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Older, white man wins discrimination case

Springfield, Mass. :- It doesn’t happen every day, or very often at all for that matter, so this case merits a mention. An employer terminated a 64-year old, White, male employee in favor of hiring a “younger more aggressive sales person who spoke Spanish and understood Latino culture.”  The older White man sued for age and ethnicity discrimination and won. 31 more words


Celebrate Susan B. Anthony with Charlotte NOW - 2/15/16

Celebrate Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday with Charlotte NOW!

Tuesday, February 15 is famed feminist and women’s’ rights activist Susan B. Anthony’s birthday. We at Charlotte NOW want to celebrate her, and what better way to do that than to throw her a party– with birthday cake, of course! 170 more words


Fla. renters pay $279 more for car insurance, survey finds

Florida drivers are being charged an average of 10 percent more, or $279 a year, for car insurance simply because they rent instead of own their home, according to… 333 more words

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Studs, Babies and Forgiveness

I’m sure that everyone has an opinion on whether or not studs should have a baby. It is crazy that so many people feel that they have the right to tell others what they should do with THEIR bodies. 175 more words


"We're all a little autistic"

(On my mind partly because of this read.)

1.  “We’re all a little autistic.”

Really?  You’re okay with saying that?  Then how about “We’re all a little black.” “We’re all a little female.” “We’re all a little Jewish.” “We’re all a little gay.”  “We’re all a little paraplegic.” “We’re all a little homeless.” “We’re all a little bit PTSD.” 422 more words

White or black?

When it comes to color, I prefer not to see it. So I say to others, I am color blind.

This works for me, especially when at work. 387 more words


Australian woman launches "Ask a Muslim anything" events at her cafe

What’s the best way to bring greater cultural understanding among a diversity of people? One woman in Australia has a novel answer to that question, which she’s based on the old speed-dating concept. 242 more words

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