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Investing in sectors

My approach to this game is to spread my investment throughout multiple sectors. In 2017 which sectors do you consider to be most enticing? Of course semi-conductors is all the craze, but which others are tweaking your interest? 12 more words


Question; Current stocks/futures you predict to rise within the next month

About a six week period to make as many gains as possible, decent amount of money to invest (few tens of thousands) looking for stocks/futures that you predict will rise soon… 12 more words


On the Nvidia Stock Plummet

The Patent Cross License Agreement between Nvidia and Intel is ending March 2017. Could this be another factor in the sharp drop to Nvidia stock? I can't quite tell the significance of this agreement or its termination, but I wonder if it is playing a role. 14 more words


Book Review: Glorious War

By Louis P. Masur 2/23/2017 • Civil War Times Magazine. Glorious War: The Civil War Adventures of George Armstrong Custer. Thom Hatch, St.
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Book Reviews

Earnings Forecast

I'm new to posting so I apologize in advance for the formatting and if this seems like a dumb question.

I was researching some companies and when I checked their most recent earnings release, I noticed that different sources posted different estimates. 133 more words


The Stock Market is a Game of Baseball

http://ift.tt/2kRYYJP I've been a sports fan my whole life. I grew up watching and playing football, basketball, baseball, golf, you name it. And if you are like me, then analogies comparing sports to the market are an easy way to learn important lessons. 435 more words


What are the 3 best stocks to invest in now that are in 3 different sectors?

Hi guys,

I'm just getting into stocks now and I'm trying to figure out what the 3 best stocks to invest in that are in 3 different sectors would be and the reason as to why… 20 more words