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Jesus didn’t pay the price for the temporal effects of practices of sin, however, our salvation is a guarantee that we aren’t going to face the eternal consequence of sin. 586 more words


Gibberish 'Feet Wet'

Echoing a weightless texture of sound, LA-based duo Gibberish gently tread insecure waters with their latest track “Feet Wet.” Taken from their 2017 album, … 181 more words

Los Angeles

The smile

it warms the coldest heart

gives courage to the weak

summons a spark of love

may be taken as a crazy streak

understood by all, across languages… 6 more words


The Later Life of Captain Knatz: 1668-1680

Saltwater sloshes against hull as a ghost-wind whistles between sail and mast. Boards and ropes creak as the sloop shifts from side to side at a faltering pace. 4,995 more words

Short Story

The Leader In You...

What do we do in a crisis? When things change within a minute….when there is little or no warning? That’s when Leaders jump in. They take control. 271 more words


Write a letter 

Hey guys..
I’m trying something new here..

Every other day I am going to write a letter to someone from the past or some abstract (like love, death, life etc). 67 more words



Why either/or
Why the need
To be so sure
You have your theories, beliefs
I have mine
Sometimes they may intertwine
An open mind

14 December 2017