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Disorder Discovery

I swear I have Mesophonia or Sensory Processing Disorder.

I have noticed lately that I become very irritated when I’m around certain people while they eat. 263 more words


My Time; My Place

Note: I just caught up on my journaling and now, for all of you, I will, once again, be one day behind.

When I said that I would not be posting biweekly… I may have to change that because so much happens everyday that I may have to change it to weekly. 2,382 more words


Grace in the dark place

Jacob Michael Fekete would have been 25 on March 3rd but instead he is forever 22. On March 26th we will have completed our third cycle around the sun without our son. 713 more words


Zelandia: The Newest member To The Continental Family. High-school Geography Updated.

The time to modify our high-school geography syllabus is here. We were all taught that there are seven continents on the Earth’s surface: Asia, North America, South America, Antarctica, Africa, Europe and, Australia. 501 more words


Ask and You Shall Receive; Thoughts on Loneliness and Love

I have learned some lessons in Alabama. I knew I would go through hard times on the road by myself, and like all trying times, you come out the other end all the wiser. 892 more words


Anxiety is my Blessing

Anxiety.  The only way I know how to describe it is that it’s like a gnat that swarms your face with that loud buzzing occasionally bumping into you.  779 more words