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Lazy Is Not Sexy

Lazy is not sexy

There’s nothing like hard working people. No, I’m not talking strength wise. I’m talking about handling your business. Doing what you get paid to do. 349 more words


Skincare - Korean vs. American

Let’a discuss Korean Vs. American Skincare.

I want to start by saying that obviously everyone’s skin is different, what works for some wont necessarily work for everyone. 575 more words


#DesiRepDiscussions - Representation Matters

Hey guys!

Over the past couple years, the #DiverseReads movement has gained momentum and people have become aware of reading books that are different from cis straight white characters. 651 more words


Jeunesse.... Join the revolutionary anti-ageing miracle.

Find your one stop destination to all health & wellness solutions :-

Exhausted, less of energy, struggling to keep fit, ageing before time????

No worries — Call your health expert… 192 more words


What Gets You to Add a Book to Your TBR?

Hey everyone! Today’s post is going to be talking about what makes me add a book to my to-read pile. I’ve seen this around on a couple other blogs recently and it looked like fun, so that’s what I’m doing today! 320 more words

Samus Returns - A Discussion on Why I Won't be Reviewing the Game.

So, here I am again, but with something a little different.  For some, my title may have you wondering why I won’t be reviewing the game, despite me owning the game and playing through it.  844 more words


What would you do?

Crack your brain time!!

Imagine your Mum left your dad when you were just 8months old because he had no money. Your dad remarried a lady because he needed someone who will take care of you. 128 more words