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Game over for 'discredited' Catalan referendum, Spanish officials say

MADRID/BARCELONA (Reuters) – Spanish authorities have done enough to discredit and prevent a planned referendum this Sunday on independence in Catalonia, two senior government officials told Reuters on Monday, though they may now let a secession “party” happen.

Fake News: AP stringer who snuck into an event featuring Kellyanne Conway really a far-Left activist who filed a false report

(National SentinelMedia: The putrid Alt-Left, which has found a home in the Democratic Party (and the media), continues to suffer mightily from Trump Derangement Syndrome, literally manufacturing “news” in order to attack the administration. 344 more words


Incredible US EU ambassador?

While the Dumb Deal is whining on twitter because one of his kids got “badly treated”, another case of “alternative facts” surfaced. 343 more words


Boiler Room EP #84 – The Discredited Media Strikes Back

Join ACR hosts Hesher and Spore along with Jay Dyer, Andy Nowicki and Daniel Spaulding of Soul of the East for the 84th episode of BOILER ROOM. 53 more words