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L’Ange Chapter 8 – Parry and Riposte on the Inside

The first parry that L’Ange formally teaches is on the inside. It begins when your opponent constrains you in Quarta with the intention of thrusting in the same. 877 more words


ik 190 for August 2015 wp

ik 190
(American renga)

the animal that
has no legs is natural;
the one with two – not

fill the garden with its full – 142 more words


The Best Fast Ever!!

Let’s take a fast. Not a dietary fast, but a fast from technology. I am serious; for 24 hours put down your phone, turn off the TV and radio, shut down the computer. 688 more words


Policy of Disengagement

As I sit in a bar in Los Angeles right now, listening to some douchebag in a poorly cut, but very expensive suit trash-talk the Seahawks and their fans (myself included), I reflect on what I have set for myself as policy when I… 388 more words



life’s limits escape
barriers broken
in mentally exhausting
the breath expands
and all rains commit
to cleanse
heartache’s remains…

i believed you beyond… 15 more words



For those wondering about my views on Zero-Hour contracts…

Zero is nothing

When you think about it

If you think about it

Because when you… 265 more words


Ending the Attorney-Client Relationship

Calling all Oregon lawyers: are you taking advantage of your right to file a “notice of termination of relationship?”

ORS 9.380(2) was amended in 2011 to allow withdrawal by filing a simple notice, provided two conditions are met. 425 more words

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