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Attitudes And Behaviours

Attitudes & Behaviours come under the Role of Media part of the course (Q2 in the exam). It is the area that considers some of the arguments surrounding whether, and to what extent, the media influence our attitudes and subsequent behaviour. 242 more words


Poet's Discourse 

I’m a poet, or

little more than a



I think language

informs our thoughts.

All sorts of things

create discourse.

So I’ll speak… 21 more words


What Prince Charles gets wrong – and right – about climate change and conflict in Syria

Is Prince Charles right to connect climate change to Syrian conflict and terrorism? Yes and No.

In an interview with Sky News, recorded before the Paris terror attacks, Prince Charles suggested there was a direct link between climate change, the Syrian conflict and, ultimately, terrorism. 870 more words

Political Economy

Discourse in blogs

I recently read ‘An Introduction to Discourse Analysis: Theory and Method’ (Gee, 2014), seeking a more thorough understanding of the principles and practice of discourse analysis (DA). 1,002 more words


#16 Do indie games need an indie translator?

It’s time for another theoretical entry regarding translation and the notion of translator. This time, we’ll try to describe an ‘indie translator’. But what does it mean precisely?  1,023 more words


Reappropriating Terror

In recent years, various movements have used social media and activism to create a positive space for terms and symbols that were formerly insulting or derogatory. 578 more words


Oral Histories of Ethnicity and Race

by Richard Griner

According to History Matters, oral history is “used to refer to formal, rehearsed accounts of the past presented by culturally sanctioned tradition-bearers; to informal conversations about ‘the old days’ among family members, neighbors, or coworkers; to printed compilations of stories told about past times and present experiences; and to recorded interviews with individuals deemed to have an important story to tell.” With all the technological advances we have seen in the last 10 years, new tools have emerged to record oral history to allow quiet voices be heard. 850 more words

Oral History