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used to designate a particular community or group of people as something “different” or “less than” what is considered to be socially and legally acceptable for citizenship. 166 more words


Taking the Structural View

The idea of structural oppression isn’t exactly new, but within the past twenty or so years, it’s come in vogue. More recently, the idea of structural racism has truly taken off, even among mainstream liberals. 576 more words


Conversation of an MTU Hunter

In my previous post, I talked about how I ended up in a system called Ahmak, and the lengths I went to in order to pop the single MTU I had found there. 1,232 more words

Eve Online

The ‘common sense’ world of child protection


My mother looked perplexed when I said I wasn’t studying because I wanted to get rich, this was something she didn’t understand, for her, increasing wealth is a key driver. 575 more words


the ability for speech to be used not only to communicate but to fulfill an action and grant a binding power from that action.

An example of performative speech is the act of a couple saying “I do” at their wedding. 11 more words



written or spoken communication in the form of words, ideas, and/or concepts that shape who we are and our identities.

Social construction happens through discourse. Discourse shapes our actions and desires.We cannot escape discourse, we are born into it. 22 more words