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Kansas, Kobach, Voter Fraud, and That Darned Popular Vote

There was a bewildering amount of news out there for an extended Fourth of July weekend, what with the Republicans’ health care reform efforts stalling and all the “tweeting” about other things about by the president, but it was the story about the newly created voter fraud commission that caught our eye. 1,188 more words


Our Voting Privacy --- VIOLATED!!!

Although there was no credible evidence of major or wide-spread voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election, the person who won that election claims there was.  1,217 more words

Political Commentary


I’m really not into this style of photo imagery though it has it’s place just as other styles do and can render well at times. 391 more words


I feel as though inspite of everything there existed certain advantages in my childhood, among them the nation I was born into and the ability to be something of a feral child whose favorite haunts were the forests, mountains, and rivers. 1,313 more words


Why do two states in America allow felons to vote while in prison? The two states are Maine and Vermont. According to a 2014 Washington Times online news article, felony disenfranchisement laws prohibit just over six million Americans from voting in general elections… 464 more words


Laughing at Donald Trump supporters 

Schadenfreude is not a healthy human emotion.

I want to be a grown up.

Yet I have to admit that I have taken some pleasure in watching Trump voters taking to the media to express their surprise that The Donald was not turning out to be the ray of sunshine they’d been expecting. 364 more words

Prison System Serves as Medium for Modern Day Slave Labor

“All men are created equal” was written by a man who owned people as property parallel to the norms and statutes of his country at that time. 511 more words