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What about a Whites…. Blank

It’s odd when those in power and privilege act like the victims out of the minority’s miniscule piece of the pie. If there is a minority rally, why can’t there be a white pride rally? 387 more words

“Civil Death”: Florida’s Criminal Disenfranchisement

The Honorable Rick Scott

Tallahassee, Florida

Dear Governor Scott:

Belated congratulations on your reelection in November. I don’t write to every governor, but as a non-resident, property-tax-payer who spends about half the year in the Sunshine State (summers too – I’m not just a snowbird!), I feel our connection. 1,074 more words

U.S. Constitution

Life as we know it is a joke...

You may not know which way you’re going
But pretty soon you’re gonna find out
What the 21st Century’s all about…

Life as we know it is a joke. 405 more words


Some thoughts on the eve of oral argument in Veasey v. Perry

As you may know, tomorrow (April 28), a three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans will hear oral argument in Veasey v. 430 more words

Process versus Principle: Why can’t I vote for my beliefs?

“It’s ironic isn’t it?” Phil asked me.

I raised my eyebrow in question.

“We live in an economy designed for choice and yet the choices we make in politics are those nobody wants to take – least of all, the young.” 687 more words

Politics & Society

Democracy Projects - Open Election Special

It was appropriate that March’s Open Data Manchester meeting should focus on projects related to the forthcoming elections. Not only because the country goes to the polls next month but also that election data was the first area of interest when Open Data Manchester started five years ago. 1,179 more words


Another Fatherless Holy Day for the Fatherless: Blood Moon Passover

Another Fatherless Holy Day for the Fatherless: Blood Moon Passover

Copyright Gary Woodroffe 2015

On this historical event of the Third of Four Blood Moons on Passover, its another heartbreak of Biblical proportions for millions of fatherless children. 681 more words

Corrupt Family Courts