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Proud of being Brown #WOW #ShortStory

Naira looked at her image in the mirror and cursed her luck again. I must have done something to displease the Gods, thats the reason I have been cursed with this dark skin which  everyone detests. 347 more words

Aks Corner

Russia's Tajik Migrant Workers

This piece follows a group of Tajik workers as they travel across Central Asia for seasonal jobs in Russia. How have post-Soviet states’ economies developed (or not) since 1991, and… 16 more words


I was having a chat to my Mum the other day and I had a light bulb moment.¬† One so huge I couldn’t believe I’d reached the age of 50 without giving it a second’s thought and it was this: 685 more words


Holding out for a hero

The world is in crisis. Global temperatures are rising, and the deterioration of the global ecosystem has begun. Already, people have become displaced from their homes due to flooding. 616 more words


Indigenous rights in Australia

Fifty years after a landmark referendum finally granting the indigenous peoples of Australia some measure of equality, what is life like today for these still marginalised communities?