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Daily Q&A

Before the new year I had a plan to answer a daily question from a Q&A a Day journal. A gift I received from my step-mom four years ago,  I’ve been writing sporadically in it these past few years, but never daily. 258 more words


Back in the slow lane

When I first left Melbourne to live in another country, something that struck me was the slowness of my new life. When you live in a 24 hour city, you don’t really notice how fast your life is, because it’s the norm. 804 more words

The Daily Muse

Trial & error = discovery

One of the best unconventional marketing approach is the trial & error equal discovery.

I love this approach that a professor of mine taught me at university. 46 more words

Social Media

What Do You Imagine for Your Life?

This past Sunday I visited the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington. It’s certainly one of the PNW’s “must see” destinations. It is intriguing and beautiful and I left feeling inspired. 277 more words


The Call.

If you’re just joining us, then you’ve got some catching up to do. Please read my previous posts about how I made the decision to start the search for my biological parents before you read this one, because *spoiler alert* there’s been some developments – shout out to Lexi from Christian Family Care. 769 more words


Grey Area

Too young to understand, too old not to know better

We all reach this age where parents start tossing around words like “responsibilities” and “self-reliance”. We get to that point where we hear “the world is a crazy, unforgiving place” so often it’s like a greeting.

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Asked And Answered

Recovering Me

Mom-ing is hard business. We all know this. All moms have their own challenges, be she a SAHM or a working-outside-the-home mom. It’s all hard. My own challenge to this SAHM gig is that while it might SEEM to be the life of leisure, most days I feel like a trapped animal. 942 more words