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Doing the dishes

I wanted to dish out all my woes about washing up. The soap: usually this is the least of my thoughts even. But my mother has a specific soap she likes- Joy- which brings nothing but sadness to me cos it dries out my hands. 310 more words

Living And Home

Yeah, Uh, I Wash Dishes Now, Guys...

You guys remember how I had a job, a legit working job? Yeah, well, that went the way of the blue suede shoe–and, if I’m gonna be honest, I am a little glad about it. 417 more words


Dishwasher Hero [Journal 8-30-17]

Jamiroquai – Deeper Underground.

So that I don’t forget – as I usually do – some side business before address the main subject. First: no… 1,552 more words

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Why Bubble Man, Why?

Who would blog about a Dishwashing Soap? I never thought I would. But you see I have very sensitive skin. So sensitive that I can be a guinea pig for mildness test to all soap manufacturers out there. 524 more words

Banayad Sa Kamay

Slow motion dish washery

I trained Rex to load and unload Bosch the dishwasher. IOW I turned a painless task that took me about ten minutes a day into something Rex can get done in only 2.5 hours if I shout and threaten him. 219 more words

Workout Log

Preparing To Fight Frieza (Freeza)

Last night I remembered to set my intention to lucid dream again thanks to Lost Truth (thank you again Lost Truth), I got almost 5 hours of sleep, and at some point I woke up and I was going to voice record my dreams but I felt so comfortable in bed (sometimes your bed and / or body just feel more comfortable than normal) that I went back to sleep before I could voice record my dreams. 1,064 more words

Dream Journal


It was the 1970’s

The little girl was only in first or second grade

She was supposed to be doing the dishes

By hand

One sink full of suds, plus wash rag… 112 more words