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Skinny Jeans and Nakedness

Oh how things change.

One of the biggest things I’m finding lately is that you can know yourself, you can have goals, you can have a plan and then….eventually fate takes over. 834 more words


We are out here in this world exposed and vulnerable. The wind that blows this Sacramento chill rocks our bodies into a hypnotic daze; swaying, pushed, pulled. 231 more words


What they ask, what they want

One of the saddest things I have heard/experienced in my years working in software is when a software team gets an RFP (i.e., request for proposals) from a client that asks for a specific project developed with a certain set of features. 851 more words

Design Influence

Obliterate Silly Mistakes and Finish On Time

You know that feeling when you’ve studied as much as you possibly can but still make silly mistakes?

What about the feeling when your teacher/stopwatch says there’s only 5 minutes left and you’re only about 70% through the paper? 870 more words

Iron Bark Track: The Bit in the Middle

I left the bit in the middle out of the previous two views as it is the most fascinating. The sandstone/limestone cliffs are crumbling through erosion, wind and sea. 57 more words


Embrace Us

I’d heard this one before. Several times, in fact, and so had the rest of my fellow acolytes who were fanned out around the oversized oak table in the dusky Irish tavern we frequented almost daily back then. 1,775 more words


Scientists name new ants after dragons on Game of Thrones

Two new ant speciesdiscovered in New Guinea have been named after two of Daenerys Targaryan’s dragons.

Traditionally, scientists use weird (often boring) Latin words for new species. 44 more words