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Doing Household Chores: Montessori Practical Life

Dish washing: two words that adults moan & groan about yet preschoolers find such fun in completing the task.

Big E will be so focused and I do enjoy watching him concentrate, develop hand eye coordination, pay attention to the little details, doing things in order and strengthening his fine motor skills such as wringing the water out from the kitchen towel. 210 more words

Montessori Practical Life Series

Grab Green Automatic Dishwashing Detergent, Red Pear with Magnolia, 24 Loads

Cleans and removes greasy stuff, leaves zero spots. An appealing blend of crisp red pear with white magnolia blossom and dew-covered greens. Naturally- derived ingredients, phosphate free and chlorine free, non-toxic formula.
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As Dull as Dishwater

Mundane Shit Post Number 10- March 5th, 2016

I hate doing dishes and now we have a house with no dishwasher. Hard times huh?

Look at this filthy mess and when my man cooks (everyday), he just puts them all in a pile in the sink in cold greasy water. 101 more words


Ajax Dishwashing Liquid, Super Degreaser, Lemon, 12.6 Ounce

Ajax lemon super degreaser dish liquid has natural citrus extracts that create a delightful scent while powerful ingredients eliminate tough food residue. Delight in the fresh, clean aroma of lemon while getting your dishes spotlessly clean.
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S.O.S. Tuffy Dishwashing Pad (Pack of 24), Colors May Vary

The S.O.S Tuffy Dishwashing Pad is the kinder cleaner for your non-stick cookware and glassware. This non-abrasive pad cleans your dishes, glasses, pots and pans without scratching them. 40 more words

Dapple Baby Bottle and Dishwashing Liquid Fragrance Free -- 16.9 fl oz

Perfect for cleaning all theses and more…Removes breast milk & formula filmEliminates odors in bottles, pumps, & sippy cupsFree of parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES, 1,4-dioxane, fragrance & dyesPediatrician-recommnededLow suds for a fast rinseNatural ingredientsMade with baking sodaBiodegradable
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