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In peace or at war, family businesses promote families in a uniquely Indian way

Nice article by Shailesh Dhobal on Indian way of doing things. This one is on keeping families interested in their businesses:

A lot has changed with India Inc since the economy opened up two decades ago. 870 more words

Indian Economy/Financial Markets

The Parenting Train Wreck

It’s been discussed before and will be the topic of many parenting articles to come. I’ve written about it myself from an arm’s length away. Today, following a spate of articles written by people tut tutting parents while trying to appear like they are taking the high road in the interest of our children, I say enough is enough. 1,687 more words


Obamacare Urges Doctors to Link Poor Health to Global Warming

Obama’s White House is once again politicizing health care, even as the net/noose tightens, now asking medical professionals to advise patients on the…

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Turmeric Spice Helps Protect Brain Against Fluoride Poisoning.

Publishing their findings in a recent issue of Pharmacognosy Magazine, a research team out of India observed that regular consumption of turmeric, a spice…

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Man Wins $500K After Recording His Anesthesiologist Mocking Him During Colonoscopy

The unidentified man, going by “D.B” in court documents, was set to receive a colonoscopy on April 13, 2013 fully anesthetized. So he decided to… 30 more words


Carlos Slim 'Jim' scraps project with Donald Trump after Mexico insults

The Trumpster is getting frozen out


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A 4th Grader’s Short Documentary About School Lunch

Zachary Maxell was not your ordinary fourth grader. Zachary became disenchanted with the school lunches at his large public elementary school in New York…

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