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The Making of "Stonebrood," Part 3

Note: This is the last of three posts in which I discuss how I conceived and wrote my novelette “Stonebrood,” the lead story in the October issue of… 1,092 more words


The Making of "Stonebrood," Part 1

Note: For the next three days, I’ll discussing how I conceived and wrote my novelette “Stonebrood,” the lead story in the October issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact… 1,169 more words


Did We All Used To Have Synesthesia?

Imagine seeing colors fly out of someone’s mouth as they sing or speak. Imagine ribbons and double-helixes of silver and gold shoot from the end of a trumpet. 190 more words


Bats can Focus Biosonar by Stretching Mouths

While in Cockpit Country for our first expedition to Jamaica looking for the Golden Swallow, John, Justin and I watched in awe as hundreds and hundreds of bats flowed out of a cave and flew in a distinct path right by us over the course of half an hour. 369 more words


Discover Magazine needs to rediscover facts on vaccines

When Discover Magazine was launched by Time in 1980, graced by columnists such as Stephen Jay Gould, it was a marvel to behold. That era of excellence in its illumination of science is no more. 383 more words

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Paranormal and the thinking mind

Wonder why we are so fascinated with the paranormal. I think that it is an innate fear of the unknown and death. I can picture early man when confronted with the unexplained sudden death of someone they cared about blaming the forces of nature. 462 more words

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