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9 Reasons why Young people shouldnt bother to Vote in #GE2017

The General election is now only 7 weeks away, but you have only until 22nd May to register to Vote if for a variety of reasons you’re not already counted and registered, and theres been a huge surge in trying to get young people to vote.   873 more words


The Ways We Are Born

So my mom’s left handed. Sorry Mom, maybe you were hoping no one would ever know. Life hasn’t always been easy for lefties. Oh, I know we hear about the high value placed on left-handed pitchers, (no, let’s not talk about the Royals right now) but overall being left-handed historically has been reason for ill-treatment and bias. 1,011 more words

My Life

White House Tax Plan Causing Quite the Stir; Twitter's Very Good Day/Quarter; Silicon Valley Start-Up Eats $1.6M for Discrimination

So taxing…

The White House whipped out its opening bid for what it’s calling the “biggest tax cut.” Well, in U.S. history anyway. So who’s supposedly getting a nice break? 618 more words

WVU For One

Academia is a cesspool of whiteness and privilege. This is what I’ve learned time and again during my time at West Virginia University. It has tried to drop kick me at every point of my academic career, from professors and classmates to dining halls and student union decor. 558 more words


Abortion leads to ableism.

So, I’ve read several articles lately about doctors pushing for abortions of babies with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. Suddenly, I realized that when the Left is guilty then of ableism and hypocrisy. 128 more words

The Naked Truth about Indiana’s Indecent Exposure Laws

by Will Doss

While the antiquity and ridiculousness of Indiana’s archaic liquor laws are frequently in the news, alcohol is certainly not the only topic with regard to which our great state lags behind the rest of the country.  553 more words

An Alabama Law Will Allow Faith-Based Adoption Groups To Reject Same-Sex Couples

Alabama lawmakers are set to approve a new bill that would allow faith-based adoption organizations to refuse to place children with LGBT parents based on the organization’s religious beliefs, by way of no longer denying licenses to groups engaged in that practice. 229 more words

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