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The Perfect Time Signature for Practicing Music

A unique challenge to musicians everywhere is how to set up their metronome for practice. The idea of marking time so that your bodily movements can adjust to them is, indeed, something interesting to think about. 495 more words

Liberal Youth’s problem with Racism and Sexism; or Liberalism as White hegemony.

I write this in part as a response to something that was posted in the Liberal Youth Facebook page which inflamed much debate. It concerned Jeremy Corbyn – the Labour leadership candidate – and his desire to have 50% of the House of Commons be women. 445 more words

The Welfare State: New Conceptualisations

The Welfare State. Whoever’s portrayal of history you take wisdom from, it was either Winston Churchill in the 1930s, William Beveridge in the 1940s, or Clement Atlee at the end of the decade that can claim credit for the beginnings of what is today known as The Welfare State. 739 more words


Day 7: Monday July 27th: Sex, Sexuality and The Charmed Circle!

Welcome to the week 3!! By Friday you will have (believe it or not) completed almost half of the course!!

Now that we’ve taken some time to explore what… 1,169 more words

What Is This?

Don't Think, Just Talk

There’s no time for mental stagnation like the post-grad summer low. These days I’ve been at such a loss for words, order, the slimmest tendril of a fresh idea that I pass my diploma — newly hanging by my bedroom door in an embossed, lacquered frame — with almost-shame. 385 more words

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Foucault & The Would-Be Drunk Drivers

This is a slightly modified version of a short essay I wrote for a class: Marxist and Post Marxist Approaches to Cultural Studies. This blogpost is cross-posted on my… 1,575 more words