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The Plan to Unlocking my Adventurer achievement

During my childhood, throughout my teenage life and early years of being an adult I have travelled around the world visiting new lands in luxury hotels and a handful of camping spots however I never have seen  an amazing view of the hills  overlooking the green of England,  hiking up the mountain in Europe camping and going further up to see what it is like living in the clouds.   691 more words


Another girl in the crowd

Days, months and years pass by,
Each day is like a fight..
Still she is trying to find herself,
Still she is trying to search for the light.. 106 more words


Motivation from the Uninspired

What do you do when it seems as though every morsel of inspiration has been slowly drained from your body leaving nothing but exhaustion in its wake? 732 more words

10:16 PM

I still injest all the lies he ever told me.

I still believe all the dreams he sold me.

I rest easy in fantasy

I don’t sense much of reality. 7 more words


Getting to know me...

  1. I love dogs, I have a dog named princess
  2. I have brown hair
  3. I’m majoring in media communications
  4. I am a big baseball fan
  5. I have two siblings one younger brother and one older sister…
  6. 105 more words

Everyday Necessities

Living at home is great while you have it, need something to eat? MOM! Need something washed but don’t want to stay up to wash it? 463 more words