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Paradox Of A Dream

Recently Loofbourow wrote an article on Slate about her grief for America, the one she once knew and believed in. I’ve seen many people grieve this country in the same manner, upset about the land of opportunity, the land of justice and freedom for all. 889 more words

Voting: Not the sole solution to disenfranchisement

I went to a community meeting the other day about how voting districts are drawn and the impact of these arbitrary lines.  The forum focused on issues within our city and county as they pertain to the voting district in which the meeting was held.  1,536 more words

Thoughts On Things


While Social Security provides a safety net of sorts for millions of people, there are still many groups who are not adequately served by this program. 87 more words

The Sword

The idea of coming together and turning our swords into plow shares is both a beautiful aspiration for peace and a statement of blissful ignorance. The Liberty we enjoy today is not given freely as a gift, but OWNED by each successive generation. 714 more words

When Is 'Immediately'?

“I think ‘immediately’ is kind of open to interpretation.”

Wow.  I always thought ‘immediately’ had rather a sense of urgency behind it, like “RIGHT NOW”! … 552 more words

Political Commentary

How democratic is the American voting system?

When Donald Trump ran for president he claimed that the only possible scenario in which the democrats win the 2016 presidential election is if the results of the election are manipulated. 461 more words


Si, Se Puede; a Hopeful Slice of School Change and Its Politics

Summary: Intervention in poverty via the schoolhouse continues to be a viable avenue, but what is the state of funding and political will? 962 more words

School Reform