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Sad Colors of Rain

Yesterday, it rained again. Had to wrap the hood tightly around my head just so that I don’t catch cold. That’s not an elegant way to dress up, but nobody cares about your dress in JNU.  260 more words



Innocence silently watches

The comings and goings of time

Head hung low

Eyes averted

And tongue tied

It makes for a pitiful picture

As we leave its hand… 73 more words



Days roll into nights

Like one endless quagmire

Every moment seems fleeting and ephemeral

Yet time feels to be standing still

Dreams appear no different than waking hours… 61 more words


A taste of Ethiopia

My mother’s first reaction, her eyes lighting up as I introduced her to the injera, was “This is a dosa!”, and then she looked confused. Happy confused, but confused nevertheless. 413 more words


I try not to...

…look at the clock on my mantelpiece when I’m reading, because it has a penchant to tick away faster every time it sees my heart settle between the pages of a book. 163 more words


A coward?

“What am I gonna do now?” was the question he asked himself, gazing at the waves rushing to the shores of Bessy beach on that moonlit night. 1,046 more words



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