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What Are Some of Your Goals?

I’m not waiting until 2016! So I have set some new goals for myself. Below are my things on the list, but feel free to share some of your goals too: 47 more words


Guess Where The Word 'TASER" Came From

Where did the word ‘Taser’ come from? It’s a weapon used to subdue ‘savage’ Africans in century-old sci-fi novel

The word Taser, though, didn’t start with… 30 more words


Quest to drill into Earth’s mantle restarts

Indian Ocean expedition resumes a six-decade campaign to bore right through the planet’s crust.

Jules Verne would have dug this plan: drill into the sea… 28 more words


How to calm a crying 2-3 month old infant quickly - video

I thought this was cool. But… what do you do with them after 3 months?

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Toast To Tonight/Tomorrow

I just got in the house, and my flight from New York to MA was quite interesting. I got up early to spend some time with my daughter, and it’s like she knew that I was leaving. 122 more words


Rudy Giuliani, New Yorks 9/11 mayor: We were aware of celebrations on 9/11, but Trump exaggerating

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Heads UP New Jersians: “We are hoping to encourage every town in New Jersey to take 10 families,”you

You are called Jersians, right?

The idea and logic alone…….

Hopefully a database is started to collect these “activists” names like…

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