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Book Review: "Swiss Vendetta"

It is not resolved, leaving plenty of room for a second book about Agnes (snippets of which this reviewer has had the pleasure of reading via a writing … 6 more words

Book Reviews

How can you use trend line in stocks? Are they useful?

I made a program that generates trendlins such as bottom,top, possible support or resistance. Of course I have to mix with other logics before I backtest. 61 more words


Thoughts on $BEAT

It's been doing really well, but what's everyone long-term opinion?

Submitted April 29, 2017 at 09:57PM by Nexusity
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Judging Books by Their Covers: An Unapologetic Discussion

When I take a stroll down the aisles at Barnes & Nobel I go straight to the ya books section and never turn back. I browse the spines of each book picking one up every once in a while and moving them in the light to see how the covers shine. 603 more words


[Haikyuu Spoilers] Ambition and Karasuno High School

Right now, I’m 15 episodes into the first season of Haikyuu!!. I’ve been watching it at a slow pace over the last few weeks with a friend as we both deal with the onset of college finals for the current semester, but I’ve become absolutely entranced with the show. 958 more words


A Look Back On My Final Semester: How Studying New Media Has Affected This Blog

New Media is no longer the future of communication; New Media is the present we are all already living in. As a student and as a professional, I’ve come to realize that the current state of communication is what twenty years ago was science fiction, and though New Media will continue to adapt beyond current understanding, for the most part, the future is now. 1,447 more words


Live on FLAMN: Silofais Convention Discussion

Immediately after the Silofais Convention finished at 9:30 PM UTC, 29/04/2017, David Ross presented a discussion looking at what was covered in the convention, other Micronational news, and what FLAMN is. 26 more words