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Propaganda and Patriarchy

A few weeks ago I was stirred by the following image, which has been doing the rounds on Facebook:

For some audiences the message presented by the above image will strike a chord. 1,999 more words

[ARTICLES] "Subjunctive and Interpassive" and "Presence"

Presence, or the sense of being-there and being-with in the new media society

Open access @First Monday.

This essay argues that the ways in which we come to feel connectivity and intimacy are often inconsistent with and irreducible to traditional markers like physical proximity, the human face or the synchronicity of message transmission. 305 more words

The Terror of Responsibility: Are Terrorists Criminals?

Another attack, another cycle of media commentary, accusations, counter-claims, condemnations and confusion. While it has almost become a repetitive ritual to many of us, it is the way that we respond in the aftermath of terror or Muslim violence and the unforeseen consequences of those responses that bear examination. 2,010 more words


In search of self I

In a few words, this project might be summarized as a question of making it explicit, as per the title of Robert Brandom’s famous work. But just what do we propose to go about making explicit? 372 more words


“Be sober, be watchful”: Activism and Public Discourse

It’s that time again, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. In the US, we are approaching a presidential election year. Already, our public discourse is being filled with trending topics, provocative headlines, and, per usual, hare-brained assertions that would make a fact-checker weep. 1,291 more words


Untangling myths around bodies and social violence.

At UCT, I learned to explore social injustice by looking at the myths people create around issues such as race, gender, class, sexuality, physical disability or any other aspect of identity, and work towards completing the complexity of what it means to be a person.   748 more words

Nicci Attfield

On the Form and Function of Open Letters

(I’m not sure which blog exactly is the best fit for this, but in keeping with the tradition that ‘this shall be the blog for things that don’t neatly fit’, I’m leaving this here. 874 more words