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Do you ever forget things?

I certainly do.

I forget small things, big things, and things of an intermediate size.

In the realm of forgetfulness I do not discriminate. 999 more words

Gender-based III: But Why Cannot We Expect Women to Just Help Themeselves?

First of all, obviously, one woman alone can’t change the system she’s born into and that spreads over hundreds of millions of minds. D’uh. But more than that, it is also not fruitful to expect the people on the receiving end of discrimination to make our society a better place and lean back in the  meantime. 550 more words


Gender-based II: The Myth of the "You Can Be Anything"-Society

So, why did I talk earlier about the idea that in our society, everyone can become whatever that persons wants to become? Because it is an illusion many of us cling to as if their lives depended on it (and in a way, at least the perception of our lives does). 919 more words


Gender-based I: Where Are Men in This Story?

Both men and women suffer from gender-based social expectations that are to some extent not fulfillable and likely interdependant. But there is a difference.

I’m a bit neglectant to speak of „suppression“ in regards to men, since men are not as much „suppressed“ as we are „uppressed“. 647 more words


What in the Holy Hell, People?! Were You Raised By Wolves?

I’m mad and sad a lot these days. I am overwhelmed by the nasty balls people have in how they speak to and about others. I’m slack-jawed. 1,003 more words

Life As I Know It

The M4BL Policy Platform is Exactly What Radical Imagination Looks Like — Black Millennials via The M4BL

As the Movement for Black Lives continues to capture hearts, minds, and labor of visionaries, dreamers, thinkers, activists, educators, community organizers, and cultural producers, there are some policy wonks, think-tank bredren, and political investors who dismiss pro-Black radicalism as impossible, improbable, and unnatural in the world of white supremacy.

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