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Zero is nothing

When you think about it

If you think about it

Because when you do think about it

Zero means nothing.

I mean, think it through, 254 more words


Ending the Attorney-Client Relationship

Calling all Oregon lawyers: are you taking advantage of your right to file a “notice of termination of relationship?”

ORS 9.380(2) was amended in 2011 to allow withdrawal by filing a simple notice, provided two conditions are met. 425 more words

Oregon Law Practice Management

Overcoming the "Never Can Say Goodbye" Syndrome

It was the 6th time I landed in the doctor’s office that month and my iron counts were dangerously low. I was working up to 70 hours per week, often eating strange dinners like celery & 2 boiled eggs with salt, before plopping into bed, exhausted from the day. 683 more words


Disengage Auto Pilot

Autopilot is a system used to control the trajectory of a craft without constant “hands on” control by a human operator. In mortal terms, it’s engaged when we decide to take our hands off the wheel of life in order to just go through the motions of our everyday existence. 585 more words

Rules of Disengagement

I had a great a professor many years ago in a philosophy course who told us on the first day of class that he would grade us on how we engaged the material. 428 more words


To Listen or Nah?

It’s come to my attention (over the last three years) from someone who is as close to me as close can be (ehm) that when I listen during a conversation I don’t actually… 428 more words

Inner Demons

You Cannot Be Anything You Want, Even If You Work Hard Enough…

From 2007 to 2012, I dedicated five years of my life to becoming an effective social studies instructor. All through the education coursework, the classroom observations, the student teaching, the substitute teaching assignments, and the full time teaching and coaching positions, I observed on numerous occasions administrators, teachers, coaches, and other practitioners of secondary education tell students, “you can be anything you want to be, if you work hard enough.” While this advice was well intended and accepted by the recipient as words of encouragement, I felt that the students who accepted this mantra were done a disservice because it is not true: you cannot be anything you want to be, even if you work hard enough, because you might not have the talent, skill or ability. 303 more words