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Une vie de chien, partie III: Uber-friggin-tastic

For the record, that subtitle would be in the “sarcastic” typographical emphasis, if ever there were one.  You know, the one right next the bold,  2,773 more words

Service Dog

Discrimination vs. Bullying

This is the last time (hopefully) I’m going post about the Adam Goodes booing controversy. A part of the debate has been about whether it was discrimination and how it was handled by the AFL and the media. 318 more words

Experiences Of Me And Others

IBEW 424 members area

May 21 2015,

So on May 21 2015 I tried to log into the members area on the IBEW LU 424
website. I have had an log in id and password now setup for at least a… 625 more words


Follow up on Arpaio: Yes, I did it but it wasn't my fault

Sheriff Arpaio has been on the news multiple times for his harsh tactics and opinion on immigration.  I came across this interesting article in Courthouse News, where Arpaio admitted that he violated the law and then shifted all of the blame to his attorney and the people under him for following his orders. 21 more words

Civil Rights

White Straight Men Have Privilege? I've Been Oppressing Just Because of That?

Feminists are mentally ill and this world is going to hell.  I’m beyond upset at people like Suey Park and just about every other mf that says that it’s the white man’s role to hold every ethnic background and other gender down.  164 more words


Such Vulgarity

Is this feminism?  Why is it that some women have such hatred for men?  How is that not sexist and forcing society to give women special needs over men?  156 more words


A Song for the Voiceless

What’s that I hear?

The collective, voiceless cries of the oppressed, underprivileged, queer, different, free-thinking, dark-skinned, yellow-skinned, red-skinned, zebra-skinned (yes, none of this is real), lower-class, trans-gendered, impoverished, anarchist humans that used to come through like a silent movie. 127 more words