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What it takes to wash a strainer: soap, water and some wave optics

When I stay over at a friend’s place whenever I come to Delhi, I try to help around the house. But more often than not, I just do the dishes – often a lot of dishes. 611 more words

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How to wash dishes

Wondering how to get the most hygienic clean when it comes to washing your dishes? Here’s our guide to getting it right.

  1. Get organised. Gather all the dishes from around the house – scraping any debris into the bin as you go, and loosely group them – glasses, cups, plates, cookware and cutlery.
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General Cleaning

How We made "Serendipity Dishwashing Liquid".

Materials Needed:

  • 250 grams of Sodium Lauryl Ethyl Sulfate ( SLES)
  • 250 grams of Coco fatty Acid Sulfate ( CFAS)
  • 5 liters of tap water…
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Dishwashin' no Mo' 2

part 2 of 3


Once the majority of the dishwashers were gone, it was only me, a guy I’m going to refer to as A.D, and a guy that only works until 4pm on weekdays. 972 more words


Dishwashin' no Mo'

part 1 of 3


Around the end of September of 2016, I had gotten a job as a dishwasher and have been working there on and off ever since. 846 more words

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Doing the dishes

I wanted to dish out all my woes about washing up. The soap: usually this is the least of my thoughts even. But my mother has a specific soap she likes- Joy- which brings nothing but sadness to me cos it dries out my hands. 310 more words

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Yeah, Uh, I Wash Dishes Now, Guys...

You guys remember how I had a job, a legit working job? Yeah, well, that went the way of the blue suede shoe–and, if I’m gonna be honest, I am a little glad about it. 417 more words