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‘New System’ Priorities: Diversity or Unified Vision?

A Fog Island Tavern Discussion

– Hey Bog-Hubert – got over your post-election excitement yet?
– Not exactly, Vodçek.
– Not exactly – what does that mean, exactly? 6,798 more words

Public Policy Discourse

You are unique.. Just be yourself!

Today I have added a new category to this blog – “Irrepressible Osho”. I want to share snippets from Osho’s books, which are largely a collection of his discourses. 592 more words


Rawls and public reason X

Certainly, the idea of public reason presupposes that there exists a nonpublic reason from which it is to be set apart. What enables Rawls to distinguish public from nonpublic reasons? 1,057 more words


On the Truth

A boy drinks a glass of water in a fancy shmancy restaurant, he sets it down and drinks again. He realizes that there is no water left. 104 more words

What Happened to the Discourse?

My friend and I would sit in coffee shops

that stay open real late.

Are we busy?

Are we free?

We split a cup of tea and slice of cake… 124 more words

Anime Critics Need to Improve

Anime Critics Need to Improve

Western anime critics—particularly those featured on Crunchyroll and YouTuube—are now in a position of unchecked power over public opinion. While this is beneficial to the community at large by allowing a rapid dispersion of important or interesting info or criticisms, it is also a weapon prone to misfiring. 1,862 more words


Rawls and public reason IX

What accounts for the moral quality of that consensus and wherefore the ethical value of public reason?

That Rawls is sensitive to these questions comes out in passages like the one below wherein political liberalism, with the corresponding duty of public reason, is seen to promote both rights and values: 818 more words