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Trump Is Not The Problem—It's Our Fearful Neighbors & Fellow Citizens Seeking Demagoguery

News Flash:

While Donald Trump represents much of the worst of our humanity, if not him it would be someone else fulfilling the role of cheerleader for the disenfranchised. 254 more words


fbi v. apple decrypts candidates

As in 2016’s first eight contentious weeks, rallies, polls and posturing are similarly shaping week nine. Clinton v. Sanders and Trump v. Pope are but a couple of the headlines. 731 more words


extinguishing the bern

I’m not a great election forecaster. Or even a good one. But that never stopped me before and I’m going out there again: Bernie doesn’t stand a chance. 511 more words


Wisconsin: Do Black Lives Matter Here?

X 1.18.16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2016

“So long as I do not firmly and irrevocably possess the right to vote, I do not possess myself. 651 more words

A glance at behind the bars

Today I woke up in a full-sized bed after enough light entered my apartment to rouse me after a night out. I saw some friends, paid some bills, got a cup of coffee. 1,339 more words

The Old Vic's Hairy Ape

Eugene O’Neill’s The Hairy Ape artistically, and at times poetically, presents an overdue indictment on a society that reserves the right to needlessly exclude. The eponymous character is trapped on the lower deck of a repressive, ‘upstairs, downstairs’ society; whilst transition may appear fluid, it becomes increasingly clear that class is a cage from which no one can escape. 456 more words

Semi-Deep Thoughts