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Okowa: Listening Governor Leading Focused, Process-Driven, People Oriented Govt - Uzum

Nigeria (Blank NEWS Online) –

The Executive Assistant, Directorate of Orientation, Delta State, Barrister Eugene Azuka Uzum has described the senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa-led governmet as a focused, process-driven and people-oriented government irrevocably committed to listening to the voice of Deltans to positively advance their course. 510 more words


Brand Journalism: The Conflict of Advertising

Journalism and the conflict of advertising

    With the ever present nature of business and how it just keeps booming, it’s no surprise that it’s reaching into many different things. 1,491 more words

Goodnight Mommy: A tale of grief

When a movie boasts the scariest trailer of all time, you can’t let it go unwatched. Especially when, like me, you’re a self-confessed horror-movie lover, a trait that I’ve not been surprised to find is actually quite rare among the general population. 1,103 more words


Random Theory

Pilcher could have made Wayward Pines into a Hegelian utopia of mutual, face-to-face recognition and valuation if only he’d had better PR and solid personnel and materials managers. 20 more words

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Compounding the Binary: Sex as a Social Construct

In this socially liberated day and age, it is a fairly commonly held belief that gender and sex are not the same thing. Feminist theorists, such as Deborah Cameron, may define sex as a biological phenomenon while gender is a social phenomenon. 1,445 more words


It's Not "Ad Hominem" If They're Just Calling You An Asshole

Internet commenters, a little more precision, if you please: An insult isn’t inherently “ad hominem.” That particular fallacy only occurs when an attack on an individual is used  166 more words