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Ode to the ever-changing Outer Beach

Around the same time, he finally signed a contract for a book his longtime friend and editor at W.W. Norton, Jim Mairs, had hoped he would write for … 6 more words

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I Don't Recognize It...

Like many, my life changed significantly on November 8, 2016.  Also like many, I went to bed that night with a sinking feeling in my stomach – the aftereffect of an election result I never saw coming.  834 more words


Finding Meaning in Your Poetry


they made black marks on the
stains on the world.
someone saw,
someone knew,
but no one cared.
it ruined nature,
it ruined beauty, 696 more words


Can trading basing solely on historical prices be successful?

Can trading basing solely on historical prices be successful? Or maybe to gain edge in the market volume data or order book analysis should also be incorporated into the model? 15 more words


What I'm Anticipating (May 2017)

Now that we’re getting nearer summer, the slate of films is shifting towards blockbusters and big budget spectacles. Yet within this seemingly homogenous group of ‘popcorn’ films, there exists a great amount of variety, looking to bring us horror, action, comedy and fantasy all in the space of a month. 781 more words


New to r/algotrading. Here's a minor contribution

I'm new to the sub, and I have started dabbling with backtrader in Python. There wasn't a convenient way to download and store the datafeeds that suited me, so I wrote my own little script. 315 more words


[DISCUSSION & ANNOUNCEMENT] Is the Book Blogging Community Too Clique-y? (Introducing My Blog Project)

Woohoo, it’s that time of the month again where we talk about a blogging and/or bookish things! Okay, it’s more like, I talk for 1000 words, you guys read it, and then we talk in the comments section, but, you know, same difference. 1,658 more words