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Dear Facebook: We Need To Talk

Facebook, honey, we need to talk. Seriously. This very instant.

I think I’ve been a good and faithful servant—I mean, user. I spend lots of time with you, usually every day, and have done so for several years. 909 more words


Guy Buys Movie Ticket, Internet Outraged  |  Ricochet

Alamo Drafthouse is in a bit of a pickle here. New York City law strictly prohibits them from discriminating by gender:

In fact, New York City prohibits even advertising women-only events, meaning that Alamo is already in violation of the law.

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Why you should care about the Muslim headscarf ban

Normally I do not like to put labels on myself, but for this post I make an exception. I am Jewish, atheist, lesbian and a feminist, and I stand with Muslim women’s right to wear a headscarf. 717 more words


Disability Manifesto 2017: Welfare Reform

Welfare Reform

The policies of austerity have hit Disabled People particularly badly. Since the Government’s Emergency Budget in 2010, Disabled People have seen massive cuts to their benefits and support services, including £18 billion from the benefits budget. 535 more words


The Islam Crossword

Rahman Mohamed

Today Islamophobia has become a common term.  It is used to describe fear of Islam and Muslims.  With the current events in Syria… 593 more words


4th Circuit Decision on Muslim Ban -- Excerpts

Since most of my readers will not suffer the ordeal of reading the entire 205 pages of the 10 to 3 decision issued by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in… 729 more words