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Five Ways To Support Authors When You Have No Money

Patronize your local library.

Libraries buy books, but they can only do this if they have money.  Libraries can make stronger cases for increased funding if they can demonstrate strong use.  344 more words

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#booktalking: Mixing books with other pieces of media

I’ve been looking forward to writing a discussion post. The ideas just haven’t come to me at first but after talking to Marty (thecursedbooks… 837 more words


How to Avoid Accidental Plagiarism While Blogging

Plagiarism tends to be a thing that we think other people do.  People who are desperate or of morally questionable character.  What else could convince them that presenting someone else’s work as their own is a good idea?  911 more words

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5 Tips for a Book Un-haul

A little while ago, my friend Tricia and I went to a used bookstore to sell some of our books, I donated the rest to a different one in my hometown. 950 more words

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5 Reasons I Struggle to Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks are currently experiencing huge growth, and as ebook sales stabilize, publishers are looking at audiobooks as the future. In June 2017, Publishers Weekly noted… 652 more words

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Discussion: Should You Feel Guilty for Rereading Books?

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve discovered I have a lot to discuss lately. I keep thinking, maybe I should tackle some important things like those Sunshine Blogger Awards from back in March (yes, literally, I am that far behind XD), but instead, I’m sitting here going, but I want to see people’s opinions on a question that I’ve been struggling with lately. 871 more words

5 Hyped Books/Series I Have No Intention of Reading (or Finishing)

Happy Friday everyone! I know I’ve been kind of quiet this week; my life got a little interesting and everyone and their mother was asking me for favors. 690 more words

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