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Ableism on the Web: Speaker Ryan's New "A Better Way" Website Is Discriminatory toward the Disabled, Elderly, and Resource-Limited Web User

Try this: on your desktop or laptop, go to a website. Say, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s newly launched A Better Way. Then hold your hands behind your back. 2,169 more words


Activists oppose ‘divyang’

Disability rights activists and organisations in the city are opposing the Central government’s decision to rename the Department of Empowerment of People with Disabilities to incorporate the word ‘divyang’ (instead of viklang) in its Hindi and English nomenclatures. 300 more words


Discrimination is Fabulous

Despite the nonsense spewing out of the mouths of cucked Leftist egalitarians, discrimination is your right and heavenly duty.

We all discriminate in our day to day lives. 316 more words

"I Have a Dream" Intro Poem

A great beacon of light

Shown to millions of Negro slaves

Whose been seared in the flames of injustice,

Called the Emancipation Proclamation.

But this light is translucent… 58 more words


Mental health: Challenging the stigma and ending discrimination

It’s estimated by MIND and other charities in the UK that one in six people will experience a mental health problem in any given year – a conservative figure according to Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former chief Spin-Doctor. 854 more words

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