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"I Can't Help It If Jared Fogle Knows What He Likes"

If I could just say one thing about that whole Jared the Subway man scandal, I think it’s too damn bad. So what if he’s sexually attracted to them young teenagers? 767 more words


Strange Things Happen

So I was sitting here last night, knitting away on the HAT (which is finished) and I looked at my iPad mini. I always do that. 1,013 more words


Hilarious Dog Make Out Prank

This dog is making out with this passed out kid. He’s really going to town on him. I wonder what the kid is dreaming about?



Something died inside him the day his little red rose withered away.

Gone are the days when his eyes sparkle when it was kissed by the sun. 93 more words


Do whatever you may...yet one still must come relatively close to argue Dr. Carson's abilities...

Do whatever you may…yet one still must come relatively close to argue Dr. Carson’s abilities…

For a man with an impressive educational C.V., Ben Carson makes a lot of intellectual missteps. 693 more words

Barack Obama

Editorial 8: Wow

Last night I found a trailer for a movie coming out next year that I had to share. It is called I’m Not Ashamed, a biopic about the first victim of the Columbine Massacre. 128 more words


Spike, the badass flower

He has name. His name is Spike. I saw him with my own two eyes, and he is a massive, glorious beast. Spike is the name of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s goliath “corpse flower,” or the Titan Arum. 947 more words