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White Straight Men Have Privilege? I've Been Oppressing Just Because of That?

Feminists are mentally ill and this world is going to hell.  I’m beyond upset at people like Suey Park and just about every other mf that says that it’s the white man’s role to hold every ethnic background and other gender down.  164 more words


Such Vulgarity

Is this feminism?  Why is it that some women have such hatred for men?  How is that not sexist and forcing society to give women special needs over men?  156 more words


A Song for the Voiceless

What’s that I hear?

The collective, voiceless cries of the oppressed, underprivileged, queer, different, free-thinking, dark-skinned, yellow-skinned, red-skinned, zebra-skinned (yes, none of this is real), lower-class, trans-gendered, impoverished, anarchist humans that used to come through like a silent movie. 127 more words


Thoughts on Bette Midler's 'Ordinary' LGBT Community Comments

Not long ago singer Bette Midler stated the following to The Advocate:

“The extreme characters you used to see in the Village in the old days, you just don’t see them anymore, and I really do miss them because there was a feeling I used to get that people were expressing themselves in the most elaborate of ways,” she says of the flamboyant fans who were among the core following she gained during her time singing in the Continental Baths, a gay bathhouse, during the summer of 1970.

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From the outside in

As many of us have, I’ve been thinking a lot about race lately. Between Ferguson, Missouri, and New York, and the resulting protests and marches, I think you’d have to be living under the proverbial rock if you weren’t thinking about race these days. 2,528 more words



Many seem to believe that racism is over because all races are able to access the same opportunities. Now access to such opportunities does not mean or imply that all are actually able to fairly access them. 164 more words


Supreme Voter Suppression

I voted today. I completed my mail-in ballot after studying the issues. It wasn’t fun and I was happy to do it. Many in this country will not have that opportunity because of politics and the made up hysteria over voter fraud. 538 more words