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Delaware AG Denn Yawns at HB85 Opinion Request

I’m getting good at finding updates after I click publish.

UPDATE: Newsworks’ Cris Barrish does a great write up of where things stand currently.

But I take exception to this quote from Greg Meece, Newark Charter’s principal: 343 more words

General Assembly

Vermont State Eugenics Survey Presentation May 31, 2017

Link to pdf for event announcement: eugenicspresentation_20170531

“Eugenics and the Vermont State Hospital are subjects with which we, as a state, continue to wrestle,” says Secretary of State Jim Condos. 138 more words


Terrorism, Discrimination & the Plight of Muslims

I am a Muslim. I am lucky to be a Muslim. I am proud to be a Muslim. I won’t say I am a deeply religious person, because I’m not but I do love my religion. 1,329 more words


Words to use carefully: a public service announcement

Bitch. Cripple. Dyke.* Only some people can get away with using these words—and only sometimes, and in certain circumstances.

The rules are simple: If you’ve had such a word hurled at you as a term of abuse, you may then reclaim the word and use it as a self-identifier, or—among other self-indentifiers—as a term of admiration. 96 more words

Am I Ready??

If asked even three months ago I would have said that I was nervous, yet apprehensive regarding graduate school. Today, I sit her pondering if it is going to even work out for me. 211 more words

Road To Wellness