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Rapper 50 Cent sparks outrage after posting video mocking an airport cleaner for being ‘high’ – when he is actually disabled

From Daily Mail
By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline | Published: 08:19 EST, 3 May 2016 | Updated: 13:45 EST, 3 May 2016

However, it is not the first time the rapper has come under fire for appearing to mock people with disabilities.

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A combination of both a loud but joyous tune and the blistering light of the sun cracking through the window awakens it. It mumbles some curse words while mustering up every ounce of energy it has to slowly rise from the tangled, black sheets. 415 more words

Poem: Showdown on Baghead Rd.

It was me and Doc Leathery vs. you and Jeremy George Clinton,

Doc Leathery is a dog and Jeremy George Clinton is an octopus,

the game is Match Game, colon, who is funnier question mark.  195 more words

Andrew Halter

7 Disgusting Jobs that Actually Exist and Existed

In the past there have been some disgusting jobs and some of them still exist today.

Here are our top 7!

Leech Collector

Up until the 19th century a high demand for leeches was needed for doctors to ‘cure’ diseases. 504 more words

Say What?


That’s all I am.

I’ll never feel confident.

I’ll never lose weight or look like I’m in shape.

I’ll have cellulite forever.

I’ll never measure up. 192 more words

Weight Loss

... Absolute Criminal Stupidity [#US intel Report]...

.. I have heard of politically correct and stupid ideas , but …

.. Iran and its client are terrorist organizations . Especially Hezbollah . How anyone can think otherwise is the height of folly … 37 more words

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