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Time for a TKO of the Old Boys Club


The last few weeks have been marked by an onslaught of accounts of sexism and sexual harassment in Hollywood, D.C. and many other places. Ever since… 677 more words


Blog 11/17

Should we as the human race discriminate against our own kind? Every single one of us wants to be happy, so why ruin the happiness of another person? 276 more words

"Too late for two states?" - US scholar shares his hopes of saving a two state solution, but some remain unconvinced...

American/Israeli academic Gershon Shamir spoke on November 14th to a large crowd at the Jewish Community Centre in Ottawa. He was very critical of Israel’s seemingly unstoppable slide towards intolerance and right wing politics, but still held out hope for a 2 state solution. 944 more words


From Mann to women

Hello readers!

As you might recall from one of our previous blog-posts, titled “Keith Mann, the fake male co-founder”, we alluded to three different types of factors when it comes to difficulties women face when funding a start-up firm. 450 more words


The Roma - Europe’s Unwanted People

Last March, I visited with relatives in Linz, Austria.  Three arson attacks on Romanian Roma migrants occurred in Linz during my brief stay.  I felt shocked and horrified by this news, and even more so by my relative’s reactions. 851 more words

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