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“In all the ways you can miss someone it’s the memory that will be there always when they won’t be. Whether it’s a lover, a friend, or family.

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Getting lost in art

The past month was fantastic. It’s crazy how quickly the time passes. We are actually starting our tour in April! Meaning: We still have about a months time to finish and polish our repertoire. 916 more words


Weight Loss: The Movie

Your weight loss journey is an epic story filled with ups (getting closer to goal weight), downs (giving in to chocolate) and plot twists (realising how much you love jogging).   354 more words


July 2012 

Today, I found my journal/diary from high school. As I skimmed through my entries, I realized that I am currently experiencing the same pain I felt 5 years ago. 674 more words


Everest Base Camp 1: Where would you rather be?

In little over a month – I will be leaving my laid back lifestyle on Bondi Beach  to go and hike in the Himalayan mountain range at sub zero temperatures.   426 more words

In my own good time...

How many times in life have friends, family or colleagues tried to get you to do something – whether it’s a new restaurant, TV show or book, or perhaps something health related or ‘for your own good’? 401 more words

The Journey


She said “no” to you? Find love somewhere else. She must not say “yes”. Don’t go about spoiling her name and saying all manner of bad things about her because she declined your marriage or friendship proposal. 377 more words