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HZNP & Pharma in general wrt. to Elections

So HZNP was the most talked-about stock in /r/stocks Q4 bets thread…any thoughts about its recent movement and how it'll be affected by the election/Hillary? 12 more words


Can i trade if im under 18

I just wanna mess around with penny stocks on Robinhood until I figure it out but it's asking for my age I'm 17. Are there consequences for lying about my age. 30 more words


Reflections on climbing scale mountainous heights

Reflections on climbing scale mountainous heights. Addley Fannin, Book Review; 3 min ago; (0). Warnings Against Myself: Meditations on a Life in …
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Most of you must have read this masterpiece. I won’t write much about it in the review as we all know that such naration of magical realism can’t be explained but felt. 33 more words

Short Stories

Working on Outline and Already Stuck

Day two of trying to flesh out the details of my outline and I’m still stuck with a block I can’t seem to shake off.  597 more words

Creative Writing

On a fulfilled life and forgiveness with Ron Chapman

Student writers: We're eager to hear about books you're reading. Please submit your short reviews – no more than 100 words, and with a … 6 more words


Booker review: Hot Milk

Star2.com reviews all six books shortlisted for the 2016 Man Booker Prize. The winner will be announced in London on Oct 25. Do you think this book … 6 more words