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ik 190 for August 2015 wp

ik 190
(American renga)

the animal that
has no legs is natural;
the one with two – not

fill the garden with its full – 142 more words


The Best Fast Ever!!

Let’s take a fast. Not a dietary fast, but a fast from technology. I am serious; for 24 hours put down your phone, turn off the TV and radio, shut down the computer. 688 more words

Life Balance

Policy of Disengagement

As I sit in a bar in Los Angeles right now, listening to some douchebag in a poorly cut, but very expensive suit trash-talk the Seahawks and their fans (myself included), I reflect on what I have set for myself as policy when I… 388 more words



life’s limits escape
barriers broken
in mentally exhausting
the breath expands
and all rains commit
to cleanse
heartache’s remains…

i believed you beyond… 15 more words



For those wondering about my views on Zero-Hour contracts…

Zero is nothing

When you think about it

If you think about it

Because when you… 265 more words


Ending the Attorney-Client Relationship

Calling all Oregon lawyers: are you taking advantage of your right to file a “notice of termination of relationship?”

ORS 9.380(2) was amended in 2011 to allow withdrawal by filing a simple notice, provided two conditions are met. 425 more words

Oregon Law Practice Management

Overcoming the "Never Can Say Goodbye" Syndrome

It was the 6th time I landed in the doctor’s office that month and my iron counts were dangerously low. I was working up to 70 hours per week, often eating strange dinners like celery & 2 boiled eggs with salt, before plopping into bed, exhausted from the day. 683 more words