Of Leaders, Ukah Urges Private Sector

Nigeria (Blank NEWS Online) –

Nigeria as a nation is still where it is today because the private sector has refused to take part in the emergence of leaders at all levels. 641 more words

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Shrine Wars Strategy: Suffocating them softly

Discourse on Shrine wars with 2 players

Strategy to win a 2 player Shrine War

The strategy is based on letting the opponent ‘suffocate’ with the cards. 2,040 more words


Let your discourse with men of business be short and comprehensive.


Day #261: Some Musings on Discourse

Last week was a long one.

Odd, seeing as I’ve been saying to anyone that will listen just how quickly the month of September seems to be flying by.   607 more words

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