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Cecil B Demille like event dream

A dream I had this morning 29/11/2015 stood out amongst most of the dreams I have ever had in my lifetime. I was of an event that seemed like a live… 30 more words


I'm preparing some shrimp flavored ramen noodles I purchased with my ssi check...

I will eat these noodles in my trailer home, then I will smoke a cigarrete I rolled myself with cheap pipe tobacco…any questions?

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My Free Energy Device - Given to me by God

Everyone dreams of powering their home, without having to pay a high light bill. I have this invention, that I believe God gave me. I wanted to share it with… 27 more words


With all that's going on in the world....

How come there aren’t any huge peace protests. I think we would of heard about one by now…

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We need more Nobody threads.

Just sayin’…

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What We Have Hear, Is An Breaking Point Soon To Be Broken

List the days, from what we see know, it is the final days, that contain such sensationally phenomenal events, we are in it know

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Glp on mobile

hey guys… just a quick question ..glp sent me here because ive been banned its happend few times over a few months…but i havnt postted anything to get me… 30 more words