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My top 3 favorite blogs right now

In this age of information overload, only the best websites and blogs emerge. Below the three that have emerged as my current favorites.

Ari’s Take – … 153 more words


Disabled musicians make music using their brains

Technology is amazing. Sometimes I forget it does more than blogs, social media, and addicting video games.

In this case, it helps disabled musicians make music again, this time using brain-computer interfaces. 46 more words


The Spinosaurus saga continues..

Spinosaurus is without a doubt one of the most iconic and badass dinosaurs that ever roamed the planet. It’s research history, however, has been complicated to see the least. 156 more words


Sad music warms the musician's heart

Finally, an explanation for why my full-length album is so depressing. It’s because I subconsciously knew it would make me and everyone else feel better. 160 more words


The Year in Review

I love year in review magazines. My favorite is Discover’s top 100 science stories. And yes, Pluto was number one. After all, we took high res color photos from…you know…Pluto. 583 more words