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Standing Up

Today I cannot be quiet.  Today I must stand up and be counted.  As a woman who has risen above being sexually attacked by someone whom I trusted yet who thought it was his god given right to have sex, to see these T-shirts is not just an insult, it is an outrage.   107 more words


Don't Pull that Deer Crap on Me

Disclaimer: I do agree of some of the states that are going to be made and I disagree with other but none of that really matters towards the conclusion of this post. 473 more words


New Year, New Me??

No. Not new year, new me. I hate that shit.

How about new and improved me? Yes. I like that better. I’ve been running after that new year, new me bullshit for a while. 211 more words


Good morning, friends. I spent the last two hours drinking coffee, staring at my blank computer screen, waiting for my confused thoughts and jumbled up emotions to lend themselves to words. 665 more words

Lessons from Farhan Azmi: How to Insult Women, your Wife, and an Entire Industry in One Tweet

A group of women was molested recently in Bengaluru, India late at night when they were out celebrating the New Year. The police are (thankfully) looking into the situation and have found evidence of the mass molestation thanks to CCTV footage from the streets the molestations occurred on. 1,461 more words

Pakoda Bytes

bad seed

apple of my eye, fire of your loins

(you lay there).

your ruined body corrupt with love

(you don’t care).

you’re sagging

wet and heavy with your own fermenting juices. 35 more words