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hiring discrimination

the type of discrimination that i have received trying to obtain employment:

> i have had several interviewers who would not discuss the content of my resume, but chose to instead critique/criticize the format of my resume. 68 more words

Monday 23 October 2017 - Vile homophobic comments force Jared O’Mara MP to resign from the Commons equality commission

He was elected to the Commons in June at the General Election, defeating the former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in the Sheffield Hallam constituency. Today, while remaining an MP, he has stood down from the Commons Women and Equality Commission after homophobic, misogynistic and fat-shaming comments he made came to light. 671 more words

Politics Uk

The Gallows

In the surrounding, resounding cacophony

Her lone, dissenting voice was unceremoniously drowned out.

No one wondered, no one cared

Whether she had an opinion to air. 144 more words


Physical Abuse

So much to say about this one thing, that gives power to many and at the same time takes it away too. Indian women especially still face it in their day to day lives, hiding marks, bringing up excuses about being hit by cupboard door or slipping in the washroom but deep down they know what happened and the fact that it will never get better. 303 more words

Let us be simply human

Of skin
Of hair
The colors differentiate
Of birth
Of language
The origin to negotiate
Of creed
Of religion
Which god to advocate?
Of gender… 136 more words


Georgia town to honor graves of more than 1,100 blacks

Discriminated against in life, they were forgotten by their community in death, buried in unmarked graves in the back of the Alta Vista Cemetery in Gainesville, Georgia. 728 more words


Thank you, Theresa May, for the hate you encourage

(But not really.)

Another example of what Ms May’s reign is resulting in:

I have a hospital appointment next month and I will likely cancel it and go to an optician instead, and pay for my examination. 346 more words