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The Goose I Wish I Could Bottle

One of our dishwashers has left, so instead of being on the line last night, I spent my shift in the dish pit. Not a bad deal, considering that the restaurant was very busy and I was off in my own little world. 1,387 more words

Oops, My Bad. Should I Leave a Note?

Last night was the absolute busiest I’ve ever been in a restaurant. I was weeded before I even walked in. I would have been in the kitchen until 2:30 AM if someone hadn’t stepped in and said, “it’s time to go home.” I was sad and almost crying when I left, because I’ve been that morning person who’s walked in and said, “what the hell happened here?” I was on dish pit, and would have stayed until everything was clean and put away, but there was just too much. 169 more words


I washed dishes on the night you died. I feel like you would have liked that.

My dishwasher got slammed after a 55-person party decided to give up the ghost, saunter out with full bellies, and leave the war-torn tables with fallen meals. 531 more words


As a kid, we were a Dawn family, so if I have any brand loyalty to a dishwashing detergent, it lies in that direction. But I will tell you this: Palmolive smells really good. 19 more words


Ramekins, Man....

I feel like I am the SpongeBob SquarePants of my restaurant…. always unfailingly cheerful in the midst of incredible busyness. This is because I get paid a lot for what I do, more than most people in my position, actually, so being happy is easy. 1,064 more words

Bubble Man for a Happy Wife and a Happy Life

Truly, married life is totally different from the days when I still stay in my parents’ house. It has a lot of adjustments, and can be pretty tricky especially if you’re not really the household-chore type of girl, and when you’re allergic to almost everything! 515 more words


Review: Grab Green Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

I have been using another brand of environmentally friendly automatic dishwasher detergent for years and was fairly happy with it.  But recently I decided to try something different just to see what is out there in the environmentally responsible world. 288 more words