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New Zealand - An essential travel destination for riders

When my riding partner first floated the idea of heading to New Zealand for two and a half weeks, an insurmountable number of objections sprang to mind; I had no money, at the time I didn’t have a bike, I had no free time to obtain either and, undoubtedly most importantly, I could barely adequately prepare myself for a single day at the beach, let alone for two weeks, two and half thousand kilometers away. 1,010 more words


Shallow Hal. Movie Rant Review.

Guys. I have never been so angry after watching a movie in my entire 20 years of life. Angry doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling. 845 more words


You Can't Control The Outcome If You Can't Control Yourself

So many times after a turnover, bad pass, or missed lay-up, by a player, or controversial call by an official, there are inexperienced and reactive players and coaches that will immediately respond negatively. 1,343 more words


things that make me happy

Sometimes life can get quite overwhelming and I end up rushing through the week feeling scattered and exhausted. It becomes so easy to take things for granted, giving the things that matter barely a second glance and focusing instead on the issues that are actually causing me more harm than good. 490 more words


If Books Had Social Media Handles

Note: These handles are completely of my imagination and intended only for amusement. I did not intend to reference or mention anyone by them, in case some of them belong to actual people ( which I expect they will, 219 more words


East Asia Speaker, DARPA Faculty Award, & NexGen CEO Event (August 2017)

Platform E is hosting “Straight from Silicon Valley: Insights on Start-Up Investing” on Tuesday, September 19, in Singapore. The session will include stories from successful investors and entrepreneurs, including Tau Bate Gigi Wang, … 282 more words

Engineering FYI

Discussion: Why Are YA Characters So Young

I just read Strange The Dreamer (or rather, listened, but that’s not the point) and I was so shocked by the fact that Lazlo was 20 YEARS OLD.   496 more words