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Books Left Unread #121

Books Left Unread

Welcome to my blog post where I talk about the books I have been meaning to read, but just have not yet. You know what I am talking about – the books that have remained unread for various reasons yet when you see them you think, “You know, I really need to read that.” Instead you get distracted by another book, series, or something in your TBR pile. 80 more words


Losing Characters To Adaptations

I have always been the person the book before seeing the film. Regardless of whether it’s something I’ve heard of before like Harry Potter or something entirely new like Divergent,I always have to pay a visit to the original material. 503 more words


ADF/Johansen Java implementations

Anywhere I can find free implementation or do I have to write my own? So far google hasn’t given me anything.

Submitted April 21, 2018 at 01:56AM by xxx_asdf… 6 more words


Tipranks analyst rating API

Anyone knows how to access it. From their website it seems they only make available to partners. I tried asking IB support and they said I can’t access it via API even though it is available in TWS. 12 more words