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History repeating itself 

There will be many religious females saying this exact same thing about atheists. Our children will look back at religious propaganda in the same way and be as shocked as we are reading this sign. 30 more words


Discrimination-Service Animals

In the past week, or more, I have received constant harassment and discrimination due to having a service animal. These are quite intelligent people too, that work for big corporations, so it gives me pause how they address it at their own work place; or do those with disabilities just bend over and take it up the ass from said employers? 532 more words


Its about racism in detention centres

Its about racism in detention centres. Im being bullied, its racial discrimination here. They are picking on me all the time. Last week I didn’t go for my medications, only the sleeping one because they are bullying me. 205 more words

Women successfully fought their way into the legendary Mavericks big-wave-surfing competition

Women have been taking off on some of the world’s biggest, scariest waves for years. But virtually none of them could compete in professional events since the sport’s largest competitions remained closed to female surfers. 385 more words

Dr. Yousef Jabareen focuses on the Palestinian struggle for human rights inside Israel

“Israel is infringing the human rights of over 11 million Palestinians”, Dr. Yousef Jabareen told nearly 200 people who came to hear him in Ottawa on October 18th. 549 more words


A Different Kind of Kindergarten Lesson

Carol A. Hand

“White people call us ‘dirty Indians
“But you got these bugs from one of the white children in your class… 140 more words

Critical Thinking

Northern California Conference Votes to Act Independent of the General Conference

“I feel compelled to report on the decision of the Northern California Conference (NCC), at it’s constituency meeting yesterday, to act independent of the General Conference (GC) and in apparent conflict with its own bylaws. 68 more words

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