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10 stories about Jesus

One of the biggest responsibilities of a disciple maker is to direct people to Bible stories that will help the group being discipled readily discover and respond to God.

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Disciple Making

First Steps???

I continue to worship with Stones River. They also insisted I continue to serve as one of the six shepherds (“elders” sounds old and within our fellowship these groups tend to focus too much on things deacons should do and no one focuses on spiritual leadership, so we decided a name change might remind us and the members of our family that we are attempting to have a different focus). 184 more words


sequence 3.0 group discovery

This is the fourth in a series on the role of sequence in disciple making movements.

The significance of sequence is that each step depends on the previous one and leads to the next: … 229 more words

Strategic Questions

Who Defines the Terms? (contextualization)

I find the use of the word “skeptic” interesting as the starting point. I would hope that the greater detail of the book would detail why this term is used. 195 more words

Discovery Bible Studies


About twenty-five years ago I took a graduate course titled, “Matthew as Story.” Jack Dean Kingsbury’s book by the same title was required reading. This literary (narrative) critical examination of the first gospel launched me on a trajectory that I could little anticipate. 264 more words


Contextualization on Christmas????

Every gospel dialogue is contextualized. The issue is not “if,” but how and by whom. It can be done well or poorly. It can be done intentionally or accidentally. 245 more words

Discovery Bible Studies