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The Panel Discussion

Resonance 2015 started off with the first event, the Panel Discussion, which was an exploration of Masculinity and its roots in our society. The discussion aimed at allowing panelists along with the audience present, an opportunity to delve into the theme of Masculinity, its meaning, its impositions and pressures on men and its origin in society through historical times. 208 more words


Sprinting Through The Finish Line

The Sprint Structure
As any team staggers in the early stages to find its supporting structures that will keep it afloat and alive throughout development as a student we are lucky to have facilitators that will push us in a much needed direction. 322 more words


Japan launches new carrier that bears name of ship KAGA that attacked Pearl Harbor!

The 24,000-ton Kaga (DDH-184) — built by ship builder Japan Marine United — bears the same name as the World War II Imperial Japanese Navy carrier Kaga that… 28 more words


Failure of Indian Education System

I am presently my bachelors degree in Christ University Bangalore.  I had felt that there are some loop holes in the education system of our country. 357 more words


For all you banned from GMG...

How are you reading this!

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from GiveMeGossip – New Threads… 18 more words


Large Butt and a Thong

I have to be comfortable at all times in my cloths. I’ll cut a tag off a garment if it’s itchy. I guess I’m very sensitive to uncomfortable… 28 more words


Another actor time line glitch! Paul Reubens

I just got a huge shocker, Paul Reubens A.K.A. PeeWee Herman is alive and well at 63 years old!

Until just now as far as I was concerned Peewee Herman… 30 more words