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5/?/2017 - The Doctors

I had a dream there was a floor high up on the top floor. It seemed like a hotel lounge I had been to before. A bunch of doctors were operating. 81 more words

Doctors found 27 contacts in this woman's eye and somehow, she had no idea

Anyone who has ever worn contact lenses is well aware of the inevitable discomfort that comes along with every day use. If the lens isn’t perfectly placed against your pupil or adequately moistened, it becomes not only uncomfortable—but you really can’t see a damn thing. 492 more words


Dear Chubby Girl

Dear chubby girl,

Im sorry.

Im sorry that you wakeup not fitting into your old clothes. Im sorry that no one thinks you’re pretty. Im sorry that because no one thinks you’re pretty that you must be easy. 119 more words

Wait Huh| R.Kelly running cult full of young women?

So yes, R.Kelly is back in the news and is being accused of running a sex cult filled with young women that he brainwashed.

Everyone knows that R.Kelly has always been the center of the rumors of pedophilia and rape, ever since that sex tape got leaked that he claims wasn’t him and was “his brother”. 588 more words


DAAAAMN | Person passes gas on Raleigh airplane leading all to get off.

So, this is what we do, we all get off the plane if one person get off. Like was it that stink? Oop nevermind I wouldn’t want to know lol… 152 more words


One-Liner Wednesday – How Many Es in Eeew?

Let me start with a great big disclaimer: I don’t normally take my cell phone into the Men’s room at work and I have never taken a picture in there. 391 more words