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E Coli's in the air; Western Springs park

The last few weeks have seen my plan to preserving every Friday as a sacred, not to be fucked with writing day, go up in smoke due by my unreliable health. 912 more words


Tuber Thursdays #8: Adults Try Vintage Foods

Since we had the kids trying Spam in the last eating video, I think it’s time to find a video and put the adults to the test on some nasty foods! 379 more words

Tuber Thursdays

Bitchela Sociopathiconda (Angela Anaconda) #1: Ice Breaker

Oh boy doesn’t this show have nice morals.

Anyway, this show is know for horrible animations and weird art logic.Oh, and also known for the “protagonist” being a sociopathic hypocritical bully.Of course, she is made to be the good guy besides being one of the most evil “protagonists” ever. 731 more words


Two completely different Issues that make one wonder

Two completely different Issues that make one wonder about the “Truth” told by the U.S. Government

This is the sort of drama that occurs when one, a citizen journalist finds out what the real truth is and two, when these truths are made known as common knowledge — by other bigger, more information is gathered, and wealthier organizations such as Politico, The Daily Caller, Town-Hall, even Fox News.com are out there with their mighty resources providing and/or subscribing to the truth of a matter. 533 more words


Outrageous Double Standards

EX-NFL Cheerleader Molly Shattuck charged with rape- spending 48 weekends in Jail:

This is outrageously disgusting…

48 weekends in Jail for fourth-degree rape with a 15 year old boy. 264 more words

sibling love

This blog post is about a conversation with some guy I met on tinder one time. So for those of you who don’t know what Tinder is, it’s a dating/hooking up app for you to meet new people. 228 more words