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My Thanksgiving Nightmare!

I know you guys south of The Border, (I wish they’d take those stupid things down and share everything!) just celebrated Thanksgiving, so I thought I’d share mine. 236 more words


She's drowning in herself again...My god what a Lovely Sin...

Thanksgiving is thankfully over.  Don’t get me wrong, it was actually enjoyable…the company, not the food…well it was…but shouldn’t have been so…although I much held out on many things…but not enough things…I feel fatter. 1,871 more words

New trending GIF tagged kylie jenner gross disgusting...

New trending GIF tagged kylie jenner, gross, disgusting, repulsive, that is absolutely repulsive via http://ift.tt/1RD7diV

5 Disgusting Habits of Your Filthy Co-Workers

While sitting in your cubicle at work you have probably have muttered the phrase, “I work with pigs.” I have seen my co-workers do things that made me wonder “if they’re this much of a slob at work, what does their house look like?” Yuck! 911 more words


frosted fruit mold

Just what in the hell is this?

I was with this until the shredded American cheese, but the Parmesan cheese totally crossed the line.


September 2014 coffee jello and crown jewel mold

I can’t find my recipe for coffee jello, but it’s for the best.  It was terrible.  There are a couple of recipes floating around and I don’t remember which I used or if I made my own recipe up.   384 more words


How about the U.S. Federal Government..?

How about the U.S. Federal Government..?

This is a little article that we have been waiting for years to write; consequently, we hope not to stun or mystify anyone’s perception of the current government. 505 more words

Political Correctness