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SEC Full access - wwyd

If you had full access to the SEC and all its glorious databases, what would you look at first to get the edge up on the market? 11 more words


Knights Of Crown

I speak of a brotherhood! this fraternity a code of arms forged in chivalry, then damn! the danger of death and disgrace, defend the flag to the glory of thy queen in this noble place. 183 more words


Fierce! dense clouds muffling a un stable mind
I see rejected reflections I see distortion of time
Silent foot steps endangered species at sea
oh burning darkness beseeching in me, hear! 113 more words

Beginner algotrader - Inputs on technical indicators to watch for to make decision

I am trying program algorithm to take decision on when and what to buy and sell ? Initially the playground will be human selected (for example: AAPL, AMD, FB, AMZN, NVDA). 41 more words


Optimus Prime #7 - Generations - IDW Comic Book

On pre-war Cybertron and present-day Earth, the battle is over. But for how long? And who will be the first one to take up arms? "The Next Day/And … 6 more words

Book Reviews

Season 1 - Episode 15 - You ARE The Father!


Episode 15 – How to make Diamond Weapon disappear? Barrett and Cait Sith have it out. What do you mean “Son”?

Press X 2 Examine – Season 1… 60 more words