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It's time to talk about dishwashing

I want to share something I learned a long time ago— you know it’s prohibited to vent your automatic dishwasher outdoors. Most dishwashers will have a vent on the outside of the door, others (like mine) will have a concealed vent located on the inside of the door, but both went the hot steam/air into your kitchen. 334 more words

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Blue in the Lonely City

“Oh, yo, remember old Spacy Blake?”

“Oh yeah. Big guy. Always on about anime or the military or something. Super paranoid.”

“Yeah, always had this really… Weird look? 3,065 more words

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Fisher & Paykel Major Repair

We service all Fisher & Paykel and DCS Cooking, Dishwashing, Refrigeration, Laundry and Outdoor appliances

Nobody is better qualified to install, service and repair your Fisher & Paykel and DCS household appliance than service technicians employed and trained by Fisher & Paykel… 26 more words

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Tsunami In Memphis

Hey Everyone! Happy FRIYAY! Well, it’s been a while that I have written about my travel antics and reviews on restaurants and eating joints. Thanks to the “not-so friendly weather” and “busy work-life balance” I have been all in-doorsy and hibernating, saving up on much-needed body warmth and eagerness! 13 more words


Japanese partygoer starts dishwashing at American friend's house, ends up pondering her culture

A simple act leads to a deep discussion on important cultural values within Japan vs. outside countries and traditional gender roles.  1,068 more words


Dishes Part 1: Detergent

I absolutely love the convenience of having a dishwasher- just put your dirty dishes into this mechanical box with some soap and they come out clean! 185 more words

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D.I.Y - Dishwashing Detergent

I made my own dishwashing detergent last week because I realized that the chemicals in our detergents gets on the dishes that we eat off of every day! 144 more words