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Extended Reality (XR): Technology Evolution to the End of Distance

Immersive experiences are changing the way people connect with information, experiences, and each other. Via virtual and augmented reality, extended reality is the first technology to relocate people in time and space and it’s… 11 more words



“There were bells on a hill,

But I never heard them ringing

No, I have never heard them at all

Till there was you .. ” – The Beatles


Aboriginal Art

Two examples of Aboriginal Art that I have come across that would be good for teachers to get some cultural perspective of what Aboriginal history is all about.  561 more words


Older male spiders shudder longer in face of cannibal females

New research has revealed that the mating behaviour of the St Andrew’s cross spider changes with age, with older males investing more time in courtship, possibly to avoid cannibalisation by more aggressive females. 540 more words


Trauma is the case that they gave me

So my past is my past and I’ve had and caused some trauma…

I’ve got regrets and guilt and shame and cringe-worthy things that crop up on the regular… the things I directly did to others… varying levels of bad/wrong/whatever… I don’t know if I have an excuse for them… for the way I acted… but I’m faced with them coming alive and trying to get something from me… 295 more words


A Day Well Spent (#150)

After more than 25,000 steps with my friend Stenie we navigated our way from Brixton to London and had ourselves a fantastic day. We caught up, laughed, enjoyed the sun and did the most American thing ever by getting fish and chips by the London eye. 266 more words