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Jardin Majorelle

The Jardin Majorelle is the most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen (well, Yves Saint Laurent bought it in 1980 after Jacques Majorelle created it a few decades earlier, so good taste is reigning here). 21 more words


Sunset in the Medina

Had a walk in the Medina and crossed the Square to have a look at the zouks. It was the end of the day, and we witnessed a really beautiful light caressing the stands of fresh fruits and nuts.


Vibrant Marrakech

I just came back from a long week-end in Marrakech, where the weather was fantastic and the temperature unbelievable (27 degrees instead of our 10 degrees in London). 41 more words


Challenge Accepted

This month is an exciting time of year – it’s Women’s History Month! Women have made some amazing contributions to history, not just in the US, where I live, but all across the world. 466 more words


Summers in Corsica

I have spent all my summers in Corsica ever since I was born, and looking back, it has always been amazing. When thinking about this little beautiful island, I can remember the smell of the maquis, the soft noise of the sea, the whistle of the wind and the sun shining all along. 97 more words


Travel guide / Chile

I recently thought about the fact that my Tu veux Chile book was nowhere to be found on the internet…so what about a digital version of the book? 147 more words


Travel Guide / East London

Here it is! The little guide to my favourite food finds in East London. I had loads of fun putting it all together (own photographs and drawings and small ridiculous text about my fave spots) and I hope you will like it! 132 more words