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She - Volume 9 : Worshipped, Yet Abandoned

Warning : If you get easily offended by reading the truth and if you do not believe in political, social and economic equality of both the sexes, please do not read this post.  423 more words


A little consideration for the disabled goes a long way

When you are disabled life already gives you a plenty of challenges and problems, the last thing disabled people need is others making life even more tricky.  1,803 more words

a nice idea about working together

One of the sad issues about minority groups is that we are all trying to struggle out from underneath the controlling blanket of oppression and discrimination.

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Discrimination: le régime vaudois et fédéral de solidarité fiscale entre époux

Le litige porte sur la conformité à l’art. 8 al. 2 Cst. (interdiction de la discrimination) de l’art. 14 al. 1 de la loi vaudoise du 4 juillet 2000 sur les impôts directs cantonaux (LI; RSV 642.11) selon lequel les époux qui vivent en ménage commun répondent solidairement du montant global de l’impôt, la solidarité des époux subsistant et se prolongeant, selon la jurisprudence cantonale, après leur séparation, pour la part encore due afférent à la vie commune. 1,816 more words

Impôt Sur Le Revenu

In 1995 Walmart banned a T-shirt saying ‘a woman will be president’

By Lindsey Bever

In 1933, Ann Moliver Ruben said her cousin, Irwin, told her that a girl could never be president.

Decades later, corporate America, it seemed, was trying to tell her the same thing. 1,353 more words


The Invisible Woman

As I watched the opening days of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, I was struck by the stark contrast in tone between it and last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland. 943 more words


The Antithesis of Malevolence


Common problems of our youth today involve these two mentioned above. People don’t take psychological issues seriously nowadays. Through this blog, we hope that we could spread awareness regarding the effects of bullying and discrimination. 476 more words