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Travel Alone

I think you should travel alone. Maybe not all the time, but at least once in your life. It doesn’t have to be long, maybe just a few days or a week, but I think there is a real benefit in it. 576 more words


Smiles I've Got You

A single act of care brings an endless smiles

Acrylic On Canvas
24 ” X 24″ inches
(Hand Painted)

How do you feel when you get to touch the love of nature? 200 more words

SSMARTChallenge Gallery

My Search for my Ikigai

Photo by Danica Tanjutco on Unsplash

When I was 28 years old, I was working in a fairly straightforward 9-5 job in Mississauga (close to Toronto), Canada, leading a pretty boring life, where days and nights blended into each other. 980 more words

Thoughts On Life & Writing

Gender Reveal

We are two months into our third year of buying chicks online and having them shipped through the mail. This year is the first time we have had reason to question the gender of one of the birds. 360 more words


Job 41 - The DRAGON!

Job 41 – Jehovah Continues Chastizing Job and Boasting

Jehovah brings up the Leviathan (which is different from Tannin, but also means “serpent, sea monster, or dragon”, the sea creature of Genesis,) asking Job if Job is able to control him with a hook. 379 more words


Peppers and peacocks

Peppers and Peacocks… wandering off the beaten path can lead to new discoveries!

— Read on harmonyinitiative.wordpress.com/2019/02/04/peppers-and-peacocks/