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Kim's N' Stitches

I’ve been super busy recently with my new business adventure, Kim’s N’ Stitches. I knit homemade dishcloths in all kinds of different colors! I enjoy doing them! 90 more words

Almost Mindless Knitting

Last summer, I found myself very briefly between Big Events in my life, and I needed to knit something that didn’t matter. Too much else mattered in my life at that time for me to also be knitting anything with emotional investment. 259 more words

using up the stash

As I’m sitting here, relaxed, listening to myself type, the clickety-click of the keyboard a pleasant sound interrupting the peace, I’m also watching my cat eat a dead bug in the windowsill out of the corner of my eye. 446 more words

Sometimes, you want Something Different

While I love knitting socks and find great pleasure in finding new ways to turn a heel, sometimes you just want to knit something different. This time, different comes in the form of cheery red dishcloth cotton. 333 more words


2015: A Year in Review

When did end of the year posts become a thing that every crafting blogger does? I have no idea, but I love seeing them because it really puts it in perspective exactly how much (or how little) you actually got done during the year. 180 more words


Knitting Countdown Beginning

Are you in need of a super speedy project, for that last minute gift?  Maybe you just haven’t been able to find something in the shops, or maybe you’ve simply forgotten to pick something up?  558 more words


Wasting time

For the hell of it I decided to try my hand at a double knit dishcloth. I had planned on ‘trying’ it with regular acrylic, but decided if I was going to that much effort, I may as well do something useful. 594 more words