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DISGUSTING: Risky Effects of Not Replacing Your Undergarment Everyday!

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Personal hygiene is one of the most basic lessons that is being taught in school and at home. Since we were kids, our teachers and parents have taught us how to brush our teeth, take a bath, and change clothes. 7 more words

You're Eating Poison Everyday: The Chemicals Used by Food Companies

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC for short, one in three teenagers in the United States eats fast food on a daily basis, and more than 12 percent obtain nearly half their diet from fast food. 375 more words


Campaign of Hate

            The American way as we know it is under attack and these attacks are being led by the Trump campaign. The targets are many, and mostly made up of minorities and women who attempt to assert their rights in modern society. 856 more words

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The US War Machine's Annual Budget Could Buy Every Homeless American a $1 Million Home

From Activist Post, by Jay Syrmopoulos

In 2015, the United States spent more on its war machine than the next six countries combined, with a total of… 475 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Is this picture disgusting or beautiful?

This photograph of a father holding his son in the shower has been shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook in the last fortnight. But over the same period it’s also also been taken down by the social media platform more than once before ultimately being reinstated each time. 721 more words