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I Love You !!!

Loves please come over!! I got no kiss or nothing!! We are still together right!! I miss u so much!! I’m crying .

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Religion is a lie, disembodied faith is the truth.

Note: Before reading any of this, taking 10+ hours of your life, be open minded, don’t waste my time, don’t even speak unless you know what… 30 more words


Partner tries jewellery on me and then gives it to his daughter, or away.

My partner, just two days before christmas pulled out an engagement ring for me to look at. I was excited and tried it on. Were we getting engaged? 32 more words


Candles in cake

I’ve read it’s somehow satanic……

Make a wish?

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How Do People Afford to Live?

I’m just perplexed at how people make ends meet these days.

Everything is so damn expensive and everything is going up in price every week I go into… 30 more words


Anyone got the details for the July 2015 Mayan date that was misunderstood to be 2012?

I saw the post on beforeitsnews or ATS and I can’t find it for the life of me!

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