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Gender equality?

I knew it would happen. I was waiting for it to happen. Sooner
or later it would happen to me. I just wasn’t expecting it to… 1,244 more words

The fight goes on against HIV

The progress made in the treatment of HIV infection in recent years cannot be overstated. What was once a death sentence is now treatable. A HIV patient beginning treatment today can hope to have to a normal life expectancy, albeit one dependent on continuous medical treatment. 706 more words

Racial biases in insurance market

How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance: Be White

As something that tens of millions of American driver are required by law to pay for every month, auto insurance is one thing that most people believe should be priced fairly. 55 more words

Behavioral Economics

I guess I am a bigot

I do not care what skin colour you are, your sexual orientation or gender. I’ll love you all the same. But if you believe stupid shit and try to influence others, I’m going to argue against you. 68 more words


Part 2: Stigma, marginalization, and discrimination

This is part two of a three-part series concerning the impact of the war on drugs. Part one can be read here.

The war on drugs has fueled the stigmatization and discrimination of a range of groups including men, women, children, ethnic minorities, people living in poverty, people who consume drugs, and people who produce or supply drugs. 983 more words


I'm Not Paranoid. Open Your Eyes.

What does Rape Mean to a Cop?

And the Inhuman Award of the Day goes to . . .

Ryan Coleman-Farrow

This creep “faked police reports… 346 more words


The Employment Act, 2007

We’re embarking on a series of discussions revolving around the Employment Act.

General introduction 

The Act was passed on 22nd October, 2007 and it came into force on 2nd June, 2008. 286 more words