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Turn Over a New Leaf through Better Client Management

The New Year is an opportunity to do things differently.  Why not resolve to improve client management?

Lesson One

The first lesson in managing client expectations is that some folks should never become your clients.   969 more words

Oregon Law Practice Management

"Irrelevant" To Me

Dedicated to Rwan, who is one of the most amazing listeners in the world; who, in being so, allows me to speak my unspoken, complicated thoughts out loud into coherent words. 1,097 more words


The twins are a year and a half old now and so much has happened. We’ve seen them go from non-mobile to crawling, and from crawling to walking. 275 more words



I missed out on the pre-order. Almost as always when it comes with Youngblood Records. So I didn’t even bother to pick up this 7″ earlier. 34 more words


L’Ange Chapter 8 – Parry and Riposte on the Inside

The first parry that L’Ange formally teaches is on the inside. It begins when your opponent constrains you in Quarta with the intention of thrusting in the same. 877 more words


ik 190 for August 2015 wp

ik 190
(American renga)

the animal that
has no legs is natural;
the one with two – not

fill the garden with its full – 142 more words


The Best Fast Ever!!

Let’s take a fast. Not a dietary fast, but a fast from technology. I am serious; for 24 hours put down your phone, turn off the TV and radio, shut down the computer. 688 more words