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U.S. Supreme Court Addresses Statute of Limitations in Constructive Discharge Case

By Courtney Ross Samford

On May 23, 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the limitations period for a constructive discharge claim under Title VII runs from the date the employee gives notice of his resignation, as opposed to the employer’s alleged discriminatory behavior, in… 499 more words

Employment Law

Panda's thoughts on discrimination

I know everyone is sick of hearing about discrimination, it’s starting to become like vampire or zombie movies, it’s everywhere and it seems like we will never be able to escape this endless cycle of hate and violence. 407 more words


Mark Maloney can't be MOVED....

BARBADOS (Naked Departure)  Barbadians, why should you respect the power structure in Barbados?  Why should you follow the law when the minority white man don’t?  And when Town & Country Planning come to tear down your illegal structures, what should stop you from stopping them? 158 more words


Golf club that won't let women in costs Scotland £100m 

Commenting on the news that Muirfield, the Scottish golf club that won’t let women join, has been stopped from hosting the sport’s open championship, Dr Lesley Sawers, Scotland’s Equality and Human Right Commissioner, said: “Muirfield’s decision not to admit women has just cost the Scottish economy £100m. 43 more words

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Does The Cover Define You? ~ Part 1

I am big on not judging a book by its cover. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it will be. So when people put a huge emphasis on “must dress this way or wear makeup every day” I tend to shake my head and brush it off. 398 more words

Reviewing the current debate on drones

Alongside intense international law arguments, a wider debate on the impact of the growing use of armed drones, within particular current conflicts as well as on long-term global peace and security, continues. 3,245 more words

Drone Overview

Week 20. Unexplainable rage. For no reason.

Pregnancy does weird things to me. It makes me think meat looks disgusting. It makes me think some foods look like they’ve been eaten before. Smells I used to like make me want to vomit. 382 more words