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Butter Archive #7: My Cat Is A Cyborg

This happened today and I had to share it with our class:

My cat, in all her brilliance, has been teaching herself to use digital tools and messaged my partner on her own. 11 more words


Butter Archive #6: Burn The Books, Plug In The E-Readers

When I first thought about digital writing and reading my mind went to e-books – an obvious conversion from something physical to something digital. A few weeks ago, after reading Katherine Hayles chapter, I proclaimed to my partner that “We should only be using e-books.” This is, of course, an inflammatory statement (just like my title), but one that I couldn’t stop thinking about. 383 more words


Composing a Further Life

NPR’s “On Being” show featured an interview with Mary Catherine Bateson last weekend. (Click here for link to listen.)

Mary Catherine Bateson will speak as part of this year’s 1 Book 1 Valley at Salyards Center for the Arts in Conway on November 5, at 7 pm. 27 more words


I Like to Go Clubbing, And By Clubbing I Mean Book Clubbing

I wasn’t sure what to call this post. I Like Book Clubs? Book Clubbing on A Budget? Joining a Club That Usually Makes Me Read Something That I End Up Hating? 1,115 more words


Profiles in Engineering: Past & Present (October 2015)

In September, Abraham Bers, ScD (CA A ’53), passed away at the age of 85. Bers was professor emeritus of electrical engineering at MIT. 186 more words

Engineering FYI

Breaking Down Race Relations On Campus: Open Forum Fuels Racial Discussions

Patrick Kenney

The door squeaked open, much like it had been doing the whole night, but this time people looked.

All eyes went to the entrance. 713 more words

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