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Tears From Many Colors

Rivers of tears, flowing everywhere, every drop designated a reason. Tears from many colors, no discriminating here, joy and pain hanging on to every last drop… We’re humans, one people, multiple colors ascribed on our backs. 170 more words

Is Fake News turning Humanity into Canis lupus familiaris?

Everyone has encountered some type of fake news in their lifetime.  Hunt Allcott (Associate Professor of Economics at NYU) and Matthew Gentzkow (Professor of Economics at Stanford University) define fake news as… 554 more words


Blog Snobbery

Sandi over at Flip Flops Every Day wrote a post yesterday called Snobs in which she discussed, among other things, blog snobbery. I had not really given the notion of blog snobbery much thought until I read her post. 315 more words


It can make or break a person. 

What is freedom of speech?  I think the Universal Understanding of these words are “freedom of opinion and expression”. You are free to think what you like and express your thoughts. 164 more words

Social Campaign

Controlled by Religion

Religion:Selected by birth, which one  you have to follow your whole life. Carved by priests, pastors, parents and others into what you are or what u follow right now.Due to which people  coverts to other religion and some who became atheist. 293 more words