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DEEP STATE: Rep. Jordan says FBI paid for, then based its Team Trump probe on BOGUS 'dossier' (Video)

(National SentinelCorruption: A top Republican lawmaker says he believes that the FBI not only paid for the now-discredited “dossier” on President Donald J. 532 more words

A Red Herring Twist in the Russia Story

One of the recent revelations about the “Russia” thing is that the Democratic National Committee helped pay for the now famous dossier compiled by a former British intelligence agent that alleged President Donald Trump had fishy financial dealings with the Russian government and even fishier dealings with certain other Russians. 769 more words


Game over for 'discredited' Catalan referendum, Spanish officials say

MADRID/BARCELONA (Reuters) – Spanish authorities have done enough to discredit and prevent a planned referendum this Sunday on independence in Catalonia, two senior government officials told Reuters on Monday, though they may now let a secession “party” happen.

Fake News: AP stringer who snuck into an event featuring Kellyanne Conway really a far-Left activist who filed a false report

(National SentinelMedia: The putrid Alt-Left, which has found a home in the Democratic Party (and the media), continues to suffer mightily from Trump Derangement Syndrome, literally manufacturing “news” in order to attack the administration. 344 more words