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Buying AUPH now

I posted last night about the room for growth with AUPH and got all these criticisms that I missed it by a few weeks. Still underpriced. 38 more words


For those of you who store low frequency (no intraday data) market data in databases, how do you organize it?

Do you take a many tables approach (e.g. one table per time series indexed by date) or a fully normalized tables approach (e.g. all similar time series in a table with indexes for both date and financial product)? 60 more words


The Media's a Parasite for Left-Wing Politics

Those apathetic to domestic affairs look to the media to formulate their viewpoints. The cultivation theory suggests that television molds and influences perception. Individuals shape their reality from the information propagated by the media. 274 more words

Children's Classic I Loved As a Kid

Classic Remarks is a meme hosted over at Pages Unbound. Every Friday they ask a question about classic literature. Participants are asked to discuss the themes, canon formation, the ‘timelessness’ of literature, and modes of interpretation. 395 more words

Book Review

PTIE Discussion

Anybody else eyeing this for some solid short term gains?

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