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A Requiem for a Life Spent Together

(Blooming Heart by Meagan Segal, all picture credit to the original artist)

Are you sad dear?

Are you glad dear?

Are you leaving dear?

Tired of grieving dear? 96 more words

All Go, No Show

There are two kinds of people in this world. Some people are “All show and no go” and others are “All go and no show.” From a very young age I was brought up with the ideals that aligned with the mentality of “Function over form.” For example, I do not care if my work boots have scuffs on the toes, because they only needed to cover my feet when I’m working. 3,408 more words

Lose Weight in January 2017

Lose weight in January 2017 for just £39.99.  Get your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight off to a great start by enjoying the wonderful benefits of hypnotherapy. 173 more words


Day 24 - Christmas Nails

It’s been a busy week… 4 exams and 3 tutor meetings later, it’s finally the end of the semester!

Now we can go FULL CHRISTMAS 😍🎄🎅 39 more words


My Travel Dreams| Blogmas Day 10

Hey everyone!

My friend and I were talking about life plans last night; where we want to be, what we want to do, you know? So I started thinking about what exactly it is that I want to do later on in life… kind of a big topic. 232 more words

Unusual getaway

December just walked in and said How You Doin’? Blushed faces all around the world were witnessed.Last month of the year, make it count, hell yeah.. 522 more words


Christmas comes once a Year also in Luxembourg 🇱🇺

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.

This year i visit the christmas market in Luxembourg city. This market is so wonderful to visit because it`s close to famous tourist attractions. 120 more words