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If You Take Out Their Brain – Be Sure To Put Them Back

Punctuation ambiguities are fun, but only if you can use them in the middle of a sentence structure is something that even advanced grammarians sometimes confusing stories lead to surprising endings, and surprising endings is not a good idea, especially if they are sleeping with a gun under their pillow. 11 more words

Put Down Your Cell Phone-A Creeper Trail Rant


Every morning my dog and I take a long walk on the Creeper Trail. The Creeper is one of the many things I love about Abingdon. 322 more words


Handling Hate in a Healthy Way

Most of us have noticed, by now, that there is a whole lot of hatin’ goin’ on in the online world and in real life. People are feeling hot-headed and divided and what were once quiet disagreements about politics or the way they see the world have become screaming voids between loved ones and leaves every one of us with a sense of sad wonder. 1,110 more words

GPS Training

Is your GPS training you not to think?

Because I live in the huge metropolis of Los Angeles County, where traffic can make a relatively short commute into a nightmare, I sometimes use GPS even on familiar routes (in order to avoid some of the traffic). 360 more words


The things you want

It is difficult to look for the things you want when it involves other people. Like when you would like to have you house clean but for that you need to agree to clean with the person you live with. 255 more words


#Oola Challenge Day 7: Disengage

Day 7: Sometimes we let negative relationships keep us from positive ones.

The OolaBook talks about the importance of setting boundaries so you can harness the pure love from healthy relationships. 105 more words