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The Devil's Rejects.... Who The Hell Requested This Movie Too Me!!!

I can take gore… no really I can… Cabin In The Woods that’s gory and I can take that…. the Final Destination franchise…. gory but again I can take that, The Devil’s Rejects take gore and raises it to 100% it’s disgusting like proper unfit for the squeamish gory, I’m squeamish okay I’ll admit but sorry excuse my language but fuck me sideways and call me Clive this film is just absolutely disgusting, I was gagging half of the time during this. 255 more words

Juicy Awards V- Most Disgusting Moment Winner


This was a difficult category to configure. All of the nominees sparked different reactions from me when it came to the term “disgusting.” However, I think “John Wick: Chapter 2” won this one based on gut feeling. 26 more words



Filthy rags

Isaiah was a strange guy by today’s standards.

Walking around naked for three years is not something you do these days. I wasn’t something generally seen then either. 549 more words

God Blogs

Entertainment Weekly 

Looks as if January is gonna be a great month for cinema…

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