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Day 123

The bitter taste of repulsion

Coats the back of my tongue

Tell me,

Do you know

How disgusting you are?



Sweet Horrid

I want to hear your theorems
as they’re thought
and witness
your slack-jawed antics
from the inside.

I want to touch the memories
of your muscles… 66 more words


Why would anyone trust you?

That moment when I find out one of my so called best friends sends penis pictures to my girlfriend, tries to get her to do things with him Then goes to try the exact same things to me. 294 more words

Beartooth - In Between (Single) ★★★★★

Beartooth, you beauts.

In Between is a hardcore anthem in the truest sense of the word. A massive sounding, epic chorus, but just enough throat shredding throughout to keep it noisy. 40 more words



“La boca se seca de decir lo que hace falta decir, pero hace falta que se seque…

Un cuerpo es para sí mismo, también, su decoración, su degradación, y hasta el ícor fétido, o hasta la parálisis.”

-Jean-Luc Nancy, CORPUS


News Article: April 20, 2015, Take a Stand Against Street Harrassment


Take stand against street harassment, Larson Binzer, Senior Editor, April 19, 2015

Every day, women around the world share stories about being harassed on the street. 485 more words

Please, please read!

I stumbled across this and it’s safe to say, as a lover of the breed, this broke my heart.

Be warned: this will reduce you to tears! 83 more words

American Bulldog