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Munchkin: Mom.

Me: No answer.

Munchkin: Mom!

Me: No answer.

Munchkin: Mom why won’t you answer?

Me: No answer.

Munchkin: Mom, if you don’t answer you’re gonna have a time out! 143 more words

Parenting as a team. Who's side are you on anyway?

It’s tough at the best of times to parent. It’s even tougher when there’s more than one of you. 

Remember before you had kids? You had it all planned out in your head, and you knew exactly what kind of parent you were going to be, and how you were going to do that. 878 more words

Urban Suburban Mommy

Puppy training update!

I like to do sporadic posts about how Raiden’s progressing, so here it is.

Some days he’s fantastic and very responsive, and we often have those walks where instead of running about off lead he will just walk beside us and offer eye contact…Rey, GO HAVE FUN!! 1,039 more words


"Space Truckin'"

Image: integratingdarkandlight.com

As the following author suggests, it is time for we the individuals to withdraw and disconnect from the system/order that has had us and our ancestors enslaved for eons. 953 more words

Political/Social Issues

Listen to that small voice in your gut.

Something is not right! Have you felt that about someone’s behaviour towards you. And this person could be someone you trust implicitly. And you will squash that niggling feeling of incredulity- how can I think like that? 322 more words


Walk pics part 2

After Kasper had finished rolling madly in the grass it was time to climb some actual cliffs…they start off in a cluster, a huddle of cliffs of various sizes, and there are a lot of different trails to choose from. 819 more words


Striving Higher

This compilation is another record I really wanted and never came around picking up. It has mostly unreleased tracks by mostly Six Feet Under records related bands. 26 more words