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Life On The Go, The Leaf The Winds Blow

Sandymans Quote

“The harm that flows oh those seeds that we sow, some can stay do you have to go, telling yourself that lie you didn’t know, living like the leaf that the winds blow.”


Is there a Software/Platform to execute trades simultaneously across multiple cryptocurrency-exchanges (with a single click)?

Hi! As the title suggests, I'm looking for a paid/unpaid platform or software to execute trades simultaneously across multiple exchanges. The goal is to have greater liquidity. 37 more words


The Golf Ball and Bifurcation

Recently, Darwin Howard, Superintendent of Seguin Valley Golf Club, asked me to weigh in on the raging debate of the golf ball and bifurcation. Before we go further, bifurcation is defined as the point or area at which something divides into two branches or parts. 572 more words


A Sugya in the Parsha | Parshas VaYeitzei

I was recently at a Brit Yitzchak at someone’s house for their son. As Jews do, we started discussing Torah after filling our stomachs mit a bisl esn. 325 more words

A Vort

Joe Simitian: Listening to Trump's America Summary

Several key points came up in Joe Simitian’s presentation on why the people who previously voted for Obama switched to Trump in this election.

First, Trump’s messages addressed many of the issues with which they had been dissatisfied for many years. 592 more words