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Banking to Revolution: The Story of Insurrection

I remember it like it was only yesterday.

I was working in the back of Belk’s Department Store, when I receive a phone call. I answered. 502 more words


Fr. 665

As it stands, good references to identity will still have a considerable, perhaps even indispensable, role to play in constructive discourse. If these references demonstrate a willingness to engage with interlocutors and, more importantly, prime the discussion for further reason-giving on the basis of new information made available via the reference to identity, identity stands as one of discourse’s most important components. 754 more words


Post#2--The Still-Unbuilt Hacienda

While, as composition instructors, we don’t often consider the effect of physical design of our classroom, Sirc uses it as an avenue to explore, and even, at times, criticize, the place of traditional conventions in the discourse of academia. 73 more words

On the Crisis of Reproducibility in Psychology

As we might expect, most results in psychology are not reproducible. As the authors who obtained these results say, ‘reproducibility is a defining feature of science’. 386 more words


Week 3, Saturday: On Questioning

I started digging in today into what I’ve found to be a very interesting volume, Questions and Information Systems (1992). (It was somewhat quaint to hear references to ARPANET.) 534 more words


TW: Intellectual Discourse

Original post here.
There’s a special skill involved in academic discourse. To grow from intellectual discussion requires all involved parties to suspend judgment, to maintain open minds, to search for the value in every perspective… 273 more words

For Students

Speaking With Certainty

A while back, after my propertarian piece (which isn’t much at all about property), someone challenged me to write a follow-up piece on ancient religious views on property, making sure to account for slavery. 928 more words