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Discover Tuesdays: NATIONAL GALLERY 3/3

Jack Toye, marketing manager at Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge, anticipates this week’s Discover Tuesdays presentation of Frederick Wiseman’s NATIONAL GALLERY.

Frederick Wiseman’s latest documentary clocks in at a cool 181 minutes. 350 more words


Discover Tuesdays: BONOBO 24/2

Emma Ayris-Rogers, Marketing Intern at City Screen, York, dons the pith helmet to explore this week’s Discover Tuesdays film, and interviews the director.

Co-written by Matthew Hammett Knott and Joanna Benecke, … 521 more words


Discover Tuesdays: LOVE IS ALL 17/2

Frances Taylor, office manager at Picturehouse HQ, looks forward to today’s Discover Tuesdays presentation of romantic documentary LOVE IS ALL: 100 YEARS OF LOVE AND COURTSHIP… 281 more words


Discover Tuesdays: THE SKELETON TWINS 10/2

Lindsay Harvey, Marketing Administrator at Picturehouse, looks forward to tomorrow’s Discover Tuesdays presentation of comedy-drama THE SKELETON TWINS

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader put the natural rapport born of their long-term Saturday Night Live relationship to good use in this darkly funny little film, which garnered much well-deserved praise at Sundance, deftly gliding between drama and comedy. 380 more words


Discover Tuesdays: MERCHANTS OF DOUBT 3/2

Paul Ridd, London Cinemas and Acquisitions Coordinator at Picturehouse, takes a look at today’s Discover Tuesdays presentation of MERCHANTS OF DOUBT 

Robert Kenner’s gripping, nightmarish follow-up to his acclaimed 2008 environmental documentary FOOD, INC. 398 more words

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Set Fire to the Stars: Dylan Thomas in New York

The rather unusual film Set Fire to the Stars is a noteworthy tale about the hard-drinking bohemian (NB: the word “alcoholic” is not used once in the film) poet Dylan Thomas’s campus reading tour of the United States in the 1950s. 323 more words


Discover Tuesdays: BEYOND CLUELESS 27/01

Kiri Inglis, Cinemania Project Co-ordinator and Marketing Officer at Picturehouse HQ, introduces this week’s Discover Tuesdays selection.

Writer and director Charlie Lyne presents BEYOND CLUELESS… 418 more words