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With the Bestfriend at the Buttermilks

Over the past weekend, Kelso came out to the desert from Fresno to spend a few days adventuring. Our homes are technically 99 miles apart, driveway to driveway, but because Tioga Pass was still closed over the weekend, she had to drive all the way to Tehachapi to get over the mountains and then head North again. 479 more words

Eastern Sierras

“Only those who decline to scramble up the career ladder are interesting as human beings. Nothing is more boring than a man with a career.” 83 more words


Into the Abyss

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The Daily Prompt: precipice

She stands alone,

Staring at the swelling seas from tired eyes, long void of feeling.

She wonders if anyone would notice if she jumped into the cold, dark abyss of water that tempts her so. 103 more words

30/365: Naked

I need to learn to live with less.
I look around me and I see things.
Things that I don’t particularly need, but I have and want. 540 more words


How I Found My Way After A Decade of Floating Adrift

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Daily Prompt: adrift

The majority of my twenties was plagued with stress, uncertainty, and a general sense that I was lost at sea, floating adrift into previously uncharted waters. 642 more words

Mario Then and NOW

I remember as a kid learning the patterns of Mario. What happened when and where to complete each level. Things have changed a bit with time. 190 more words