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LUBP is a discredit site none visits now

Last 6 months visitor statistics on LUBP website
  • LUBP now gets only 35,000 visits a month, including real users, bots and crawlers.
  • Real users are normally 50% of total value so LUBP monthly viewership is 17,000.
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Perhaps it's time to stop using the Hastert Rule

Now that former Speaker of the House Hastert has been indicted for multiple counts of fraud, perhaps it is time for the Speaker of the House to stop invoking the Hastert Rule. 93 more words

All we are not stares back at what we are

Everyone who was born after 1980 grew up with easy access to pornographic videos. Many children see explicit videos at a young age. Clark interviews people between the ages of 19 and 23 and asks how seeing pornography at such a young age shaped how they think about sex.  watch


US in Tough Contest for Human Rights Council Seat | Redux

US in Tough Contest for Human Rights Council Seat

James B. Hunter Human Rights Award Ceremony by cliff1066™
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When is it that a person stops being an scientist?
Is it when a person keeps on believing in discredited things?