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Inner beauty?

How often are you impartial and unbiased ?

How much do you rate yourself as a person who discriminates ?
No chance ! Never !! Is that what your head just said ? 213 more words


Identity: the phenomenon

There is a study conducted by psychologist Henri Tajfel in which he showed how boys from the same school would, when randomly placed into groups, discriminate against the boys in the “out-group” and favor those in the “in-group” because they believed there was a reason for the separation. 164 more words



Discrimination has been in the news a lot nowadays, especially with the Trump administrations view on Muslims from certain countries and the Mexican-American border. Recently, I experienced discrimination due to my use of a guide dog and hit me harder and in different ways than before, and I think a large part of that is because of all the discrimination happening in this world nowadays. 675 more words

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Make America Great!

While it would be premature to judge a president who is less than 60 days in office there are some distinct watermarks to observe at this point. 387 more words


Asiatic City 'Skin

Age 21

A dysfunctional family.
Results of a Korean tragedy.
An Irish-German catastrophe
A lost Indian.
Acting like an Idiot.
All produces an Asiatic City ‘Skin


Howe Indian!

Age 21 – based on some true events except for how I responded to the questions. It’s a way of me going back to when people asked me these questions and how I wish I would’ve responded. 250 more words


An Open Letter To Those Who Think Discrimination Is OK

This post is atypical in subject, lack of pictures, and theme from what I normally write about, but I feel the need to write it, so I did. 295 more words