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Discovery : Zygomaturus Jawbone

Discovery (Post#58) : Zygomaturus Jawbone

Photos of the day are all about fossil of Zygomaturus Jawbone, an extinct large marsupial from Australia. During the visit in Mamoth Cave, we had a chance to see the fossil jawbone that still embedded within the limestone wall that was dated 50,000 years.  39 more words


Age of Discovery

I’ve been away on a trip to the Far East for the past 3.5 weeks, and by gosh I missed a bunch of stuff that happened on STO! 1,226 more words


Movies You Should Watch This Halloween Season

It’s that time of year again where kids trick or treat, teens throw keggers, girls dress up as sexy kittens, sexy ghosts, and sexy babies (unfortunately, this is a thing), and there’s the occasional mental patient on the loose stalking babysitters. 591 more words


Judge Pauley Reminds Lawyers Of Their Duty To Verify Client Representations

Senior SDNY District Court Judge William Pauley recently reminded the Bar of “the importance of verifying a client’s representations.” Lawrence v. City of N.Y. 2,827 more words



It’s that time of year again: Open House Chicago when venues of architectural, historical or cultural significance are all open to the public. My strategy is to pick a few things that are relatively close together and hope things I don’t visit will be on the tour next year. 439 more words

Star Trekkin Sundays - Cosplay Roundup

so hard to find Discovery cosplay right now…

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