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In a playful mood!

Always so nice to see! :-D

Yes, ravishing rafties – our prince was feeling lighthearted today, judging by his twitter birthday wish to his Dishoom costar Varun Dhawan.  788 more words

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Top 5 favourite places in London

As some of you have suggested, I decided to write about my favourite places in the city. If you guys like it, I will try to post my top 5 museums, restaurants, pubs etc. 1,527 more words

Dishoom - Manchester

Back in the summer of 2017 it was well rumoured that the London Iranian Cafe was to open its second branch outside of the capital (Dishoom already has one site in Edinburgh). 743 more words

Eating Out

Hindi Action Films to Watch Once You Finish the Standard List

Follow up to my Rom-Com post!  And one I actually feel more deeply about, there are a lot of great clever action films out there that don’t get attention while big stupid ones do, a much bigger problem with action than in the rom-com genre. 692 more words


The other day, a friend invited me to a Barre class at Equinox High Street Ken. As most of you know, I am not exactly what you would call a ‘gym bunny’, let alone a ‘ballet swan’ and I’d always imagined a Barre class as full of jetes, pas de deux, arabesques and demi pointes: full of complicated and difficult ballet moves. 442 more words


The Best Bloody Pasta I'd Ever Eaten

The are meals in our lives that punctuate the days of monotonous chicken salads and daily bowls of porridge and become a standard that we try to recreate in another environment, in another time and never quite manage it. 860 more words

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Dishoom, Covent Garden

I love the idea of Dishoom; a place that pays homage to the old school Irani cafés of Mumbai (or Bombay, as it was then). Dining rooms of faded colonial elegance, buzzing with life, where people from all backgrounds gathered, bypassing social barriers or religious differences to unite over their desire for sustenance. 463 more words

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