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We only had 3 days in Seattle, but we definitely made the most of them. On the morning before we flew out, we set off from our hotel, swung by… 327 more words


Wooden Frame.

When the trail splits above the bluff, take a left. The steps down begin the South Beach trail at Discovery Park, a treasure of forest, fern, shrub and eventually sand. 34 more words


The Lambert Family

I am often struck by how the concept of time seems to elude me. It either passes by way too fast and leaves me in a whirlwind or inches along so slowly I can never believe that it is actually ticking by at all. 173 more words


Life Sciences Industry Liaison Lab

By Simon Harvey, Director of Life Sciences

The 1st of October saw the launch of the Life Sciences Industry Liaison Lab at Discovery Park. I’m really excited about this project, because of what it will mean for students and because we can now talk about something that we’ve been working towards for over a year now. 359 more words


The Metje Family

One of the most wonderful things about photographs are their ability to tell the most spellbinding stories. As I edited each image for this sweet family I was reminded of all the wonderful little moments that had occurred at their session. 491 more words